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Montreal, Canada

CAE Inc. | Date: 2014-09-30

Methods and computer systems for rendering plausible images of 3D polygon mesh(es) in a computer simulation comprising a computer generated environment. On a 3D polygon mesh defined using a plurality of vertices providing a plurality of rendering faces, determining an anchor point from at least three of the plurality of vertices, for each one of the rendering faces of the 3D polygon mesh, determining whether a path exists towards the anchor point and/or whether the one rendering face is on an unstable part of the 3D polygon mesh. When the path does not exist or when the part is unstable, removing the one rendering face from the 3D polygon mesh into an updated 3D polygon mesh. Rendering the updated 3D polygon mesh for display comprising a subset of the plurality of rendering faces using a visual texture, the subset being determined from the field of view of the computer simulation.

Method and computer system for rendering damaged-enhanced images in an interactive computer simulation comprising an interactive computer generated environment. During the simulation, an input is received from a user of the simulation for triggering a virtual impact having an effective radius and coordinates of the virtual impact are determined on at least one 3D polygon mesh of the interactive computer generated environment. Thereafter, simplified calculation of at least one newly formed 3D polygon mesh from the virtual impact at the coordinates is performed by removing a portion of a sphere, computed from the effective radius, from the at least one 3D polygon mesh, thereby defining the newly formed 3D polygon mesh(es). At least one damaged-enhanced image is then rendered for display of the newly formed 3D polygon mesh(es) from a field of view of the user of the interactive computer simulation.

The present modeling tool and method dynamically generate a maintenance simulation of a vehicle. For doing so, a configuration interface receives a list of components of the vehicle, each particular component comprising parameters defining the particular component. The configuration interface further receives relationships between the components in the list, and determines a plurality of state, transitions, conditions, triggers and actions. A processing unit processes the data received and determined via the configuration interface to generate the maintenance simulation, the maintenance simulation comprising an aggregation of all the determined transitions between the components into a global state machine. The present method may further be performed by a computer program product.

CAE Inc. | Date: 2013-05-28

Magnetic sensor system including an assembly comprising first, second, and third scalar point-sensor magnetometers being fixedly mounted with respect to one another such that the position of each magnetometers axis is invariable with respect to the other magnetometers axes. When the sensor assembly is in operation, each magnetometers axis forms an angle with ambient magnetic field lines. Each magnetometer has an operating range defined with respect to a range of values of the angle formed by its axis and the ambient magnetic field. The magnetometers are positioned such that at least one of magnetometers is within its operating range at any point in time. Each magnetometer has an output signal. Computer processor determines which of the output signals is to be used any particular point in time in the sensing of local variations in the ambient magnetic field. Method of operation of the magnetic sensor system/assembly is disclosed.

CAE Inc. | Date: 2015-02-13

Configurable input/output unit and configurable modular card provided therewith. The configurable input/output unit comprises a plurality of configurable inputs and outputs. The plurality of configurable inputs and outputs comprises a predefined output for sending a broadcast message and a predefined input for receiving a broadcast response message. The card comprises a board, at least one processor mounted on the board, at least one memory mounted on the board and in electronic communication with the processor, the configurable input/output unit comprising the plurality of configurable inputs and outputs, and a bus for providing electronic data exchange there between. The processor configures the plurality of inputs and outputs of the configurable input/output unit based on the broadcast response message. The processor may generate testing signals to the plurality of inputs and outputs of the configurable input/output unit.

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