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Sagamihara, Japan

The present invention provides: a method for producing a compost, comprising composting plant-derived organic waste at a weight reduction rate of 95% or more by fermentation treatment, specifically by subjecting the organic waste to fermentation treatment comprising a primary fermentation, which comprises an intermittently agitated fermentation, and a secondary fermentation, which comprises an aerated fermentation, using a microorganism of

This invention provides an effective means for inhibiting the growth of microorganisms in a concentrate-type milk-based acidic beverage that contains milk after a package is opened. The concentrate-type milk-based acidic beverage of the invention comprises (A) milk, (B) -polylysine, and (C) at least one member selected from among benzoic acid, p-hydroxybenzoic acid esters, and a salt of either thereof, wherein the milk solids-non-fat content is 1.5% to 4.5% by weight, and the Brix value is 40 to 60.

The present invention provides a composition which may be ingested orally in a small dose for the purpose of improving brain function, and a method for improving brain function. The present invention is a composition for improving brain function, comprising, as an active ingredient, X-Pro-Pro-Y or a salt thereof, wherein X represent Val, Ile or Asn-Ile and Y represent Phe or Leu.

Provided is an agent having at least one of an improving effect on vascular endothelial functions and an inhibitory effect on vascular intimal thickening, as well as a prophylactic of arteriosclerosis, which have excellent safety, improve functions associated with the vascular endothelium, have effects of preventing various diseases associated with vascular endothelial functions and of inhibiting vascular intimal thickening, and may be expected to provide prophylactic effect on arteriosclerosis. The agents of the present invention contain, as an active component: (a) Xaa-Pro-Pro, (b) a hydrolysate of animal milk casein containing Xaa-Pro-Pro, or a concentrate thereof, or (c) a fermentation product containing Ile-Pro-Pro and/or Val-Pro-Pro obtained by fermenting a starting material containing milk protein with a bacterial strain of the species

This invention relates to a sterilization agent for livestock bedding or a composting accelerator for organic waste or livestock bedding, comprising at least one

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