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Saitama, Japan

Calsonic Kansei Corporation is a large Japanese automotive company which has 50 manufacturing centers in USA, Poland, South Korea, Mexico, Romania, Thailand, UK, South Africa, India, Spain, China, France and Malaysia. Wikipedia.

Calsonic Kansei | Date: 2015-10-26

A touch-sensitive vehicle display device is disclosed. The touch-sensitive vehicle display device comprises a body having a display including a touch panel on a surface thereof, whereby a screen operation is performed on the surface of the display by a touch-screen operation; an operation plate provided along the surface of the display; and a controller controlling information to be indicated on the display. The operation plate includes an opening section to indicate a switch provided to face the touch panel, and a plurality of touch-sensitive switch-confirmation portions provided on an end portion of the opening section for switch indication, and the controller controls a switch-indication portion to be inside the opening section to indicate switching in the display, and controls a plurality of selection-switches to be in the switch-indication portion to correspond to the plurality of switch-confirmation portions.

Calsonic Kansei | Date: 2015-02-03

A vehicle air conditioner has a blowoff mode door provided at a position where a rear seat blast passage is branched into a vent blowoff passage and a foot blowoff passage, and the blowoff mode door has a main door portion and a sub-door portion. The blowoff mode door is displaced by rotation among positions: a full-closed mode position where both the blowoff passages are closed; a vent blowoff mode position where the vent blowoff passage is opened and the foot blowoff passage is closed; a foot blowoff mode position where the vent blowoff passage is closed and the foot blowoff passage is opened; and a bi-level position where both the blowoff passages are opened.

Calsonic Kansei and Mazda Motor Corporation | Date: 2015-06-16

A control system for a vehicle includes: a battery; a first control unit configured to receive a power supplied from the battery, and configured to control a first control object which is mounted on the vehicle; and an interrupting unit configured to interrupt a supply of the power to the first control unit from the battery, wherein a first switch part is provided between the battery and the first control unit which receives a resumption request signal when the supply of the power to the first control unit is interrupted by the interrupting unit to permit the power to be supplied to the first control unit from the battery.

Calsonic Kansei | Date: 2015-02-18

A gas compressor comprises a rotor having vane grooves, a cylinder shaped to surround an outer circumference of the rotor, vanes plate-shaped, slidably inserted into the vane grooves, and abuttable at one ends on the inner circumference of the cylinder, upon receiving a back pressure from the vane grooves, two side blocks to enclose both ends of the rotor and the cylinder, respectively, compression chambers supplied with a medium to compress the medium to a high-pressure medium for discharge, an oil separator to separate, from the discharged high-pressure medium, oil to be used as the back pressure, an oil path through which the oil at a certain pressure is supplied to the vane grooves, and a high-pressure supply hole formed in at least one of the side blocks, including a small diameter portion and a large diameter portion integrally formed.

Calsonic Kansei | Date: 2015-04-29

A vehicle safety device installed in a hybrid electric vehicle or an electric vehicle is provided to be capable of interrupting a current supplied from a power supply to a load via a supply line. The vehicle safety device includes first interrupting mechanism adapted to set the supply line in an interrupted condition when a temperature of the load reaches a first set temperature and second interrupting mechanism adapted to set the supply line in the interrupted condition such that the supply line cannot be returned to an energized condition when the temperature of the load reaches a second set temperature that is higher than the first set temperature.

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