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Turlock, CA, United States

California State University, Stanislaus, is a campus in the 23 school California State University system which was established in 1957 in Turlock, California, United States. It is also the only campus in the CSU system to offer a bachelor's degree in cognitive studies. The university offers 133 Bachelor's degrees, 35 Master's degrees, two Doctoral degrees , and 14 teaching credentials.CSU Stanislaus has been rated in the top 10 public universities in the new West Coast Master's category by U.S. News & World Report magazine as well as a best buy in higher education for the past seven years. Stanislaus is also one of the two campuses in the 23-campus CSU system listed among the best undergraduate colleges by The Princeton Review. Wikipedia.

Martin C.T.,California State University, Stanislaus
CIN - Computers Informatics Nursing | Year: 2012

Learning to write in a scholarly manner is often a challenge for graduate students. This study describes nursing students' use of a wiki to encourage writing collaboration among students by allowing them to cocreate, review, and edit each other's material as it is created. Students are introduced to the online wiki site the first week of the course. A technology representative assists students with a short introduction and class visits. All students participate in making decisions related to the overall character of the site. They create pages on topics related to their clinical placements. Student pages are peer and content expert reviewed for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Students include pictures, YouTube links, attachments, videos, and Web site links into their pages. Evidence-based content includes pharmacology, diagnostic criteria, pathophysiology, history, genetics, and references. Students present their pages, and feedback questionnaires are collected at the end of the semester. The wiki writing assignment introduces students, faculty, and the community to graduate student projects while exposing students to new technology. Areas explored include issues and best practices regarding classroom pedagogy, as well as student support and technical challenges in the use of a wiki. Suggestions for improvement are discussed. Copyright © 2012 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Poole D.,California State University, Stanislaus
Journal of Interactive Learning Research | Year: 2012

This study examined the impact of two approaches to use of student response systems (SRSs) on achievement in a study designed to better understand effective use of the devices. One condition was anonymous use of SRSs, in which graduate students selected a random clicker when entering the classroom. The second condition assigned devices to students for use throughout the semester. Two treatment and two control classes were tested, with dependent variables including percent of correct responses to questions posed in classes, performance on the midterm exam, and performance on the final exam. Results indicated that students who were assigned to specific units during the term had a higher percent of responses correct than the control group students on in-class questions. However, performance on the midterm exam and final exam was not significantly different among students in the two SRS conditions, suggesting that the benefits of SRS use can be derived from anonymous use.

Longrich N.R.,Yale University | Sankey J.,California State University, Stanislaus | Tanke D.,Royal Tyrrell Museum
Cretaceous Research | Year: 2010

Recent work in the Campanian Aguja Formation of Big Bend, Texas, has resulted in the recovery of two frontoparietal domes from a new genus of pachycephalosaur. Texacephale langstoni gen. et sp. nov. is diagnosed by a tall, arched nasal boss, flange-like processes articulating the dome with the peripheral elements, and a low pedicel separating the cerebral fossa from the skull roof. The skull dome is composed largely of the fused frontals and parietals, with limited participation of the peripheral elements, and the supratemporal fenestrae remain open. Phylogenetic analysis indicates that Texacephale langstoni is a basal member of the Pachycephalosauria. The discovery of Texacephale supports previous suggestions that the dinosaur fauna of Texas was distinct from that of contemporary assemblages to the north. The phylogenetic analysis presented here indicates that the Asian pachycephalosaurs form a monophyletic group, deeply nested within the Pachycephalosauridae, and that the basal members of the group are all North American. This finding indicates that pachycephalosaurids originated in North America, rather than Asia, as previously believed. The high diversity of North American pachycephalosaurs and the late appearance of pachycephalosaurs in Asia are consistent with this hypothesis. The biology of Texacephale and other Pachycephalosauridae are also discussed. The morphology of the dome in Texacephale and other pachycephalosaurs supports the hypothesis that pachycephalosaurids engaged in intraspecific combat, while the occurrence of Texacephale and other pachycephalosaurs in nearshore deposits argues that the pachycephalosaurs were not restricted to inland habitats. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd.

Wood S.R.,California State University, Stanislaus | Buttaro Jr. A.,City University of New York
Crime and Delinquency | Year: 2013

Using hierarchical logistic regression with a nationally representative sample of state prisoners (n = 12,504), we found inmates with dual severe psychiatric and substance abuse disorders to be at higher risk of being assaulted and to assault others in prison than nonmentally ill inmates. Dually disordered inmates may be "importing" characteristics that put them at more risk of involvement in assaults. Next, more than 50% of assault victims were themselves the perpetrators of assault, and significant percentages of inmates reported posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) diagnoses and physical and sexual victimizations. With other studies linking PTSD and being assaulted with revictimization and violence toward others, substance abuse, and poorer psychiatric outcomes, a study implication is providing inmates with effective trauma-relevant treatments. © The Author(s) 2013.

Birmingham D.,Pacific University in Oregon | Mokhtari S.,California State University, Stanislaus | Sachs I.,Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich
Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology | Year: 2010

We demonstrate the classical stability of the BTZ black hole within the context of topologically massive gravity. The linearized perturbation equations can be solved exactly in this case. By choosing standard boundary conditions appropriate to the stability problem, we demonstrate the absence of modes which grow in time, for all values of the Chern-Simons coupling. © 2010 The American Physical Society.

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