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San Francisco, CA, United States

Capital Group is one of the world’s largest investment management organizations with assets of around one trillion USD under management. It comprises a group of investment management companies, including Capital Research and Management, American Funds, Capital Bank and Trust, Capital Guardian, and Capital International. The firm was founded in 1931 by Jonathan Bell Lovelace. Wikipedia.

A method for displaying a matrix of correlations or other statistical measures of co-movement associated with a plurality of financial instruments, portfolios, indices, or asset classes is disclosed. The method includes: converting the matrix of correlations or other co-movement measures into a probability transition matrix; defining a corresponding abstract distance measurement between any two of the plurality of financial instruments, portfolios, indices, or asset classes based on the probability transition matrix; assigning coordinates in a Euclidean space to each of the plurality of financial instruments, portfolios, indices, or asset classes, wherein a Euclidean distance between any two financial instruments, portfolios, indices, or asset classes in the Euclidean space corresponds to the corresponding abstract distance measurement; and displaying on a display device the plurality of financial instruments, portfolios, indices, or asset classes based on more significant dimensions of the Euclidean space.

Capital Group | Date: 2012-06-20

Systems and methods for intelligent operation and testing of backup-powered safety devices such as exit signs, emergency lights, smoke alarms, and like devices are generally disclosed herein. In some embodiments, an indicator is used to provide a display of the operational status of the safety device, as well as a testing or charging procedure status for a backup power source. The indicator may be used to provide a definitive indication of whether the testing or charging procedure was conducted, and whether such testing or charging procedure either failed or succeeded. In further embodiments, a single indicator provides each of the operational, testing, and charging status indicators for predefined periods of time using a single visible indicator display provided within the safety device.

Capital Group | Date: 2013-01-25

An alternative trading system or platform for allowing a liquidity remover to place an order for the purchase or sale of a security or other commodity to be fulfilled by one or more liquidity providers. The platform may contain a rating module to allow members to create ratings of one another based on their own criteria; an indexor which utilizes the ratings to generate a list of liquidity providers offering a security of interest to a liquidity remover; a provider selector for determining which provider or providers to join in a transaction with the remover; and a price calculator for determining an execution price for the current transaction between a remover and a provider based on ratings and payment/price improvement configurations.

Capital Group | Date: 2015-08-10

A mixing apparatus includes a mixing device with a rotatable shaft and at least one blade. The mixing apparatus also includes a shaft guide having a central portion and a head portion attached to the central portion. The central portion and the head portion together define an aperture extending from the proximal end to the distal end such that the proximal end and the distal end are in fluid communication through the aperture. The shaft guide provides all axial and radial bearing support for the mixing device such that no other radial or axial support is used when the mixing device operates within an associated container. In other examples, a shaft bushing is located around a portion of the mixing device.

A transgenic fly whose genome is modified to express enhanced levels of glutamate-cysteine ligase (GCL) gene is provided. The fly displays phenotypes associated with Alzheimers disease (AD). Further, a method for diagnosing AD is provided, which includes assessing enzymatic activities in mitochondrial enzymes. Glutathione pathway are investigated by creating Alzheimers model

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