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Liu J.K.,Guizhou Academy of Agricultural science | Liu J.K.,Mae Fah Luang University | Hyde K.D.,Guizhou Academy of Agricultural science | Hyde K.D.,CAS Kunming Institute of Botany | And 107 more authors.
Fungal Diversity | Year: 2015

This paper is a compilation of notes on 110 fungal taxa, including one new family, 10 new genera, and 76 new species, representing a wide taxonomic and geographic range. The new family, Paradictyoarthriniaceae is introduced based on its distinct lineage in Dothideomycetes and its unique morphology. The family is sister to Biatriosporaceae and Roussoellaceae. The new genera are Allophaeosphaeria (Phaeosphaeriaceae), Amphibambusa (Amphisphaeriaceae), Brunneomycosphaerella (Capnodiales genera incertae cedis), Chaetocapnodium (Capnodiaceae), Flammeascoma (Anteagloniaceae), Multiseptospora (Pleosporales genera incertae cedis), Neogaeumannomyces (Magnaporthaceae), Palmiascoma (Bambusicolaceae), Paralecia (Squamarinaceae) and Sarimanas (Melanommataceae). The newly described species are the Ascomycota Aliquandostipite manochii, Allophaeosphaeria dactylidis, A. muriformia, Alternaria cesenica, Amphibambusa bambusicola, Amphisphaeria sorbi, Annulohypoxylon thailandicum, Atrotorquata spartii, Brunneomycosphaerella laburni, Byssosphaeria musae, Camarosporium aborescentis, C. aureum, C. frutexensis, Chaetocapnodium siamensis, Chaetothyrium agathis, Colletotrichum sedi, Conicomyces pseudotransvaalensis, Cytospora berberidis, C. sibiraeae, Diaporthe thunbergiicola, Diatrype palmicola, Dictyosporium aquaticum, D. meiosporum, D. thailandicum, Didymella cirsii, Dinemasporium nelloi, Flammeascoma bambusae, Kalmusia italica, K. spartii, Keissleriella sparticola, Lauriomyces synnematicus, Leptosphaeria ebuli, Lophiostoma pseudodictyosporium, L. ravennicum, Lophiotrema eburnoides, Montagnula graminicola, Multiseptospora thailandica, Myrothecium macrosporum, Natantispora unipolaris, Neogaeumannomyces bambusicola, Neosetophoma clematidis, N. italica, Oxydothis atypica, Palmiascoma gregariascomum, Paraconiothyrium nelloi, P. thysanolaenae, Paradictyoarthrinium tectonicola, Paralecia pratorum, Paraphaeosphaeria spartii, Pestalotiopsis digitalis, P. dracontomelon, P. italiana, Phaeoisaria pseudoclematidis, Phragmocapnias philippinensis, Pseudocamarosporium cotinae, Pseudocercospora tamarindi, Pseudotrichia rubriostiolata, P. thailandica, Psiloglonium multiseptatum, Saagaromyces mangrovei, Sarimanas pseudofluviatile, S. shirakamiense, Tothia spartii, Trichomerium siamensis, Wojnowicia dactylidicola, W. dactylidis and W. lonicerae. The Basidiomycota Agaricus flavicentrus, A. hanthanaensis, A. parvibicolor, A. sodalis, Cantharellus luteostipitatus, Lactarius atrobrunneus, L. politus, Phylloporia dependens and Russula cortinarioides are also introduced. Epitypifications or reference specimens are designated for Hapalocystis berkeleyi, Meliola tamarindi, Pallidocercospora acaciigena, Phaeosphaeria musae, Plenodomus agnitus, Psiloglonium colihuae, P. sasicola and Zasmidium musae while notes and/or new sequence data are provided for Annulohypoxylon leptascum, A. nitens, A. stygium, Biscogniauxia marginata, Fasciatispora nypae, Hypoxylon fendleri, H. monticulosum, Leptosphaeria doliolum, Microsphaeropsis olivacea, Neomicrothyrium, Paraleptosphaeria nitschkei, Phoma medicaginis and Saccotheciaceae. A full description of each species is provided with light micrographs (or drawings). Molecular data is provided for 90 taxa and used to generate phylogenetic trees to establish a natural classification for species. © 2015, School of Science.

Buyck B.,CNRS Systematics, Biodiversity and Evolution Institute | Kauff F.,CNRS Systematics, Biodiversity and Evolution Institute | Kauff F.,University of Kaiserslautern | Randrianjohany E.,CNRS Systematics, Biodiversity and Evolution Institute | And 3 more authors.
Fungal Diversity | Year: 2014

This revision of Cantharellus in Madagascar deals with species that are associated with strictly endemic host trees and shrubs. Based on morphological differences and molecular sequence data of the tef-1 gene, five new species are proposed (C. albidolutescens, C. ambohitantelyensis, C. ibityensis, C. paucifurcatus and C. sebosus), as well as one new subspecies, C. subincarnatus ssp. rubrosalmoneus, whereas C. decolorans and C. platyphyllus ssp. bojeriensis are epitypified. A key is provided to all Cantharellus that grow with native vegetation in Madagascar. © 2014, School of Science.

Buyck B.,French Natural History Museum | Randrianjohany E.,Center National Of Recherche Sur Lenvironnement Cnre | Eyssartier G.,78 boulevard Stalingrad
Cryptogamie, Mycologie | Year: 2012

This paper deals with some extremely rare African and Malagasy chanterelles that have dark lilac-violaceous colors on the cap and/or stipe surface. Cantharellus longisporus ssp. littoralis and C. longisporus ssp. isaloensis are provisionally described as new subspecies from Madagascar. The identity of C. goossensiae needs to be investigated further and appropriate epitypification is urgently needed for these earlier described rain forest chanterelles. C. subcyanoxanthus is newly described as a possible close relative of C. goossensiae from woodland. The confusion surrounding the concepts of C. cyanoxanthus and C. longisporus is discussed. Morphological features, variability and species delimitation are discussed in detail. © 2012 Adac. Tous droits réservés.

Eyssartier G.,boulevard Stalingrad | Randrianjohany E.,Center National Of Recherche Sur Lenvironnement Cnre | Buyck B.,CNRS Systematics, Biodiversity and Evolution Institute
Cryptogamie, Mycologie | Year: 2012

The authors report three Entoloma with a hymeniform suprapellis from the Special Reserve of Ambohitantely, Madagascar. Entoloma coeruleomagnum subsp. cyanater subsp. nov. is described as a new subspecies for a taxon that was originally described from Tasmania. E. henricii is here for the first time reported from outside Europe, whereas E. velutipileum was originally described from the rain forest in Gabon. © 2012 Adac. Tous droits réservés.

Rahelivao M.P.,Center National Of Recherche Sur Lenvironnement Cnre | Andriamanantoanina H.,Center National Of Recherche Sur Lenvironnement Cnre | Heyraud A.,Joseph Fourier University | Rinaudo M.,Joseph Fourier University
Food Hydrocolloids | Year: 2013

Three original alginates extracted from Madagascar seacoast algae are purified and characterized. Especially, a protocol for isolation of pure alginate is proposed including EDTA to obtain a good yield of recovery. The main characteristics of alginates are given (M/G ratios, average molecular weight) and discussed in relation with their origin. At end, gels are formed in presence of calcium excess and their rheological moduli are compared and related to the M/G ratios. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

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