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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Universidade Cândido Mendes is a private university located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is Latin America's oldest private university. Wikipedia.

Takano C.C.,Candido Mendes University | Flores J.C.C.,Federal University of Ouro Preto | de Lima H.M.,Federal University of Ouro Preto
Revista Escola de Minas | Year: 2016

Recently, the Brazilian media reported the withdrawal of the rate on profit from mining of coal and iron ore by the government of Australia. In Australia this rate was created in 2012 to finance social programs. However, due to the drop in the value of mineral commodities, the government has reversed this trend and seeks to quash the law that created such a rate, while keeping its social program financial support. One can observe the opposite in Brazil, where the states of Minas Gerais, Pará, Amapá and Mato Grosso do Sul, created the Rate for Controlling, Monitoring and Supervision of Exploration and Mining Activities of Mineral Resources (TFRM). These states’ rates have been grounds for numerous political, economic, administrative and legal discussions. This paper presents an analysis of state laws that created the TFRM, examines the ways taken by mining companies to question the constitutionality of these laws and concludes that the levy of TFRM breaks the principle of equality, penalizes mining, violates the precept contained in article 152 the Federal Constitution of 1988 and helps reduce the competitiveness of Brazilian mining. © 2016, Escola de Minas. All rights reserved. Source

Galvanho J.P.,State University of Norte Fluminense | Carrera M.P.,State University of Norte Fluminense | Moreira D.D.O.,State University of Norte Fluminense | Erthal Jr. M.,Candido Mendes University | And 2 more authors.
Journal of Insect Behavior | Year: 2013

Leaf-cutting ants have evolved a range of defensive strategies which complicate the use of entomopathogens for their control. One of these behavioral strategies is self-grooming, which increases when ants detect the presence of fungal conidia on their integuments. We have previously shown that insecticides, when used at ultra-low concentrations, can be synergists of entomopathogenic fungi. It is possible that certain insecticides could modify ant behavior in a way that increases the chances of a fungal infection taking hold. The current study investigated the effects of the neonicotinoid insecticide Imidacloprid (IMI) and the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana on self-grooming and locomotion behavior of Acromrymex subterraneus subterraneus workers when ants were exposed to the agents separately or together. Initially 10, 20 and 40 ng/insect IMI was topically administered to worker ants. Four hours after administration, the ants were placed into an experimental arena and self-grooming and locomotion behaviors were recorded for 10 min. Separate groups of ants were exposed to filter paper discs impregnated with conidial suspensions and 4 h later their behavior was monitored for 10 min. Subsequently, ants were treated with 10 ng/insect IMI, immediately exposed to fungal suspensions and 4 h later their behavior was monitored. The 10 ng/insect IMI treatment resulted in higher locomotor activity and lower self-grooming when compared to vehicle, 20 ng and 40 ng IMI treatments. Exposure to fungal conidia produced low locomotion and high self-grooming behaviors. The 10 ng IMI + fungal conidia treatment resulted in lower self-grooming and higher locomotion behavior. These alterations caused by a low concentration of IMI could increase ant susceptibility to infection by entomopathogenic fungi and are thus of interest for future tests in the development of integrated pest management strategies. © 2012 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC. Source

This work presents a model to evaluate perceptions about the impact of professional masters program (PMP) on the performance of graduate students. The method proposed was applied using a questionnaire, based on a literature review, in order to collect the perceptions of four groups: students, company managers, faculty members, and coordinators of PMP in the Engineering III area according to CAPES. Among other relevant results, the present application highlighted the criteria based on the highest performance and importance levels. The company managers expressed more optimistic views about the impact of the Professional Masters on the graduate students' performance, and the faculty members were more demanding. Besides contributing for the construction of indicators to evaluate the impacts of PMP on those students, this research supports course coordination decisions related to the program's improvement. Source

Pereira Junior G.,Federal University of Amazonas | Pereira Filho M.,National Institute of Amazonian Research | Roubach R.,National Institute of Amazonian Research | Barbosa P.S.,National Institute of Amazonian Research | Shimoda E.,Candido Mendes University
Acta Amazonica | Year: 2013

The tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum) is an omnivorous fish native to the Amazon basin, which has high commercial value. Characteristics of rusticity and desirable growth in farming highlight this species for breeding in captivity. However, in commercial fish breeding, feed costs may represent 60-80% of total costs of production, being the protein the most expensive nutrient in the diet. The objective of this study was to evaluate the growth of juvenile tambaqui fed with diets containing leucaena leaf flour as protein source. A total of 240 juveniles were distributed in 12 experimental aquaria (350 L) in a completely randomized design with four treatments (0%, 8%, 16%, 24% of inclusion of leucaena leaf flour in diet) and three replications. Weight gain, feed conversion ratio, specific growth rate, protein efficiency rate and cost of production per kilogram of live weight gained were calculated. For the studied variables, there was no significant difference (p> 0.05) among treatments, indicating that it is possible to include up to 24% of leucaena leaf flour in diets for juveniles of tambaqui, without compromising the variables studied, although the replacement has not represented reduction in cost of production per kilogram of fish. Source

De Assis Rangel J.J.,Federal University of Fluminense | Fernandes Nunes A.,Candido Mendes University
Proceedings - Winter Simulation Conference | Year: 2011

The technique of conceptual modeling IDEF-SIM uses the syntax of IDEFØ and IDEF3 adapted to the peculiarities of the simulation models. It allows the state variables and the logical elements of a discrete system to be abstracted and ordered with most representativeness. However, it is essential to establish additional measures that enhance the process of collecting and authenticating relevant data. This context has motivated this research, which suggests a model documentary that, when associated with the methodology IDEF-SIM, allows recording the details of a dynamic system in an objective and standardized way. We carried a study on a seaport, allowing verifying that the system was translated with greater speed and detail. In this sense, we concluded that the record out in detail increased efficiency in the generation of knowledge about the particularities of the system, regardless of the complexity of the problem and the computer language adopted. © 2011 IEEE. Source

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