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Siddiqui M.I.,Nishtar Institute of Dentistry | Iqbal M.J.,Nishtar Institute of Dentistry | Ansari M.A.,BZU
Medical Forum Monthly | Year: 2010

Introduction: Dental caries is an age old problem of the human beings which needs elimination. Advances in the world have caused different effects to this problem. Surveys are conducted to evaluate the extant of this disease and the possible causative factors, periodically in different areas. Aims and Objectives: Present study was conducted to evaluate the DMFT of 12-15 years old population in a rural area of south Punjab- Pakistan. Materials and Methods: About 950 students (male & female) 12-15 years old from Six rural area school of Muzaffargarh District were included in the study. Examination was made in day light with a mirror and probe. Entries were made in a printed proforma. Results: An overall DMFT of 2.09 was observed for the 922 subjects. DMFT increased with age. It was more in females (2.22) and less in male (2.01) and the children from better socio economic status had less scores (1.94) as compared to poor (2.24). More meals were associated with less caries while more intermeal snacks caused increase in caries, Brushing habits could not be correlated to DMFT. Conclusion: Rural population needs Oral Hygiene education. Better oral hygiene measures, less frequency of intermeal snacks and prophylactic measures may help reduce the caries.

Raza M.A.,University of Agriculture at Faisalabad | Murtaza S.,BZU | Akbar I.U.R.,Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences | Year: 2011

The present study was carried out to determine the quarter-wise and animal-wise prevalence of sub-clinical mastitis in crossbred cows in four tehsils i.e., Muzaffar Garh, Kot Addu, Ali pur and Jatoi of District Muzaffar Garh of Punjab. Milk samples were collected from apparently mastitis free 2000 quarters of 500 crossbred cows. The samples were subjected to Surf Field Mastitis Test (SFMT). The overall quarter-wise prevalence was 35.25% while animal-wise prevalence was 36%. The maximum quarter-wise prevalence was found to be 9% in tehsil Jatoi followed by 7, 8 and 7.8% in the tehsils Muzaffar Garh, Kot Addu, and Ali pur, respectively. While the maximum animal-wise prevalence was 60% in tehsil Jatoi followed by 48, 41.6 and 30.4% in the tehsils Muzaffar Garh, Kot Addu and Ali pur, respectively.

Kausar Nawaz Shah M.,Pmas Arid Agriculture University | Malik S.A.,Bahauddin Zakariya University | Murtaza N.,BZU | Ullah I.,Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute | And 2 more authors.
Pakistan Journal of Botany | Year: 2010

In upland cotton, crop maturity is influenced by a number of physiological, phenological, morphological and environmental factors. Selection for this complex trait in segregating populations may be misleading if proper understanding of the direct and indirect effects of these traits is not appropriately understood. Correlation and path analysis techniques were utilized to construct selection criteria to identify early maturing segregants. Results depicted higher genotypic correlations as compared to the phenotypic ones suggesting substantial environmental influence. Earliness index was observed to be negatively correlated with all the traits evaluated except with number of fruiting points on the longest sympodia. Based on path analysis two selection criteria for earliness were evident. First; early and rapid flowering coupled with shorter boll maturation period and the second; low node number of first sympodia coupled with lower number of main stem nodes. Simultaneous improvement in seed cotton yield and earliness of crop maturity required a compromise and determination of a critical point where seed cotton yield and earliness could be maximum.

Objectives: To compare pterygium recurrence following excision with limbal conjunctival autograft with application of Mitomycin-C versus non application of Mitomycin-C in patients below age 45 years. Study Design: Randomized Control Trial. Place and Duration of Study: This study was conducted at the Department of Ophthalmology, NMC, Multan from 15.06.2009 to 15.12.2009. Materials and Methods: Total 86 patients with the age range 25-44 years were selected for this study and categorized randomly into two groups, group-I (n=43) and group-II (n=43). Pterygium surgery was performed with limbal conjunctival autograft without the use of Mitomycin-C in group-I and with the use of Mitomycin-C in group-II. Three patients out of 86 cases did not visit for follow-up. Results: Pterygium was more prevalent in males (n=65, 75.58%) and majority of the patients (n=36, 41.9%) were between 41-44 years of age. There were 7 (17.07%) cases of recurrence observed in group-I and only 1 (2.38%) case of recurrence in group-II, the difference in recurrence rate was statistically significant (p=0.02). Conclusion: For pterygium surgery, limbal conjunctival autograft combined with intraoperative application of Mitomycin C is recommended.

