Kita-ku, Japan
Kita-ku, Japan

Bukkyo University is a private university in Kita-ku, Kyoto in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. The predecessor of the school was founded in 1912, and it was chartered as a junior college in 1949. Bukkyo means Buddhism in Japanese Language. And this university's philosophy is based on Pure Land Buddhism. Wikipedia.

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Ishii M.,Bukkyo University | Mashimo H.,Red Cross
Journal of Physical Therapy Science | Year: 2016

[Purpose] This study used an accelerometer placed close to the center of gravity to quantitatively investigate whether unexpected gait initiation aggravates start hesitation (freezing of gait in gait initiation). [Subject and Methods] The subject was a 53-year-old female who had been suffering from juvenile parkinsonism since she was aged 21 years. An alternating-treatment design was used to compare acceleration characteristics under two gait initiation conditions, which were 1) deliberate gait initiation and 2) gait initiation on a sudden “go” verbal command (sudden gait initiation), in the “on” state of the medication cycle. [Results] In six out of eight sessions, a combination of reduced peak positive anterior accelerations and large power percentage in the high frequency band was consistently observed in the sudden gait initiation compared with deliberate gait initiation. In the other two sessions, although a large acceleration just after the “go” signal was observed, subsequent acceleration signals were blocked by sudden gait initiation. [Conclusion] The results suggest that, even in the “on” state, start hesitation is apparent without increased reliance on frontal cortical attentional mechanisms to compensate for impaired automaticity. In advanced juvenile parkinsonism, sudden gait initiation may be an effective paradigm as a provoking test for start hesitation. © 2016 The Society of Physical Therapy Science.

Ishii M.,Bukkyo University | Mashimo H.,Red Cross
Journal of Physical Therapy Science | Year: 2017

[Purpose] In patients with parkinsonism, the precise mechanism of impaired voluntary cough remains poorly understood. This study used the flow–volume curve to clarify whether disordered voluntary cough reflects the freezing phenomenon. [Subjects and Methods] Case 1 was a 58-year-old female who had been suffering from progressive supranuclear palsy-pure akinesia with gait freezing. Case 2 was a 59-year-old female who had advanced juvenile parkinsonism. The subjects were asked to take a deep inspiration to the total lung capacity and then cough more than five times through the face mask into the spirometer without intervening inspirations between the coughing efforts. [Results] Hesitation in cough initiation (case 2), decreased peak cough flow (case 1), and rounding of the first spike (cases 1 and 2) were observed. In addition, movements of the spike wave at a lower lung volume became progressively smaller and faster (cases 1 and 2). [Conclusion] These clinical manifestations in our patients are similar to those observed in the freezing phenomenon. However, to date, the concept of cough freezing has been underrecognized in clinical practice. From the present study, it could be hypothesized that the freezing phenomenon can occur in voluntary cough as well as in gait, speech, and writing. © 2017 The Society of Physical Therapy Science.

D'Adda A.,University of Turin | Kawamoto N.,Hokkaido University | Shimode N.,Hokkaido University | Tsukioka T.,Bukkyo University
Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics | Year: 2017

A generalization of Chern–Simons gauge theory is formulated in any dimension and arbitrary gauge group where gauge fields and gauge parameters are differential forms of any degree. The quaternion algebra structure of this formulation is shown to be equivalent to a three Z2-gradings structure, thus clarifying the quaternion role in the previous formulation. © 2017 The Author(s)

Futagi Y.,Bukkyo University
Pediatric Neurology | Year: 2017

Background: There have been several studies concerning rudimentary coordination of the eyes, hands, and mouth in the human newborn. The author attempted to clarify the ontogenetic significance of the coordination during the earliest period of human life through a systematic review. The neural mechanism underlying the coordination was also discussed based on the current knowledge of cognitive neuroscience. Methods: Searches were conducted on PubMed and Google Scholar from their inception through March 2017. Results: Studies have demonstrated that the coordination is a visually guided goal-directed motor behavior with intension and emotion. Current cognitive research has proved that feeding requires a large-scale neural network extending over several cortices. Conclusion: The eye-hand-mouth coordination in the newborn can be regarded as a precursor of subsequent self-feeding, and the coordination is very likely mediated through the underdeveloped but essentially the same network interconnecting cortices as in the adult. © 2017 Elsevier Inc.

