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Barajas E.N.M.,Campo Geotermico Los Azufres | Espinoza E.C.,Campo Geotermico Los Azufres | Montes M.A.R.,GPG | Medina F.A.S.,Campo Geotermico Los Azufres
Geotermia | Year: 2014

Since the beginning of wells drilling in geothermal fields, similar techniques and equipments has been used as in oil wells drilling. Traditional drilling uses mud drilling fluid prepared with bentonitic clay with the finality to give stability to the hole, reduce the drill friction and to drag the rock cuttings to the surface. It has been proved that this drilling mud causes damage in the surrounding formation (skin) and in the permeability zones of the well, blocking partial or totally the flow of geothermal fluids, avoiding their optimum production. The majority of the existing wells in the Azufres geothermal field have been drilled under this drilling technique, that usually takes months or even years for those wells to clean by themselves, and in many cases, it is necessary to perform an acid stimulation job to remove the formation damage and to obtain the maximum achievable flow in the well. All of that increases the expenditures in the wells, increasing the capital investment in each of those geothermal wells, since it is desirable to deliver steam to the power stations in the shorter possible time. Under these ideas, in 2012 underbalance drilling technique was implemented to drill new wells required in Los Azufres field. In this paper, the results obtained in well Az-089 are presented, as the first well drilled using this new technique.

Perez A.H.,Campo Geotermico Los Azufres | Apolinar A.A.,Campo Geotermico Los Azufres | Barajas E.N.M.,Campo Geotermico Los Azufres | Medina F.A.S.,Campo Geotermico Los Azufres
Geotermia | Year: 2014

Accordingly to the development and study of the different geothermal systems, it has been researched different ways of knowing in much better detail the behavior and characteristics of the reservoirs. It is for that reason that having tools that provides reliability in the obtained information and a easy functionality for field operations is very important. Well data logging of geothermal wells is essential to know the thermodynamic changes that occur in wells and reservoir, besides of identifying feed zones in production wells and even to identify mechanical breaks or failures inside the casings in order to schedule future well workovers. At Los Azufres geothermal field the well data logging using electronic tools started in 1997, which provides information with data measure of pressure, temperature and flow rate, which gave very good results. However, every tool has a lifetime and with the advancement of technology, other tools improve the data acquisition process. In this paper a comparison between the previous and recent electronic tools, this provides the recognition of new technical and operational improvements, which provide much better design and operation features. The operation and application of new technologies at "Los Azufres" Geothermal Field position CFE at forefront of data logging of geothermal wells in México.

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