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Busan, South Korea

Busan University of Foreign Studies , often shortened to 부산외대 and BUFS, is a private, Christian university in Busan, the Republic of Korea, which specializes in teaching foreign languages. Wikipedia.

Leem B.,Busan University of Foreign Studies | Chun H.,Dongduk Womens University
Expert Systems with Applications | Year: 2014

This study proposes roles of online recommendation network on online book marketplace with social network perspective. Also this paper is to provide a new perspective on how Social Network Analysis (SNA) can be used to study the influence on demand by the recommendation network. We first built the books' recommendation network based on the co-purchasing data of customers and then computed the five network centralities and clustering coefficients using NodeXL. We also analyzed our research model by correlation and multiple regression analysis. The results of correlation analysis show a significant correlation between the six SNA measures - degree centrality, closeness centrality, betweenness centrality, eigenvector centrality, PageRank centrality, and clustering coefficient-and demand, as well as the six SNA measures. The result of regression analysis demonstrates that five of six SNA measures in the recommendation network have a significant effect towards demand, and then the largest effect towards a book's demand is associated with degree centrality. According to our results, a book's position within this network affects its overall demand. Hence managers should build more effective and accurate recommendation network of books including data customers co-purchased, and in turn, position books with a high degree of centrality on the website. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Yim B.,Yeungnam University | Leem B.,Busan University of Foreign Studies
Industrial Management and Data Systems | Year: 2013

Purpose - The aim of this paper is to demonstrate that supply chain social capital has an effect on supply chain integration, which in turn has a significant on firm performance, and then supply chain integration mediates the relationship between supply chain social capital and firm performance. Design/methodology/approach - The authors validated their model and tested the hypotheses using the partial least squares (PLS) structural equation model (SEM). Findings - Empirical results reveal that the three dimensions of supply chain social capital - structural, relational, and cognitive - had significant effects, directly or indirectly, on supply chain integration and performance, and supply chain integration played a mediating role in the relationships between structural capital and firm performance, between relational capital and firm performance, and between cognitive capital and firm performance. Research limitations/implications - Since the survey data were collected at various industries in Korea, it is difficult to gain social network benefits for a specific industry through worldwide. Therefore, to obtain more meaningful results, the authors would collect the data for special product family in the special industry. But the study suggests that supply chain integration among supply chain partners can be improved by building up social capital, firm performance can be enhanced by improving supply chain integration, and consequently, supply chain integration should serve to enhance firm's profitability. Originality/value - The main contribution of this paper investigates whether supply chain integration mediates the relationship between supply chain social capital and firm performance in the supply chain using the PLS and Baron and Kenny's approach. © Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Kim E.S.,Busan University of Foreign Studies | Lee Y.W.,Pukyong National University
Sensor Letters | Year: 2015

We have developed the smart shoes which can analyze the gait type of people. There are 3 gait types, that is, normal gait, in-toeing gait, and out-toeing gait. The 3 strain sensors to evaluate human gait were installed in midsole of the shoes. The smart shoes can make a correct the disorder of gait and our posture. And it also counted the number of steps we take, and measured calorie burning during walking. It helps to control the weight for healthful life by knowing the amount of exercise. Copyright © 2015 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.

Kim H.S.,Dong - A University | Cho J.H.,Busan University of Foreign Studies
Decision Support Systems | Year: 2010

This study has used agent negotiation as a way to allocate numerous orders to many participants for supply chain formation. In order to build a strategic cooperative relationship based on information sharing, agent negotiation provides a coordination mechanism in which all the participants, including buyers, manufacturers, and suppliers, are able to attain their own profits. It also provides a Pareto optimal solution from the viewpoint of a whole supply chain. This study has taken into consideration the fact that both tardiness and earliness production costs occur in the Single Machine Earliness/Tardiness (SET model) scheduling and that participating members are in a competitive relationship. We have explored and experimented to prove that agent negotiation leads to a Pareto optimal solution in a dynamic supply chain environment. This study has built a mathematical model to test the performance of agent negotiations, while making a comparison with a heuristic approach. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Yang I.,Pusan National University | Yu Y.,Busan University of Foreign Studies | Lee D.,Pusan National University
Proceedings - VRCAI 2012: 11th ACM SIGGRAPH International Conference on Virtual-Reality Continuum and Its Applications in Industry | Year: 2012

Ink-and-wash landscape painting in oriental has distinctive features to depict landscape comparing to the western painting. The pine tree is a main theme in oriental painting and its oriental style rendering remains unsolved problem to simplify the complex structure of its leaf based on image. In this paper, we propose a novel rendering method for ink-and-wash painting based on the image of pine tree using mean curvature flow (MCF). MCF is used to simplify the image for the segmentation of rendering components, and obtain primitive parameters to create strokes in pine needles. We provide primitive parameters to create a basic stroke and advanced parameters to describe more natural strokes. Using the combination of these parameters, the components of pine tree, which consist of the pine needles, trunk and branches and the shading of pine needles, are drawn. The system generates natural strokes for pine tree's leaves based on image and we show several results of simulated ink-and-wash paintings. © 2012 ACM.

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