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Sacramento, CA, United States

Nineteen new species of Cymatodera Gray are described: C. mexicana, C. cicatricula, C. matehualacaligoides, C. brailovskyi, C. durangoensis, C. monticola, C. paucipunctata, C. anulata, C. christina, C. copei, C. oxchuc, C. merickeli, C. romeroi, C. cellulosa, and C. acutipennis from México; C. doda from México, Nicaragua and Costa Rica; C. carinipennis from México and Guatemala; C. rileyi from México, Honduras, and Belize, and C. wilsoni from Costa Rica. These species are figured, along with the type of C. kolbei Schenkling, and a lectotype is designated for the latter. I include a brief discussion on the prevalence and evolution of brachyptery in Cymatodera. Copyright © 2015 Magnolia Press.

Rifkind J.,California State Collection of Arthropods
Coleopterists Bulletin | Year: 2016

Enoclerus juquilensis Rifkind, new species is described from the Sierra Sur of Oaxaca, Mexico. Comparison is made with Enoclerus atriceps (Gorham), a similar species from Guatemala and El Salvador.

Winterton S.L.,California State Collection of Arthropods | Brooks S.J.,Natural History Museum in London
ZooKeys | Year: 2012

An unusual new species of green lacewing (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae: Semachrysa jade sp. n.) is described from Selangor (Malaysia) as a joint discovery by citizen scientist and professional taxonomists. The incidental nature of this discovery is underscored by the fact that the species was initially photographed and then released, with images subsequently posted to an online image database. It was not until the images in the database were randomly examined by the professional taxonomists that it was determined that the species was in fact new. A subsequent specimen was collected at the same locality and is described herein along with another specimen identified from nearby Sabah. © S.L. Winterton et al.

Rifkind J.,California State Collection of Arthropods
Coleopterists Bulletin | Year: 2014

Cymatodera bellamyi Rifkind, new species, is described from Oaxaca, Mexico and compared to similar congeners. Our knowledge of the Mexican components of the genus is summarized.

Kerr P.H.,California State Collection of Arthropods
ZooKeys | Year: 2014

Megophthalmidia Dziedzicki is a small leiine genus (Mycetophilidae) with seven species described from the Neotropics and ten species from the Palearctic region. Tw o species of Megophthalmidia have been reported for North America. Recent collecting of Mycetophilidae in California and Arizona, however, shows current North American diversity of Megophthalmidia is at least on par to other regions of the world. Eight new species of Megophthalmidia are described here, increasing the number of Nearctic Megophthalmidia species to nine. Included is a particularly atypical member of the genus, M. saskia sp. n., which expands the genus concept of Megophthalmidia. Of the two species previously recorded for North America, only one actually belongs in the genus. Megophthalmidia occidentalis Johannsen, is fully described and illustrated. Te other named species, M. marceda (Sherman) is illustrated and transferred to the genus Ectrep-esthoneura Enderlein. A lectotype is designated for this species. A key to the species of Megophthalmidia of North America is provided. Te biology of these fies is not yet known. Tree of the new Megophthalmidia species - M. lenimenta, M. misericordia, and M. radiata - are only known to occur within small protected areas within the California State Park and UC Natural Reserve systems. © Peter H. Kerr.

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