Hassan N.,Hazara University | Hassan N.,Quaid-i-Azam University | Irfan M.,FUUAST | Khan N.A.,Quaid-i-Azam University | And 5 more authors.
Journal of Applied Physics | Year: 2012

The effect of oxygen annealing on the excess conductivity of Cu 0.5Tl 0.25M 0.25Ba 2Ca 2Cu 3O 10-δ (M K, Na, Li, Tl) samples is investigated. From the analysis of results, we have evaluated the exponents, the coherence length, the crossover temperature, and interlayer coupling strength (J) of the samples. These studies show that the K-doped post-annealed sample has shown narrow transition width with improvement in 2D and 3D conductivities. Oxygen annealing has also enhanced the coherence length and interlayer coupling strength of the material. Na- and Li-doped post-annealed samples have shown increased transition width, poor 2D and 3D conductivities within narrow temperature windows. After annealing, reduction in coherence length and the interlayer coupling strength is also observed. While in Tl-doped sample, oxygen annealing has not caused much deviation in fluctuation induced conductivity (FIC) parameters. The underlying cause of improved behavior of post-annealed K-doped sample is also discussed. © 2012 American Institute of Physics.

Alam S.,Japan National Institute of Materials Science | Ahmad J.,BZU | Ohya Y.,Gifu University | Chungli D.,Gifu University | And 7 more authors.
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan | Year: 2012

Recently, an interesting multiferroic system PbVO 3 [A. A. Belik et al.: Chem. Mater. 17 (2005) 269] has been successfully prepared using a high-pressure and high-temperature technique. The crystallographic features of PbVO 3 were reported. In this note, we concentrate on the theoretical and the experimental X-ray near edge absorption structure (XANES) spectra by considering the K-edge of Vanadium. The tetragonality (c/a = 1.229 at 300 K) of PbVO 3 is the largest in the PbTiO 3 family of compounds. Thus, one is led naturally to examine the effects of the changes in the tetragonality and axial oxygen position on the electronic structure (i.e., XANES spectrum). We study these effects in two ways. At a given temperature, we vary the tetragonality and the axial oxygen position, and quantify the changes in terms of the XANES difference spectrum. Secondly, we compute the XANES spectra at three different temperatures, namely, 90, 300, and 530 K, and quantify the changes in terms of the difference spectrum. We note that in this compound the tetragonality increases almost monotonically with temperature from 12 to 570 K, without transition to the cubic phase under ambient pressure. A key objective of the current investigation is to gain an understanding of various absorption features in the vicinity of the K-edge of V, in terms of valence, local site symmetry, local coordination geometry, local bond distances, charge transfer, and local projected density of states. We consider both the polarized and unpolarized XANES spectra, theoretically. The experiment was performed on the polycrystalline material after the theoretical investigation. In short, we have performed a local electronic study, theoretical as well as experimental, which complements the crystallographic features reported recently for PbVO 3. The local electronic study given here is supplemented and enhanced by the O-K edge results indicated in the accompanying Paper II, which gives both the experimental and theoretical analyses of the XES, XAS, and fundamental band gap of PbVO 3, which is found to be 1.2 eV. © 2012 The Physical Society of Japan.

Shakoor A.,BZU | Ahmad Niaz N.,BZU | Majid A.,University of Gujrat | Hassan N.,Hazara University | And 2 more authors.
Chalcogenide Letters | Year: 2014

