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Boneto D.D.,West Parana State University | Batista-Silva V.F.,State University of Mato Grosso do Sul | Soares J.A.C.,West Parana State University | Kashiwaqui E.A.L.,State University of Mato Grosso do Sul | Oliveira I.A.D.V.,Centro Universitario da Grande Dourados
Acta Scientiarum - Biological Sciences | Year: 2017

This study present an inventory of the genera of Odonata-Anisoptera in lotic environments of the Iguatemi River basin, upper Paraná River, Mato Grosso do Sul State, Brazil. Samplings were performed from December 2006 to February 2009 in the Iguatemi River and eight streams of the basin. We collected 739 immature Odonata, distributed in 25 genera and three families; of which one genus represent a new record for the Mato Grosso do Sul State. Progomphus, Tramea, Elasmotemis, Macrothemis, Aphyla and Phylocycla were the most representative genera in the Iguatemi River basin. The genus accumulation curve predicts an increase of new genera for the Iguatemi River basin. © 2017, Eduem - Editora da Universidade Estadual de Maringa. All rights reserved.

Ishikawa M.M.,Pesquisadores da Embrapa Agropecuaria Oeste | de Padua S.B.,Anhanguera | Satake F.,Centro Universitario da Grande Dourados | Hisano H.,Pesquisadores da Embrapa Agropecuaria Oeste | And 2 more authors.
Ciencia Rural | Year: 2010

The effect of heparin 100IU and Na2EDTA in concentration of 3%, 5% and 10% on the blood coagulation and hematological parameters of hybrid surubim catfish were evaluated. We used ten fish weighing 386,7±24,3g and average length of 38,7±6,4cm for collection of blood samples and determination of the percentage of hematocrit, plasma total protein content and osmotic fragility erythrocytes test (OFE). Data were submitted to analysis of variance and averages compared by Tukey test at 5% probability. Coagulation was efficiently inhibited when used the Na2EDTA, while the samples with heparin coagulate ten hours after collection. There was an increase in osmotic fragility of erythrocytes (P<0.01), especially when using Na2EDTA 10% and 5%, with no difference between control and heparin. In hematocrit and total plasma protein content were not observed statistical differences. The Na2EDTA 3% is safe and effective anticoagulant for hybrid surubim catfish, preventing clotting for more than 10 hours causing slight effect on the osmotic fragility of erythrocytes.

Portilho I.I.R.,Bolsista do PROBIO II | Borges C.D.,University of Sao Paulo | Costa A.R.,Centro Universitario da Grande Dourados | Salton J.C.,Embrapa Agropecuaria Oeste | Mercante F.M.,Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development
Semina:Ciencias Agrarias | Year: 2011

This study aimed to evaluate the effect of the availability of sugar cane residues on the epigeic invertebrate fauna. The evaluations were made after cane sugar harvest f, considering three levels of residues: 0% (total removal of residues from the soil surface), 50% (removal of half of the waste in the plots, the dry mass of 7.6 Mg ha-1) and 100% (keeping track of residues produced, dry mass of 16.9 Mg ha-1). A fragment of native vegetation in the region, located close to the sugar cane crop, was evaluated for comparison. The experimental plots were arranged in a randomized block design with eight replications. Each plot consisted of five rows 20 m long, were installed two pitfalls to capture the invertebrate fauna, representing sixteen traps in each treatment, totaling forty-eight throughout the experiment. The organisms were extracted manually and identified at major taxonomic groups. The highest diversity and groups richness of epigeic invertebrate fauna were observed in the cane sugar crop with the maintenance of the surface residues (100 and 50%). Moreover, complete removal of residues from the soil surface promoted a significant reduction of the soil invertebrates organisms. Soil samples were collected for evaluation of chemical attributes. The organisms of epigeic invertebrate fauna showed sensitive in detecting changes in systems, depending on the maintenance of plant residues of sugar cane.

