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Agency: Cordis | Branch: FP7 | Program: CP | Phase: ICT-2007.4.2 | Award Amount: 11.80M | Year: 2008

Europe is in transition to a knowledge economy and effective knowledge management is fundamental to successful economic activity. Still, enterprises find it hard to transform most of their essential tacit (implicit) knowledge into transferable, easily accessible, and actionable knowledge assets.
ACTIVE aims to increase the productivity of knowledge workers in a pro-active, contextualised, yet easy and unobtrusive way. The aim is to convert tacit knowledge the hidden intelligence of enterprises into actionable knowledge to support collaboration and automated problem solving. A key aspect will be the support for informal procedural knowledge the informal collaboration and problem-solving tasks that drive much knowledge work in the enterprise.
ACTIVE will integrate concepts, methods, and tools from the fields of (i) Social Software and Web 2.0, (ii) Semantic Technologies, (iii) Context Mining and Modelling, and Context Sensitive Task Management, and (iv) Knowledge Process Mining and Modelling and Pro-Active Knowledge Process Support into innovative application systems. The development will be accompanied by an analysis of key economic and organizational factors and incentive mechanisms, and strongly user-centric system development and evaluation.
The key result of ACTIVE will be a breakthrough which empowers enterprises to make knowledge technology effective for a larger share of their essential knowledge, in particular both tacit knowledge and knowledge not held in formal enterprise repositories.
ACTIVE will generate sustainable impact by deploying the tools and applications in three industry sectors: consulting, telecommunication and engineering. The added value of ACTIVE technology will be evaluated in economic, organizational, and user studies, and conclude with rigorous field tests. A major focus of ACTIVE will be uptake by industry beyond the immediate consortium.

Agency: Cordis | Branch: FP7 | Program: CP | Phase: ICT-2007.3.1 | Award Amount: 3.21M | Year: 2008

Today advanced System-in-Package(SiP) can integrate several Large-Scale-Integration(LSI) technologies and functionalities (advanced System-on-Chip-SoC),high-density memories,high-performance analogue-block.Its become strategic to analize and detect potential signal and power integrity failures before the prototype phase.The key to success is a set of integrated EDA tools and modelling flows that combine the availability of accurate models, either extracted by simulations or measurements, with reliable time-domain and system-level verification simulation methodologies.The aim is to develop reliable modelling and simulation solutions for SiP design and verification. The modelling activity will be related to measurement analysis for validating the simulation results and making available characterization measurement platforms.The research activities will be:1)Exploring innovative modelling approaches for Integrated-Circuit (IC) buffers, 3D physical structures and IC power rails beyond the current state-of-art;2)Investigating viable simulation and measurement strategies for SiP signal and power integrity analysis.The models and tools developed will be integrated in a unique EDA simulation platform and efforts will also be devoted to merge as more as possible the developed characterization measurement platforms.At the end of the project it is expected that the flows for extracting accurate simulation models will be available, together with a performing integrated EDA platform and a viable signal integrity measurement methodology. The final targets of project include:a)demonstration of the innovative IC simulation models developed and their related extraction flows by both simulation and measurement;b)the development of an innovative 3D EM field solver;c)the development of a performing SiP design and verification EDA platform;d)a demonstration of the developed signal integrity measurement techniques

News Article | February 5, 2016
Site: http://cleantechnica.com

Last week, Cleantech Group named Enlighted, Inc. in its 2015 Global Cleantech 100 list. This isn’t the only award the company received for its digital sensor and analytics platform, which has made commercial buildings smarter and greener. Enlighted also received the “North American Company of the Year” Award, which recognizes the highest ranked company in the Global Cleantech 100 list from the region. “Everybody is totally stoked,” Enlighted CEO Joe Costello told me. “For the group of people who started this company, this is one of those arrival moments.” While the award is a prestigious accolade for the company  — especially, this year when Cleantech Group received a record number of nominations for the list — it shouldn’t be a surprise. Yes, Enlighted has a solid product in a growing industry. But the company is also managed by the very forward-thinking Costello, a leader who has helped the Internet evolve from Web pages to light bulbs. Costello has quite the resume. Before joining Enlighted, he was the CEO of Cadence Design Systems, a design and engineering software company, and Orb Networks, a media-streaming hardware startup. In 1997, Chief Executive Magazine named him the top CEO of America. But the jobs Costello didn’t get also boost his resume. Steve Jobs talked to him about becoming Apple’s full-time CEO in 1997. Larry Page and Sergey Brin interviewed him for the Google CEO job in 2000. A few years later, Yahoo cofounder Jerry Yang and Sequoia Capital’s Mike Moritz considered him before going with Warner Brother’s Terry Semel instead. You have to believe a guy who was up for some of tech’s hottest jobs would know a good company when he sees it. And with Enlighted he saw it. “I wasn’t looking for Enlighted at all or to be a full-time CEO actually,” he admitted to me. “But I was instantly intrigued.” Costello believes the Internet of Things (IoT) is “going to be every bit as big as people think, maybe even bigger.” IoT products like Bigbelly, a trash can that tells collection crews when to pick it up, and WiFi connected light bulbs are already improving efficiency and the environment. And, of course, the Nest thermostat has had wide success. According to Costello, more and more “things” will continue to connect and underlying Internet technology will become a feature for products. Enlightened’s model — to bring IoT to the commercial real estate sector — puts the company in a key position to profit off the growth of two major industries. Costello explained that IoT will evolve like the Internet did at first — every product will be built to connect, just like every product had a Web page at first. People will be interested in some products, like they are interested in some Web pages. Costello believes Enlightened’s product —  a platform that enables businesses to operate more efficiently, effectively, and environmentally — is one people will want. And he’s right. Enlighted has an incredible list of clients — Google, LinkedIn, and HP — and is focusing to bring its product to public universities and hospitals. In fact, Enlighted plans to announce its first big hospital chain client soon. “Nurses spend an hour a day looking for equipment,” Costello told me as he explained how Enlightened could benefit hospitals. “With Enlightened’s technology they can spot equipment and track specialists. Once the building has the intelligence, it saves employees time.” With Enlightened’s success, I had to ask Costello whether he would follow Nest’s lead and sell the company to Google or Apple. “Never say never to a think like that,” he said laughing.    Get CleanTechnica’s 1st (completely free) electric car report → “Electric Cars: What Early Adopters & First Followers Want.”   Come attend CleanTechnica’s 1st “Cleantech Revolution Tour” event → in Berlin, Germany, April 9–10.   Keep up to date with all the hottest cleantech news by subscribing to our (free) cleantech newsletter, or keep an eye on sector-specific news by getting our (also free) solar energy newsletter, electric vehicle newsletter, or wind energy newsletter.  

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