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The Airbus Group is a European multinational aerospace and defence corporation registered in the Netherlands and headquartered in Toulouse, France. The group consists of the three business divisions Airbus, Airbus Defence and Space, and Airbus Helicopters.The company was originally formed as the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company on 10 July 2000 by the merger of Aérospatiale-Matra, DaimlerChrysler Aerospace AG , and Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA . In January 2014, EADS was reorganised as Airbus Group combining the divisions for development and marketing of civil and military aircraft, as well as communications systems, missiles, space rockets, helicopters, satellites, and related systems. Wikipedia.

The method for reliabilisation of the supervision of a network comprises: acquisition of a set of events, said events comprising a time stamp corresponding with the emission time of said event; storage of the received events; storage of at least one scenario (SC) comprising a first sequence (S1) of events to be received within a time interval threshold (Ts) and a first condition (CD1) to be satisfied; detection of at least a part (pS2) of a received second sequence of events (S2) similar to the first sequence (Si); determination of a second emission time interval (T3) of the second sequence (S2); verification that the first condition (CD1) of the scenario (SC) is satisfied in function of the determined emission time interval (T3), the time interval threshold (Ts) of scenario (SC), and the first sequence (S1) and the second sequence (S2) received, and generation of a second status message (M2ET).

A method allows determination of a frequency interval for the emission, by an item of user equipment, of a signal to be sent to a base station in a telecommunications network, the frequency interval being within a predetermined frequency band over which the base station works, the method including the determination of frequency interval, wherein the determination of the frequency interval is achieved from a table of references including maximum power reduction values for the emission of a signal by the item of user equipment so that the power of the signal emitted by the item of user equipment at a predetermined out-of-band frequency is less than a predetermined maximum power limit value.

A battery sharing method to increase the service life of the batteries of PMR terminals having important uses, such as the terminal of the head of a group such as the police, firefighters, or the like, is disclosed. The technique is based on the detection of neighboring networks and/or neighboring nodes. The detection is facilitated by reiterating a selection (or reselection) of cells and a handover (HO)/vertical handover (VHO) procedure, while relaying and coordinating transmission and reception. The aim of the techniques is to improve communications as well as the duration thereof, in order to enable improved management of the battery of each terminal and to broaden coverage in areas that are not served by a network.

Cassidian | Date: 2014-08-28

The present invention relates to a device for detecting unwanted intrusions into an information network comprising a module for receiving raw data from the network, a plurality of search engines configured to detect an attack indicator and any derived data which may be corrupted, a distribution module suitable for allocating at least one search engine to each piece of raw data, an administrator module linked to the search engines and to the distribution module and configured to transmit each piece of derived data to said module as new raw data if it has not already been processed by said same search engine(s), so as to provide recursive analysis of each piece of raw data received by said receiving module. The invention further relates to a process implemented by a device of this type.

A method for depicting data on the display of a modular display unit is provided. The data to be depicted comprises safety-critical data portions and non-safety-critical data portions data stream and depicted on the display via a graphical to the invention, a safety component of the display unit generates the safety-critical data portions based on safety-critical signals which are supplied to the display unit, while a background component of the display unit generates the non-safety-critical data portions in the form of a background screen. The safety-critical data portions are put on the display over said background screen in that a multiplexer converts the graphical data stream for display between the safety component and the background component, wherein, the specific regions, graphical content of the background screen changes and safety-critical graphical content is introduced and depicted on the display.

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