Cury J.L.,Centro Universitario da Grande Dourados | Brunetto A.F.,State University Londrina | Aydos R.D.,Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul
Revista Brasileira de Fisioterapia | Year: 2010

Objective: To evaluate lung function and functional capacity in patients with chronic kidney failure (CKF) undergoing dialysis and in patients after kidney transplant. Methods: Seventy-two participants were evaluated: 32 patients with CKF on dialysis (DG) for at least six months, ten patients who had kidney transplants (TG) at least six months earlier, and 30 healthy subjects as a control group (CG). All groups were evaluated using spirometry, with maximum inspiratory pressure (MIP) and maximum expiratory pressure (MEP), and using the six-minute walking test (6MWT). The SPSS 12.0 software was used for statistical analysis, with a minimum significance level of α<0.05. Results: There was a decreased lung function in the DG for FVC, FEV1, MVV, VC, MIP and MEP, and decreased FEV1 and MVV in the TG compared to the CG (one-way ANOVA/Fisher's post-hoc; p<0.01). There was also an association (chi-square) between decreased MIP and belonging to the DG (λ=0.5, p<0.001), between lower performance in the 6MWT for the DG and TG (p<0.01) compared to the CG (one-way ANOVA/Fisher's post-hoc), and between MIP and MEP (Pearson's coefficient; r=0.752; p<0.01). Conclusions: Patients with CKF undergoing dialysis showed impaired functional capacity and lung function that were not completely reverted in the kidney transplant patients. © Revista Brasileira de Fisioterapia.

Rios A.A.N.,Centro Universitario da Grande Dourados | Cardoso J.R.,State University Londrina | Rodrigues M.A.F.,State University Londrina | De Almeida S.H.M.,State University Londrina
International Urogynecology Journal and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction | Year: 2011

Introduction and hypothesis Lower tract urinary symptoms are underestimated by women as well as health professionals. The objective of this study was to evaluate the behavior of adult women with urinary incontinence and overactive bladder symptoms in seeking medical treatment. Methods Two hundred ninety-two women between 20 and 82 years old were interviewed. Urinary symptoms, epidemiologic, and quality of life (ICQ-SF) were related to the procurement of medical assistance. The Shapiro-Wilk, Mann-Whitney, and chi-square tests were used. Results The impact of the symptoms on quality of life was greater in younger women. Twenty-two percent of the participants, mainly the younger ones, reported seeking medical services due to several associated symptoms and quality of life impact. Conclusion Younger women, association of several urinary symptoms, symptoms of urinary loss, and longer time since symptom onset were determining factors for seeking medical treatment. © The International Urogynecological Association 2010.

PubMed | Federal University of Grande Dourados, São Paulo State University and Centro Universitario da Grande Dourados
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Genetics and molecular research : GMR | Year: 2016

The aim of this study was to evaluate a genome wide association study (GWAS) approach to identify single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) associated with fertility traits (early puberty) in Nellore cattle (Bos indicus). Fifty-five Nellore cows were selected from a herd monitored for early puberty onset (positive pregnancy at 18 months of age). Extremes of this phenotype were selected; 30 and 25 individuals were pregnant and non-pregnant, respectively, at that age. DNA samples were genotyped using a high-density SNP chip (>777.000 SNP). GWAS using a case-control strategy highlighted a number of significant markers based on their proximity with the Bonferroni correction line. Results indicated that chromosomes 5, 6, 9, 10, and 22 were associated with the traits of interest. The most significant SNPs on these chromosomes were rs133039577, rs110013280, rs134702839, rs109551605, and rs41639155. Candidate genes, as well as quantitative trait loci (QTL) previously reported in the Ensembl and Cattle QTLdb databases, were further investigated. Analysis of the regions close to the SNP on chromosomes 9 and 10 revealed that four QTL had been previously classified under the reproduction category. In conclusion, we have identified SNPs in close proximity to genes associated with reproductive traits. Moreover, U6 spliceosomal RNA was present on three different chromosomes, which is possibly associated with age at first calving, suggesting that it might be a strong candidate for future studies.