In this study Poly (p-phenylene vinylene) was successfully prepared and intercalated between the layers of Cadmium hexathiohypodiphosphates. Thermal analysis and Photoluminescence data confirmed that this polymer precursor intercalated in Cadmium hexathiohypodiphosphates were completely converted to poly (p-phenylenevinylene) upon heating. Intercalation of Potassium ion K+, Europium ion Eu+ and then poly (pphenylenevinylene into the layers of Cadmium hexathiohypodiphosphates was confirmed by X-rays diffraction pattern. The TGA results showed that Poly (p-phenylene vinylene) intercalated in Cadmium hexathiohypodiphosphates heated at 120°C (CPPV120) has more thermal stability as compared to pristine Poly (p-phenylene vinylene). To impart electrical conductivity to the insulating Poly (p-phenylene vinylene), vapor doping technique was used. The samples showed the maximum conductivity of 1.81 X 10-4 S/cm for the Poly (pphenylene vinylene) intercalated in Cadmium hexathiohypodiphosphates and heated at 120°C. The conductivity of completely converted PPV was observed in order of 10-7 S/cm which was increased by two orders of magnitude by doping. When the Poly (p-phenylene vinylene PPV is heated at different temperature its band gap decreases which in turn increases the conductivity. Appreciably high Photoluminescence in Poly (p-phenylene vinylene intercalated in Cadmium hexathiohypodiphosphates despite very small amount of Poly (p-phenylene vinylene in the composite along with high conductivity and enhanced thermal stability suggest that these materials are promising candidates for Light emitting diodes and other opto-electronic devices.

Sultana F.,Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore | Malik S.A.,Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore | Amir S.,Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore | Khan M.M.,Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore | And 2 more authors.
Pakistan Journal of Medical and Health Sciences | Year: 2016

Background: This study was on all mechanical asphyxias deaths whish were received for autopsies in Allam Iqbal Medical College Lahore during the year 2013.The objective was to be carried out a retrospective analysis of 32 autopsies on mechanical asphyxias deaths. The relationship of age and gender was focused. Methods: Total medico legal autopsies which were carried out at Forensic Medicine Department at AIMC Lahore were 221 during the year of 2013. Out of these, 32 were the cases of mechanical asphyxias deaths which were selected for this study. The documents scrutinized for this purpose were autopsies reports , police papers and hospital history charts. Results: Out of 221 autopsies cases, 32 cases were of mechanical asphyxias deaths. 22 deaths were strangulated (Homicidal), hanging one, drowning nine and traumatic were found zero. Conclusion: Out of 221 autopsies cases, 32 cases were of mechanical asphyxias deaths. Asphyxias deaths were mostly homicidal and male & female were equally suffered.

Khan K.M.,UET | Ahmed S.,UET | Ali F.,UET | Sultan T.,BZU | ullah K.,Iqra University
Life Science Journal | Year: 2013

As with the passage of time, natural resources become extinct. Different recycling techniques are being developed for the use of recycled materials. Reclaimed asphalt pavement materials (RAP) have been used in cold in place recycled pavements worldwide from early nineties. The performance of CIPR technique varies in different zones of the world and up till now its mix design is under development stage. This research work is done to evaluate the behavior of CIPR mixes using different additives keeping in view the local conditions of Pakistan. For this purpose resilient modulus and static creep test has been performed on Marshall Samples of CIPR mixes using UTM- 5P with foam and emulsified bitumen as additives. It was concluded that samples with foam bitumen showed more structural adequacy as compare to emulsified bitumen samples at various temperatures and loading frequencies according to Pakistani traffic conditions.

Khan K.M.,UET | Ali F.,UET | Sultan T.,BZU | Ahmed S.,UET | Ahmed A.,UET
Life Science Journal | Year: 2013

Road transport is one of the major components in economic and social development of a country, especially in developing countries like Pakistan. In Pakistan, 95% of the total freight movement throughout the country takes place through roads. Infrastructure development is one of the costlier processes and consumes a lot of national budget and then to maintain the infrastructure, again a considerable budget is required. There are various maintenance and rehabilitation techniques developed so far, with the modernization and new construction mechanical instruments and machines developed, cold recycling is a new, environmentally friendly and cost effective rehabilitation technique. The performance of Recycled mixes is still unknown as the recycled pavements behaves differently at different temperatures and in different regions of the world. Laboratory investigation of various stabilizing agents and recycling agent and amount of RAP and New Aggregates to be used is yet to be analyzed. Hence this research work is a step forward to investigate the laboratory performance of fillers and stabilizing agent on the properties of Cold Recycled mixes. Anionic emulsified bitumen is used as recycling agent and OPC is used as Stabilizing agent with certain amount of steel slag and marble waste is used as fillers in place of RAP in this research, and their performance is compared by Modulus of Resilience, Uniaxial Repeated Load Test (Static Creep) and Indirect Tensile strength Tests. The mixes containing 100 % RAP shows high Modulus of Resilience but mixes containing steel slag showed more resistance to permanent deformation in Uniaxial Repeated Load Strain test.

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