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Systems and methods presented herein provide for isolating an upstream noise source in a cable television network. In one embodiment, a cable television network is communicatively coupled to a plurality of CPEs through a node. The cable television network comprises a CMTS with a CPE polling module and a noise monitor communicatively coupled to the CMTS through the node of the cable television network. The noise monitor is operable in a band of frequencies unused by the CPEs for upstream communications to determine when noise in the band breaches a threshold level, and to indicate when the noise breaches the threshold level to the CPE polling module. The CPE polling module then polls each of the CPEs to retrieve transmit power levels and locations of the CPEs, and identifies the first CPE with the intermittently noisy connection based on the retrieved transmit power level and location of the first CPE.

Cable Inc | Date: 2015-02-13

Systems and methods presented herein provide for monitoring of noise and other interfering energy on a communication link. One system includes an interface coupled to the communication link to receive a signal conveyed over the communication link. The system also includes a monitor operable to: track energy across a frequency spectrum of the signal conveyed over the communication link for a predetermined period of time; flag, at intervals of the predetermined period of time, energy levels across the frequency spectrum of the signal that breach a threshold energy level to identify where in the frequency spectrum a breach of the threshold energy level occurs; and add the flags to determine how long the threshold energy level was breached during the predetermined period of time.

Cable Inc | Date: 2015-04-09

Network address translation of messages transported over an autonomous system between multiple network elements is contemplated. The network address translation may be performed by instructing one network element to translate upstream messages for a particular messaging paths and a different network element to translate downstream messages for the same messaging path, thereby providing split network address translation.

A method to capture random data signals at an end point in a broadband network and process them via digital signal processing (DSP) techniques to determine both linear distortions and nonlinear distortions. In a distribution network, such as a tree and branch cable network, the location of the impairment addition can be identified by determining location of terminals have a distortion and locations of terminals that do not have a distortion. Linear distortions may be determined by an autocorrelation of the captured signal with itself. Nonlinear distortions may be determined by processing measured energy in a vacant band with manufactured energy in the vacant band. If a vacant band is not available, one can be created by demodulating a signal occupying the band, and subtracting the demodulated signal from the measured signal plus interference in a band, leaving only the interference.

Systems and methods presented herein provide for powering of electronics. One powering system disclosed herein includes a database comprising subscription information for a plurality of network users and an electromagnetic energy source. The powering system also includes a communication hub colocated with the electromagnetic energy source and operable to establish a communication link with an electronic device of a first of the network users. The powering system also includes a network element communicatively coupled to the communication hub through a communication network to receive subscription information from the electronic device via the communication hub. The network element is further operable to access the database to verify the subscription information of the first user, and to direct the electromagnetic energy source to radiate towards the electronic device to power to the electronic device upon verification of the subscription information of the first user.

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