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Salt Lake City, UT, United States

Ceramatec Inc | Date: 2015-05-05

A multi-compartment electrolysis cell includes an anodic compartment, a cathodic compartment, and a solid alkali ion transporting membrane (such as a NaSICON membrane). An anolyte is added to the anodic compartment. The anolyte comprises an alkali salt of a carboxylic acid, a first solvent, and a second solvent. The alkali salt of the carboxylic acid is partitioned into the first solvent. The anolyte is then electrolyzed to produce a carboxylic acid, wherein the produced carboxylic acid is partitioned into the second solvent. The second solvent may then be separated from the first solvent and the produced carboxylic acid may be recovered from the second solvent. The first solvent may be water and the second solvent may be an organic solvent.

Ceramatec Inc | Date: 2015-05-11

The present invention provides a ceramic to ceramic joint and methods for making such a joint. Generally, the joint includes a first ceramic part and a second ceramic part, wherein the first and second ceramic parts each include a ceramic-carbide or a ceramic-nitride material. In some cases, an aluminum-initiated joint region joins the first and second ceramic parts. This joint region typically includes chemical species from the first and second ceramic parts that have diffused into the joint region. Additionally, the first and second ceramic parts each typically include a joint diffusion zone that is disposed adjacent to the joint region and which includes aluminum species from the joint region that have diffused into the joint diffusion zone. Other implementations are also described.

Ceramatec Inc | Date: 2014-09-02

A method for upgrading bio-mass material is provided. The method involves electrolytic reduction of the material in an electrochemical cell having a ceramic, oxygen-ion conducting membrane, where the membrane includes an electrolyte. One or more oxygenated or partially-oxygenated compounds are reduced by applying an electrical potential to the electrochemical cell. A system for upgrading bio-mass material is also disclosed.

SK Innovation Co. and Ceramatec Inc | Date: 2015-08-12

Provided is a sodium secondary battery including: an anode containing sodium; a cathode containing sulfur; a cathode electrolyte solution being in contact with the cathode and capable of conducting sodium ions into and from a solid electrolyte membrane; and a solid electrolyte separating the anode and the cathode electrolyte solution and having sodium ion conductivity. The sodium secondary battery of the present invention overcomes the problems of thermal management and heat sealing due to a high operating temperature, possessed by the existing sodium-sulfur battery or sodium-nickel chloride battery (so called, a ZEBRA battery), and may achieve high a charge and discharge mechanism characteristic.

Ceramatec Inc | Date: 2015-12-01

An intermediate temperature sodium-halogen secondary cell that includes a negative electrode compartment housing a negative, molten sodium-based electrode and a positive electrode compartment housing a current collector disposed in a highly conductive molten positive electrolyte. A sodium halide (NaX) positive electrode is disposed in a molten positive electrolyte comprising one or more AlX

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