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Sullivan W.J.,University of California at Los Angeles | Christofk H.R.,University of California at Los Angeles | Christofk H.R.,California Stem Cell
Cell | Year: 2015

To colonize the liver, colon cancer metastases must overcome hypoxia and other metabolic stress. Loo et al. now show that metastatic cells achieve this by decreasing miR-483 and miR-551a expression, which derepresses creatine kinase expression and allows energy to be captured from extracellular ATP through generation and import of phosphocreatine. © 2015 Elsevier Inc.

Schiller G.J.,California Stem Cell
Hematology / the Education Program of the American Society of Hematology. American Society of Hematology. Education Program | Year: 2013

High-risk acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) constitutes a distinct subset of disease based on clinical and biological characteristics and comprises a significant percentage of all cases of adult AML. Biologic features such as distinct clonal cytogenetic and molecular abnormalities identify a subgroup of AML patients characterized by poor response to induction chemotherapy and poor long-term survival after treatment with consolidation chemotherapy. Clinical variables that predict for poor response include AML relapsed after less than 1 year of remission and AML characterized by resistance to conventional agents. We review here our understanding of the defining biologic subtypes of AML and discuss how adequate initial evaluation can be used to inform the choice of treatment. By defining high-risk biologic and clinical variables, a strong case can be made for treating patients with investigational agents, with treatment directed at distinct cytogenetic or molecular abnormalities. Allogeneic transplantation is the only form of therapy available outside of the setting of a clinical trial that may offer a chance for long-term survival for patients with high-risk AML.

California Stem Cell | Date: 2013-06-18

A bioreactor with a removable reactor core having internal growth chambers, a first end with an inlet upstream from said core; a second end downstream with an outlet from said core; and, a pumping means to provide media flow, is disclosed.

California Stem Cell | Date: 2012-10-22

The disclosure provides reagents, methods, and kits, for treating melanoma. The reagent encompasses interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma) responsive melanoma cells, where the cells are autophagic and non-apoptotic melanoma cells, and where the cells express MHC Class if. In another aspect, the reagent encompassed dendritic cells loaded with the IFN-gamma responsive, non-apoptotic, MHC Class II-expressing melanoma cells.

The disclosure provides reagents, including cells, and related methods, useful for administering to subjects with a neoplastic disorder. The reagents and methods encompass cancer stem cells of enhanced purity. Neoplastic disorder encompasses melanoma, ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, and lung cancer.

An isolated population of human neuronal progenitor cells having both developmental and neuron specific markers, with a purity greater than about 90%, wherein at least 90% of the isolated population of human neural progenitor cells express pax6 and nestin, and also express at least one of NeuN and Tuj1, wherein further differentiation of said neuronal progenitor cells produces less than about 5% astrocytes, expressing glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP).

California Stem Cell | Date: 2013-01-31

The disclosure provides reagents, methods, and kits, for treating or preventing cancers derived from each of the germ layers (endoderm, mesoderm, ectoderm, neural crest). The reagent encompasses interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma) responsive cancer cells, where the cells are autophagic and non-apoptotic cancer cells, and where the cells express MHC Class II.

Methods for producing high-purity motor neuron progenitor cells and populations are provided comprising: (a) neuralizing a culture of pluripotent stem cells by culturing pluripotent stem cells in a growth media supplemented with one or more of albumin, a fatty acid, a thyroid hormone, a growth factor, a vitamin, a trace mineral, insulin and transferrin, (b) ventralizing the neuralized cell population of step (a) in a motor neuron media supplemented with retinoic acid for at least about five days, (c) incubating the ventralized cell population of step (b) in the growth media in the absence of retinoic acid to promote formation of neurospheres, (d) selecting the neurospheres, and (e) expanding neurospheres on an adherent substrate to form a layer of cells comprising a population of cells comprising greater than about 65% late stage motor neuron progenitor cells. Uses of the cells in drug discovery or for therapy are also provided.

California Stem Cell | Date: 2012-05-30

The invention provides media formulations. A complete media formulation comprising the following components: albumin; an iron carrier; glutamine; a glycosidase or hydrolase and/or a glycosaminoglycan degradation product; fibroblast growth factor (FGF); a salt or mineral; and essential amino acids, at an osmolarity of about 220-330 mOsm/Litre; and further comprising a globulin. Also are provided methods for culturing cells, including stem cells, in the media formulations.

California Stem Cell | Date: 2012-01-24

Aspects of implementations wherein reductions in contamination in transplantation cell population are disclosed herein, including incubating a suspended population of live cells in a culture medium with a substrate having surface that promotes cell to cell adhesion. During the process, the incubating is in absence of substantial mechanical disturbance of the culture medium and cells are in the culture medium for a predetermined period of time. A resulting population of cells which is relatively reduced or eliminated in contaminants is taught. Said population of cells may be collectable by centrifugation and is separable from said contaminants by centrifugation.

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