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Greenwich, CT, United States

A method of expediting medical diagnosis code selection by executing computer-executable instructions stored on a non-transitory computer-readable medium provides a means for healthcare providers to quickly and efficiently select appropriate medical diagnosis codes by providing electronic cheat sheets within a computer program environment. An electronic cheat sheet, or customized reference sheet, contains elements that function as pointers to elements in a database of medical diagnosis codes which has a branching hierarchal structure and can be graphically navigated.

Capital Partners | Date: 2015-03-18

Systems and methods for asset valuation, whole loan processing and inventory management is described. The systems and methods may include modules. An asset valuation tool may use multiple data sources for producing current and predicted future values and historical and intermediate data points on a requested timeline. A loan information pricing tool may perform unlimited volumes of loan program eligibility and multi-variable pricings on a user desktop. A workout activity tracking tool may capture, monitor, measure and report on a loan workout process including direct hosting and integration of the asset valuation tool and the loan information pricing tool. The present invention may offer diverse and competitive modular components as well as an integrated and innovative platform that does not exist in the market.

Agency: Cordis | Branch: H2020 | Program: CSA | Phase: GALILEO-4-2014 | Award Amount: 1.15M | Year: 2015

GNSS.asia2 engages on pre-marketing activities and business development support for European Industry and EGNSS in the Asian region: GNSS.asia2 is building on GNSS.asia (FP7) which has established the foundations for concrete COLLABORATION BETWEEN EUROPEAN AND ASIAN INDUSTRY with already significant results with India, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan: -Built an effective team by blending industrial cooperation professionals with GNSS experts -Developed a TOOLBOX of GNSSS communication instruments in LOCAL LANGUAGES -Established an INDUSTRIAL RELATIONSHIP PLATFORM through numerous workshops, seminars, round tables and communication activities -Enabled unique NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES for European companies to showcase their products in Asia -Facilitated the INTRODUCTION OF GALILEO in Asian industry players products -Provided TRANSPARENCY ON ASIAN MARKETS, research input and contacts for GSA and industry -Engaged key GNSS stakeholders in Asia (industry, associations, institutes and govt agencies) Industrial collaboration in the GNSS downstream sector is becoming increasingly important as Galileo hits the market and services get tested. Half of the worlds population live in Asia and Asian high-tech companies supply GNSS-electronics to the world. The DIFFERENTIATORS OF GALILEO need to be underlined in the MULTI-GNSS HOTSPOT ASIA. European industry needs support in BUILDING INDUSTRIAL PARTNERSHIPS with Asian companies. GNSS.asia2 will create and deepen industrial relationships, promote EGNSS differentiators in Multi-GNSS, raise EGNSS AWARENESS in Asia. Our proven team will achieve this through PARTNERSHIPS WITH ASIAN GNSS STAKEHOLDERS like the MULTI-GNSS ASIA Campaign and a dedicated GNSS.asia INDUSTRY ADVISORY BOARD. The proposal is ENDORSED by more than 20 GNSS companies and organisations in Europe and Asia who would like to continue the successful partnership on GNSS industrial cooperation across continents.

Agency: Cordis | Branch: H2020 | Program: CSA | Phase: GALILEO-4-2014 | Award Amount: 314.12K | Year: 2015

POSITION (POlish Support to Innovation and Technology IncubatiON action) aims at decisively supporting the EGNSS up-take in Poland. To this end, POSITION will build an integrated innovation support solution that stimulates the uptake in a sustainable manner by creating a network for the Polish GNSS sector, deepening the market and industrial capacity intelligence and lastly providing business and financing support to start-ups. POSITION has identified three key challenges which are hindering the uptake of GNSS downstream applications in Poland: a lack of GNSS application clusters and awareness, resulting in minimal interaction between entrepreneurs, users, investors and authorities; lack of market-orientation in existing research schemes and efforts combined with a lack of specialised business support for entrepreneurs and lastly a lack of specific financing sources for the sector. At the core of the proposed activities in POSITION lies the following objectives: increase awareness and capacity building, foster commercialisation and improve access to finance. In the first stage, a mapping of the Polish GNSS industrial capabilities as well as market trends/opportunities will be created, together with a first interaction with various industrial and decision-making communities. In the second stage, these interactions will be intensified and the industrial sector will be engaged in organised workshops to stimulate industrial interaction and matchmaking amongst themselves but as well with users, investors and authorities in order to enhance the utilisation of key opportunities in the EGNSS market. Selected companies will receive mentoring around business aspects in order to raise their commercialisation attitude and to help them identifying business opportunities. Advice will be provided on how to obtain funding, fine-tune their business model, market analysis and forecast, investor presentation, etc. to increase the attractiveness of their ideas for investors.

Capital Partners | Date: 2014-03-19

In certain embodiments, the system of the invention automatically replicates a users personal computing environment and provides associated remote server access using authentication credentials and data files supplied by a local handheld device as coordinated by session level software common to the handheld device, the replicated system, the system on which the replication occurs, and the remote servers. The application enables a handheld computing device to transfer a users various online account credentials to a users other computing devices securely and automatically. Thereafter the other computing device accesses a users cloud-based storage and various on-line accounts and also pulls selected documents, bookmarks and related information directly from a users handheld. The other computing device thereby essentially becomes a clone of a users primary personal computer, complete with bookmarks, email account access, documents in a users desktop and My Documents folder, pictures, music, and on-line content subscription access.

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