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Caseca Volotao A.C.,Instituto Oswaldo Cruz | Delvaux Ramos N.M.,Instituto Oswaldo Cruz | Fantinatti M.,Instituto Oswaldo Cruz | Atique Netto H.,Centro Universitario Of Rio Preto Unirp | And 2 more authors.
Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases | Year: 2011

Objective: In order to evaluate the potential zoonotic transmission of Giardia duodenalis, isolates from humans and dogs in the Northwestern region of the São Paulo State, Brazil were characterized based on the β-giardin gene. Methods: The samples were analyzed by sequencing of the Nested-PCR products. Results: The A1 and A2 subgenotypes were detected in human and dogs. Cysts of assemblage B, C and D have not been found in any isolates studied. Conclusions: These results are consistent with the view that giardiasis in the largest endemic region of the Brazil should not be seen as a single entity. © 2011 Elsevier Editora Ltda.

Jardim Junior E.G.,Sao Paulo State University | Jardim E.C.G.,Sao Paulo State University | Schweitzer C.M.,Sao Paulo State University | Landucci L.F.,Centro Universitario Of Rio Preto Unirp | Salzedas L.M.P.,Sao Paulo State University
Pesquisa Brasileira em Odontopediatria e Clinica Integrada | Year: 2011

Objective: To evaluate the microbial contamination in samples of radiographic developing and fixing solutions, radiographic processing water, dental unit waterlines and dental office's external water supply. Methods: Samples of 50 private dental offices and 20 dental offices of the School of Dentistry de Araçatuba-UNESP were collected. The samples were subjected to neutralization of the residual inhibitory agents followed by pre-enrichment in peptone water and EVA broth and were inoculated in selective and non-selective culture media. The DNA of the samples was extracted and the presence of superinfectant microorganisms was evaluated by PCR. The differences in the prevalence of the microorganisms in the samples of the solutions were analyzed by repeated-measures analysis of variance for category data, while the Chi-Square and Mann-Whitney tests were used to evaluate the existence of associations between the total number of heterotrophic microorganisms and infection control protocols. The significance level was set at 5%. Results: Samples of radiographic fixing solution presented a remarkably less frequent contamination than radiographic developing solution and radiographic processing water. The latter exhibited microorganisms typically originated from the oral microbiota and human skin as well as microorganisms frequently found in dental unit waterlines. There was less contamination of radiographic processing water in the dental offices where the x-ray film packets were disinfected before processing or were covered by a plastic film. Additionally, all samples of dental office's external water supply were drinkable. Conclusion: Covering the x-ray film packets with a plastic film protection barrier was proven the best manner to reduce the contamination of the evaluated solutions.

Mostachio G.Q.,Centro Universitario Of Rio Preto Unirp | Apparicio M.,Sao Paulo State University | Motheo T.F.,Sao Paulo State University | Alves A.E.,Federal University of Uberlandia | Vicente W.R.R.,Sao Paulo State University
Ciencia Rural | Year: 2015

The pathogenesis of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is not completely known, however, dihydrotestosterone is a hormone involved in enlargement of the prostate. Recently, the effect of botulinum toxin A (BT-A) was investigated and has shown to induce atrophy of the gland. Based on that, the aims of this study were to compare the effects of administration of BT-A with orchiectomy in the treatment of BPH, in addition to assessing the effects of BT-A on libido and semen quality. Therefore, 16 sexually intact male dogs were submitted to orchiectomy or administration of 500U BT-A, and evaluated for 16 weeks. Orchiectomy presented excellent results, reducing the prostate volume up to 80%. Administration of BT-A did not interfered on libido, erection or semen characteristics. On the other hand, reduced significantly the prostate volume. The results suggest that intraprostatic injection of BT-A is an effective alternative treatment without adverse effects for valuable breeding dogs with BPH. However, this therapy showed lower reduction of prostate volume when compared to orchiectomy. © 2015, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria. All rights reserved.

The Brazilian Pantanal wetlands are a unique ecosystem with a faunistic composition similar to that of the adjacent biomes but in higher densities. The early establishment of domestic cattle husbandry in that area introduced pathogens that may influence the indigenous Pantanalian fauna. In this paper, the authors describe the helminthfauna of ten free-ranging adult Mazama gouazoubira from the Paiaguás sub-region, along with the descriptors of infection. Morphological description of Pygarginema verrucosa is supplied, with comments on other species of this genus. The helminth species found are similar to domestic cattle helminthfauna of the same physiographic region, suggesting an adaptation of bovine parasites to this host.

Morgado C.M.A.,Centro Universitario Of Rio Preto Unirp | Mattiuz C.F.M.,University of Sao Paulo | Muniz A.C.,Sao Paulo State University | Charles F.,University of Avignon | Mattiuz B.-H.,Sao Paulo State University
Ciencia Rural | Year: 2015

This research aimed to establish the best temperature for the conservation of ‘Louis’ melons. Fruit were stored under ambient condition (22°C and 80% RH) and under refrigeration (3°C - 80% RH, 6°C - 90% RH e 9°C - 80% RH) and evaluated for color and resistance of pulp, soluble solids, titratable acidity content, peroxidase, polyphenol oxidase, polygalacturonase and pectin methyl esterase activity and weight loss. ‘Louis’ melons at 22°C showed greater reduction in soluble solids and titratable acidity content, and had higher activity of the enzyme polygalacturonase, culminating in conservation for 18 days. Melons stored at 6°C preserved the shelf-life for 25 days, showed the highest soluble solids and lower activity of peroxidase and polygalacturonase. © 2015, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria. All rights reserved.

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