Felice T.D.,Universitario da Grande Dourados | Ishizuka R.O.R.,Centro Universitario da Grande Dourados | Amarilha J.D.,Centro Universitario da Grande Dourados
Revista Neurociencias | Year: 2011

Several physiotherapeutical resources concerned with the control of spasticity can be held to rehabilitate patients. Both cryotherapy and neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), which present scientific evidence, postulate the reduction of spasticity. Objective. This study has aimed to evaluate between the techniques of neuromuscular electrical stimulation and cryotherapy, the one which is probable to obtain muscle spasticity decrease and functional activity improvement. Method. This consisted of a study of three cases where the subjects affected by stroke and presented spasticity of quadriceps muscular group, and they were their own control group. The patients were submitted to two protocols of treatment, in which treatment there were five sessions on consecutive days. Firstly Protocol A was applied (treatment with cryotherapy), two days later, protocol B (treatment with neuromuscular electrical stimulation). Results. Was a decrease in muscle electrical activity as measured by surface electromyography, and improving functional performance, the test Timed Up and Go, after the treatments. Conclusion. Cryotherapy and NMES promoted a reduction of electrical activity in the quadriceps muscle and improvement in functional performance of gait. However, cryotherapy stands NMES on muscle performance.

Sato S.K.,Centro Universitario da Grande Dourados | Pimenta-Rodrigues M.V.,University of West Paulista
Journal of Morphological Sciences | Year: 2012

A revision and up-to-date in bone infection is made. We point out the relevance of bacterial infections in the etiology of this patology. The pathogenesis and forms of the infection were revised. Concerning the clinical presentation, a classification of these infections as to their evolution was addressed. In the diagnosis of osteomyelitis the importance of radiographic aspects are stressed.

Carvalho E.M.,Centro Universitario da Grande Dourados | Uieda V.S.,São Paulo State University
Brazilian Journal of Biology | Year: 2010

Riparian vegetation is the main source of leaves and the main energy source for low order streams. Therefore, changes in its composition affect the structure and processes in streams. We studied the contribution of the riparian vegetation by analysing the annual input of litter in deforested and forested areas of a tropical stream. The lateral, vertical (aerial) and horizontal (drift) litter inputs were analysed separately. The lateral input differed significantly between the two areas and included mostly fallen dry leaves. The vertical input, represented mainly by fallen dry leaves, occurred only in the forested area. The drift transport of litter was not significantly different between the deforested and forested areas and the input was composed mostly by CPOM. The removal of the native forest was clearly reflected in the low contribution of leaf litter in the deforested area.

Honorato C.A.,Centro Universitario da Grande Dourados | Nascimento C.A.,Centro Universitario da Grande Dourados
Revista Brasileira de Saude e Producao Animal | Year: 2016

The study aimed to evaluate the use of eugenol as an anesthetic for Carassius auratus measuring time to anesthesia induction in different concentrations and their effects on gas exchange breathing. The fish were exposed to concentrations of 20, 40, 80, 120, 150 mg L-1 of eugenol. The results were analyzed according to a completely randomized design with six treatments and five replications were submitted to analysis of variance and when significant, averages were compared by Student's test (α = 0,05). the probability 5%. PaO2e PaCO2 values were submitted to polynomial regression (p > 0.05). The sedation and recovery time it's the evaluation. Blood was withdrawn for hematological parameters analysis, pH, partial pressure of oxygen (PaO2), partial pressure of carbon dioxide (PaCO2), bicarbonate (HCO-3) and glucose. Concentrations above 80 mg.L-1 presented sedation with 62 sec. The recovery has inverse correlation to time of anesthesia. Anesthetic induction of: C. auratus to different concentrations of eugenol provided 27.5 elevation on the values of percentage of hematocrit and erythrocyte number 37 and an increase in plasma glucose. C. auratus when subjected to the increased concentration of eugenol showed decrease in blood oxygen pressure (PaO2), and increase in pressure of carbon dioxide (PaCO2). The use of eugenol makes handling the fish farms, the recommended dose is 40 mg. L-1 for Carassiusauratus that minimize the risks inherent in routine anesthetic procedures, with less cardiovascular impairment and, therefore, reducing the risk of death.

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