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Incheon, South Korea

Woo K.,Yonsei University | Kim Y.,Yonsei University | Lee B.,Changsung Co. | Kim J.,Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering And Technology | Moon J.,Yonsei University
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces | Year: 2011

The reduction effect of various carboxylic acids on inkjet-printed copper film was investigated. Carboxylic acids were exposed to the film by nitrogen gas that was bubbled through the liquid acids during the annealing process. It was observed that in the case of saturated monocarboxylic acid (formic, acetic, propionic, butyric), the acids with shorter hydrocarbon chains perform better in reducing the surface copper oxides in the printed copper conductive film. The printed films exposed to formic acid vapor exhibited the lowest resistivity (3.10 and 2.30 μω cm when annealed at 200 and 250 °C, respectively). In addition, the oxalic acid more effectively reduces copper oxide than formic acid and its usage can shorten the annealing time for highly conductive printed copper film. This reductive annealing process allows fabrication of copper patterns with low resistivity, (3.82 μω cm annealed at 250 °C) comparable to the resistivity of bulk copper. © 2011 American Chemical Society.

Chang Sung Co. | Date: 2012-05-17

There is provided a production method for a laminated coil, the production method including: a process of producing a coil part of one axis by stacking a flat coil in an axial direction, a process of bending the flat coil of a connection portion in an extended state thereof in a length direction to allow for the division of a first coil part and a second coil part, wherein the connection portion connecting two coil parts is produced by bending the flat coil of the connection portion, and a process of finally spreading the bent connection portion, such that the first coil part and the second coil part may be disposed to be parallel in the same direction on the same plane.

Chang Sung Co. | Date: 2011-09-08

The present invention relates to a plane heating element which is supplied with power to generate heat. The plane heating element may include a support layer made of ceramic glass, a heat-generating layer which is formed by printing heat-generating paste on the upper surface of the support layer, and an insulating layer which is formed by applying insulating paste on the upper surface of the heat-generating layer. The heat generating paste may be dried and plasticized, and receives predetermined power to generate heat. The insulating paste may be dried and plasticized and may be configured to insulate the and prevent oxidation of the heat-generating layer. The present invention provides a strong adhesion with respect to a glass substrate and makes it possible to increase temperature up to a target level in a short time, and thus can be used as an effective printing method in various electric and electronic product fields.

Chang Sung Corporation | Date: 2016-06-13

electricity inductors; electricity transformers; power transformers for amplification; electricity inverters; inverters; inverters for power supply; inverter used in solar power generation; inverter controllers used in solar power generation; electronic frequency invertors; invertor controllers; coils, electric; high frequency coils; magnetic and electromagnetic coils; magnetic coils; choking coils for use in electrical apparatus; electromagnetic coils; choke coil; impedance choking coils; voltage stabilizing power supply; high-voltage power supplies; high-frequency switching power supplies; AC/DC power supplies; Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS); power suppliers; power supply units for amplifiers; DC input power supplies; power supply for computers; uninterruptible power supply apparatus for use with batteries; electromagnets; reactors; high voltage reactors; electric reactors; commutation reactors; magnetic cores; magnetic powder cores.

Chang Sung Corporation | Date: 2010-04-30

The present invention relates to a multilayered chip power inductor with high direct current superposition characteristics and high-frequency characteristics, particularly to a multilayered chip power inductor using as magnetic materials a magnetic sheet filled up with soft magnetic metal powder and a magnetic core. The present invention is to provide a multilayered chip power inductor achieving high inductance and direct current superposition characteristics. In order to achieve the objective, the present invention provides a multilayered chip power inductor using a magnetic sheet, characterized in that a plurality of magnetic sheets are laminated, wherein an electrical conductive circuit is formed on the surfaces of said sheets; that a terminal is formed at an outermost part; that said electrical conductive circuit and said terminal are electrically connected through via holes, and form a circuit in the form of a coil; and that a magnetic core is inserted into said circuit, and a method for manufacturing the same.

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