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Yan’an Beilu, China

Jia X.L.,Nanjing University | Jia X.L.,Chuzhou Vocational and Technical College | Huang X.Y.,Nanjing University | Tang Y.,Nanjing University | And 5 more authors.
IEEE Electron Device Letters | Year: 2016

In this letter, a first study on phosphate detection based on AlInN/GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) is presented. The ungated regions of GaN HEMT-based sensors were functionalized with the phosphate ion-imprinted polymer and their sensing behaviors were analyzed by detecting different concentrations of phosphate solutions. The results show that the AlInN/GaN sensor exhibits an ultrasensitive response and a specific recognition to phosphate anion and reaches a detection limit below 0.02 mg/L level, which is much lower than the limited indicator level of 0.1 mg/L for the plankton growth, while the AlInN/GaN sensor shows a higher sensitivity to phosphate anion when compared with the AlGaN/GaN sensor. This ultra-high sensitivity is attributed to the use of thinner barrier layer in the AlInN/GaN heterostructure, which makes 2-D electron gas channel more sensitive to the change of surface charge. © 2016 IEEE. Source

Zhang H.,Jilin University | Zhang H.,Changji College | Zhao X.,Jilin University | Ding X.,Jilin University | And 5 more authors.
Bioresource Technology | Year: 2010

Rice husk is an abundant agricultural byproduct. In the present paper, research on consecutive preparation of d-xylose and superfine silica from rice husk is carried out. The optimum hydrolysis conditions of xylan in rice husk to d-xylose are as follows: the concentration of H2SO4 is 4% (wt.%), the temperature is 130 °C, the ratio of rice husk mass (g) to H2SO4 solution volume (ml) is 1:4 and the time is 2 h. The hydrolysis degree of xylan reaches 96.22% (wt.%). High purity (98.5%, wt.%) d-xylose is obtained from acid hydrolysis solution with the purification yield of 71.63% (wt.%). At the same time, the metal oxides in rice husk are efficiently dissolved by H2SO4. Residuals from H2SO4 pre-treatment are incinerated under 750 °C in stationary air for 15 min. Silica is obtained with the purity of 99.87% (wt.%). The superfine silica powder is obtained after ground and ultrasonic dispersion, with the diameter of 30-200 nm and specific surface 287.86 m2/g. © 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. Source

Kulan Z.,Changji College | Kulan Z.,Shandong University | Wang J.,Shandong University | Ma S.,Shandong University
Chinese Control Conference, CCC | Year: 2015

In this paper, H∞ filtering problem for a class of nonlinear uncertain discrete-time singular Markov jump systems with time-varying delay is discussed. The nonlinear function satisfies a quadratic constraint. First, a sufficient condition is given that the nominal filtering error system is regular, causal, has unique solution in a neighborhood of the equilibrium point, is stochastically stable and satisfies H∞ performance. With this condition, by using a series of matrix inequalities, another sufficient condition is obtained that the nominal filtering error system is regular, causal, has unique solution in a neighborhood of the equilibrium point, is stochastically stable and satisfies H∞ performance. Then, by using linear matrix inequality (LMI), the design method of robust H∞ filter in the form of standard Markov jump system is given, and the filter designed can be of full or of reduced order. Finally, a numerical example is given to verify the effectiveness and correctness of the proposed method. © 2015 Technical Committee on Control Theory, Chinese Association of Automation. Source

Sun L.,Shandong University | Sun L.,Changji College | Wu J.-L.,Shandong University
Journal of Combinatorial Optimization | Year: 2015

A k-(p, 1)-total labelling of a graph G is a function f from (Formula presented.) to the color set (Formula presented.) such that (Formula presented.) if (Formula presented.) if (Formula presented.) and (Formula presented.) are two adjacent edges in G and (Formula presented.) if the vertex u is incident with the edge e. The minimum k such that G has a k-(p, 1)-total labelling, denoted by (Formula presented.), is called the (p, 1)-total labelling number of G. In this paper, we prove that, for any planar graph G with maximum degree (Formula presented.) and (Formula presented.). © 2015 Springer Science+Business Media New York Source

Miao J.,Shandong University | Miao J.,Changji College | Yang X.,Shandong University
Mathematical Problems in Engineering | Year: 2015

We study more general backward stochastic differential equations driven by multidimensional fractional Brownian motions. Introducing the concept of the multidimensional fractional (or quasi-) conditional expectation, we study some of its properties. Using the quasi-conditional expectation and multidimensional fractional Itô formula, we obtain the existence and uniqueness of the solutions to BSDEs driven by multidimensional fractional Brownian motions, where a fixed point principle is employed. Finally, solutions to linear fractional backward stochastic differential equations are investigated. © 2015 Jie Miao and Xu Yang. Source

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