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Scottsdale, AZ, United States

Cayenne Medical | Date: 2014-02-17

A soft tissue fixation system, most typically applicable to orthopedic joint repairs, such as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) knee repair procedures, comprises an implant which is placeable in a tunnel disposed in a portion of bone, wherein the tunnel is defined by walls comprised of bone. A first member is deployable outwardly to engage the tunnel walls for anchoring the implant in place in the tunnel, and a second member is deployable outwardly to engage tissue material to be fixed within the tunnel. The second member also functions to move the tissue material outwardly into contact with the tunnel walls to promote tendon-bone fixation. Extra graft length is eliminated by compression of the tendon against the bone at the aperture of the femoral tunnel, which more closely replicates the native ACL and increases graft stiffness. The inventive device provides high fixation of tendon to bone and active tendon-bone compression. Graft strength has been found to be greater than 1,000 N (Newtons), which is desirable for ACL reconstruction systems.

Cayenne Medical | Date: 2012-03-02

The present invention provides a novel split barbed fixation device for tenodesis, soft tissue reattachment of tendons and ligaments to bones. The insertion device is adapted for an entirely arthroscopic approach while achieving fixation strength with ultimate pullout resistance comparable to interference screws. The device includes an integrated tendon grasper that provides for easy manipulation of the tendon arthroscopically while eliminating the need for external whip stitching of the tendon, thereby reducing preparation time. The device further includes elements that prevent the fixation implant from being destabilized or rotating during deployment and manipulation, including: a depth limiting sheath, a first implant retainer, a first implant retaining step, a tendon grasping needle tube, and an implant keyway for mating the implant to the tube. The implant itself comprises two separate portions mating along a diagonal and having barbed surface features in opposite directions, only one of which contacts the tendon.

Cayenne Medical | Date: 2014-08-22

An arthroscopic meniscal tear repair device comprises a catch needle and a transfer needle. which are pierced into a torn meniscus and advanced past the tear. Suture is transferred by a suture needle from the transfer needle through the meniscus and into the catch needle. The catch needle has an internal mechanism that retains the suture. The suture needle is then retracted back to its home position inside the transfer needle, leaving the free end of the suture across the meniscus and in the catch needle. The device is then retracted out of the meniscus, leaving behind a stitch across the meniscal tear inside the meniscus. A pre-tied knot of suture is then slid down the device and cinched up using a knot pusher having a dilation tip, thus completing the repair.

Cayenne Medical | Date: 2013-10-16

A system and method for making an orthopedic repair by fixing a soft tissue graft to bone, utilizes an implant including a body wedge having first and second outwardly expandable wedge portions, a wing portion having outwardly expandable wings, and a deployment member which is movable distally into the implant to deploy the wedge portions and the wings into an expanded deployed orientation.

Cayenne Medical | Date: 2013-03-11

A system for transdermal repair of soft tissue includes an instrument comprising a proximal actuator portion, a fixed needle having a lumen and extending distally from the proximal actuator portion, and a movable needle having a lumen and extending distally from the proximal actuator portion. The movable needle is movable axially between an advanced position and a retracted position relative to the proximal actuator portion. A suture needle is disposed within the lumen of one of the fixed and movable needles, and has a length of suture connected thereto. Needle graspers are disposed in the lumen of each needle, for securing the suture needle and assisting in the transfer of the suture needle from one needle to the other to complete a suture passing step.

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