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Mount Pleasant, MI, United States

Central Michigan University is a public research university located in Mount Pleasant in the U.S. state of Michigan. Established in 1892, Central Michigan University is one of the nation's 100 largest public universities with more than 20,000 students on its Mount Pleasant campus and another 7,000 enrolled online and at more than 60 locations worldwide. CMU offers 200 academic programs at the undergraduate, master's, specialist and doctoral levels, including nationally recognized programs in entrepreneurship, journalism, music, audiology, teacher education, psychology and physician assistant. CMU has also established a College of Medicine, which opened in fall 2013. CMU competes in the NCAA Division I Mid-American Conference in seven men's and nine women's sports. Wikipedia.

Schisa J.A.,Central Michigan University
International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology | Year: 2012

In a variety of cell types in plants, animals, and fungi, ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complexes play critical roles in regulating RNA metabolism. These RNP granules include processing bodies and stress granules that are found broadly across cell types, as well as RNP granules unique to the germline, such as P granules, polar granules, sponge bodies, and germinal granules. This review focuses on RNP granules localized in oocytes of the major model systems, Caenorhabditis elegans, Drosophila, Xenopus, mouse, and zebrafish. The signature families of proteins within oocyte RNPs include Vasa and other RNA-binding proteins, decapping activators and enzymes, Argonaute family proteins, and translation initiation complex proteins. This review describes the many recent insights into the dynamics and functions of RNP granules, including their roles in mRNA degradation, mRNA localization, translational regulation, and fertility. The roles of the cytoskeleton and cell organelles in regulating RNP granule assembly are also discussed. © 2012 Elsevier Inc.. Source

Mock A.,Central Michigan University
Optical Materials Express | Year: 2012

A parameterization of the dispersive conductivity of highly-doped graphene has been developed and is presented for use in finite-difference time-domain simulation of near infrared graphene-based photonic and plasmonic devices. The parameterization is based on fitting a Padé approximant to the conductivity arising from interband electronic transitions. The resulting parameterization provides an accurate spectral representation of the conductivity in the wavelength range 1.3-2.3μm which is important for near infrared graphene plasmonics. Finite-difference time-domain simulations of straight graphene plasmonic waveguides of infinite and finite width are presented. © 2012 Optical Society of America. Source

The main objective was to identify distinct patterns of suicidal behaviors over the life course from adolescence to young adulthood and to determine influences of religiosity and other contextual factors on subgroup membership. Semiparametric growth mixture models were used to identify distinct clusters of suicide ideation and suicide attempt trajectories, and generalized estimating equations were used to assess individual and contextual characteristics predicting suicidal behaviors in adolescence and in young adulthood. Distinct trajectories of suicide ideation and suicide attempt were identified for the total sample and for the gender groups. Results showed marked gender differences in the trajectory of suicide ideation and attempt patterns. Religiosity effects on suicidality were prominent in adolescence but not in young adulthood. Analysis showed that an important window of opportunity for preventing the escalation of suicidality exists during the early adolescent period, an opportunity that should be emphasized in interventions on adolescence suicide prevention. © 2013 The American Association of Suicidology. Source

Horoi M.,Central Michigan University
Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics | Year: 2013

Background: Neutrinoless double-β decay, if observed, would reveal physics beyond the standard model of particle physics; namely, it would prove that neutrinos are Majorana fermions and that the lepton number is not conserved. Purpose: The analysis of the results of neutrinoless double-β decay observations requires an accurate knowledge of several nuclear matrix elements (NME) for different mechanisms that may contribute to the decay. We provide a complete analysis of these NME for the decay of the ground state (g.s.) of 48Ca to the g.s. 01+ and first excited 02+ state of 48Ti. Method: For the analysis we used the nuclear shell model with effective two-body interactions that were fine-tuned to describe the low-energy spectroscopy of pf-shell nuclei. We checked our model by calculating the two-neutrino transition probability to the g.s. of 48Ti. We also make predictions for the transition to the first excited 02+ state of 48Ti. Results: We present results for all NME relevant for the neutrinoless transitions to the 01+ and 02+ states, and using the lower experimental limit for the g.s. to g.s. half-life, we extract upper limits for the neutrino physics parameters. Conclusions: We provide accurate NME for the two-neutrino and neutrinoless double-β decay transitions in the A=48 system, which can be further used to analyze the experimental results of double-β decay experiments when they become available. © 2013 American Physical Society. Source

Mock A.,Central Michigan University
IEEE Photonics Journal | Year: 2012

An all-optical switch based on an absorbing microring resonator laterally coupled to two waveguides is described theoretically using the coupling of modes in time formalism and numerically using the finite-difference time-domain method. The operating principle of the device is based on the recently published time-reversed laser concept. The proposed switch relies on a combination of coherent interference and absorption in the microring and does not require nonlinear refractive index changes. It has a smaller footprint than other approaches, and it is capable of converting frequency-or phase-shift-keyed digital signals to amplitude-shift-keyed signals for direct detection. © 2012 IEEE. Source

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