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Systems and methods presented herein enhance WiFi communications in a RF band where conflicting LTE signaling exists. In one embodiment, a system includes a processor operable to detect the WiFi communications between a UE and a wireless access point of a WiFi network, to identify errors in the WiFi communications, and to determine a periodicity of the errors based on the LTE signaling structure. The system also includes an encoder communicatively coupled to the processor and operable to encode the WiFi communications with error correction, and to change the error correction based on the periodicity of the errors in the WiFi communications.

Systems and methods presented herein provide for improving communications when encountering aggressive communication systems. In one embodiment, a communication system includes a WAP operable to link a UE to a communication network via a communication protocol and a communications processor operable with the WAP to detect another communication system operating within a range of the WAP, and to determine that the other communication system is operating via another communication protocol that differs from the communication protocol of the communication network based on UEs in range of the WAP. The UEs are operable to communicate via both communication protocols. The communications processor queries the UEs in the range of the WAP to determine which of the UEs are communicating via the other communication protocol, and estimates a rate of successful communication with the UE via the WAP based on a number of UEs communicating via the other communication protocol.

Systems and methods presented herein provide for improving communications when encountering aggressive communication systems. In one embodiment, a communication system comprises a wireless access point operable to link a first user equipment (UE) to a WiFi network via a contention based mode that directs the WAP to share radio frequency spectrum with other WAPs. The communication system also comprises a communication processor operable to query at least the first UE to determine aggressive radio frequency (RF) band activity by another communication system in range of the WAP, to determine that the aggressive RF band activity by the other communication system is pushing communication with the first UE via the WAP below a threshold level, and based on the determination, direct the WAP to switch to a contention free mode to communicate with the first UE in contention free mode.

Cable Inc | Date: 2016-12-21

A system and method for protecting a cable modems receiver from transmitter overload when using a splitter/combiner device in place of a conventional (diplex) filter. Instead of a diplex filter to separate transmit and receive bands, a terminal device can use an isolation device, such as the splitter/combiner, or a circulator. This provides an ability to use a frequency band for either upstream transmissions or downstream reception, but creates a problem of receiver overload when the isolation device has insufficient isolation or a back-reflection occurs. Use of agile local oscillators allows the direction of the signal in the band to change very rapidly. Likewise a receive frequency can by dynamically reassigned by retuning a LO, which may employ direct digital synthesis.

A method for managing shared wireless communications in a wireless communication network is provided. The wireless communications network includes at least one cooperative device and at least one non-cooperative device. The method includes the steps of monitoring, by the at least one cooperative device, a selected channel of a shared spectrum of the wireless communication network, detecting, by the at least one cooperative device, a presence of a transmission from the non-cooperative device within a measurable vicinity of the cooperative device, and responding, by the at least one cooperative device, to the detected presence of the transmission from the non-cooperative device.

Cable Inc | Date: 2017-02-27

A method and system of providing access to television programs without requiring a user to operate an electronic programming guide or to independently determine information required to access the television program. Optionally, access to the television program may be facilitated by scheduling a recording of the televisions program or providing instructions to facilitate accessing an on-demand showing of the television program.

Cable Inc | Date: 2017-03-12

A mesh network may be established between a plurality of access points to facilitate load balancing for one or more of the access points. The mesh network may define a plurality of communication routes through the access points having capabilities sufficient to facilitate or mimic communications underperforming or being unavailable at the access point requesting load balancing.

Cable Inc | Date: 2017-04-04

Manipulation of a Web page displayed through a first device as a function of user interaction with a second device is contemplated. The manipulation may include operating the second device as a touchscreen or other gesture-based controllable device and automatically providing corresponding navigation within the Web page as a function of interactions registered through the second device.

Cable Inc | Date: 2017-03-31

A digital asset security device, includes an asset capture unit configured to electronically capture a digital asset, a processor configured to digitally sign the captured asset, a memory configured to store a digitally signed asset from the processor, and a hashing module in communication the asset capture unit, the processor, and the memory, and configured to provide a cryptographic hash to one or more of the captured asset and the digitally signed asset.

A cable which comprises a plurality of pairs of first and second insulated conductors. The first and the second insulated conductors, of each pair, are twisted with one another to form a twisted pair and each of the twisted pairs has a different lay length from one another. Each of the plurality of twisted pairs is wrapped with a hoop strength wrap which maintains a mechanical strength and integrity of the twisted pair during subsequent handing thereof, and a circumference of the hoop strength wrap is about 5% or less than a dielectric pair minimum circumference of the first and the second insulated conductors of the twisted pair. At least one metallic wrap is provided for shielding and grounding of the plurality of twisted pairs. The plurality of twisted pairs and the at least one metallic tape are surrounded and encased by a conventional exterior jacket to form the cable.

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