Horie N.,Bukkyo University
Studies in Regional Science | Year: 2013

Historical parks, which have cultural properties such as site of forts or castles, sites of palaces, ancient tombs, monumental dwelling houses and old gardens, are expected to attract many tourists as major resources for revitalizing regional economies. However, various problems such as deterioration of management level and resources, bad effects caused by not only overuse but also underuse, barriers for handicapped persons and alien species are threatening the parks. For instance, over concentration of visitors during the cherry-blossom season causes damage to trees, traffic jams, litter and other problems. Generally, the numbers of visitors in tourist sites show large gaps between on-season and off-season. Overuse causes damage to historical trees and ruins. Decrease of visitors results in indifference and a low budget. Balance between conservation and use sustains historical parks. For optimum use of these parks, we must know the relationships between the trends of visitors and problems through studies on the actual conditions. This paper reports the relationships between the seasonal fluctuation of visitors and various problems in historical parks through the results of a questionnaire on historical parks. The results of the correlation analysis suggest the following. Parks in which visitors are increasing have problems caused by visitor concentration. These problems are related to the capacity of toilets and parking lots, quality of use ‘manners and litter’, and quality of resources such as historical trees. Appropriate monitoring of the numbers of visitors, especially with attention for visitor concentration in the spring, is necessary. On the other hand, parks in which visitors are decreasing also have problems such as employment, unconcern, shortage of management expenses and dullness. Promotion of both control of visitors during the high-season and increase of people's interest in the resources, especially in off-season, are essential. However, half of the parks do not have sufficient data about the number of visitors, so the collection of quantitative data about visitors is required. Measures to brake the vicious cycle are essential. © 2013, JAPAN SECTION OF THE REGIONAL SCIENCE ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL. All rights reserved.

The purpose of this study was to verify residents consciousness about the advantageous effects of vacant lots in urban residential areas. In this area people have close contact with neighbors, so a group territory is built up. Residents think of vacant lots as their own space in the area. Therefore, safety and crime prevention are maintained. I verified the hypothesis that resident consciousness of the advantageous effects of a vacant lot is increased. Further, I focused on the function of a vacant lot as a green space and considered issues of maintenance. As a result, it was found that residents recognize differences in the utility value and existence value, so it is possible that residents in a group territory think vacant lots have a high utilization effect. The relationships between attributes of residents and group territory were also explored. Results indicated that resident regional action and aggressiveness as well as consciousness of activity make a territory group. Green space is the highest demand for vacant lots. Administrator management problems include overgrowth of weeds, growth of insects, devastation of scenery and dumping of garbage in the worst situation. There are insufficient trimming of the greenery in many vacant lots. However, residents gladly participate in regional maintenance of greenery and flowers. There is a possibility that vacant lots are maintained and green. Residents who have a desire to participate in maintenance tend to have affections for the region. Environmental arrangements and maintenance connects the regional community. These results show that participation in maintenance of a vacant lot provides a sense of meaning for a regional community. It is necessary to consider what effects the regional community receives from vacant lots and their utilization. © 2015, Japan Section of the Regional Science Association International. All rights reserved.

Hadano K.,Bukkyo University
Clinical Neurology | Year: 2013

Alajouanine (1956) established a concept of jargon as a speech symptom of aphasia and gave clinical descriptions of three types of jargon- undifferentiated, asemantic (neologistic) and paraphasic (semantic) jargon. Several case-reports of undifferentiated jargon in Japanese language have been published in clinical aphasiology. On the other hand language development of jargon-type in normal children was reprorted in developmental psychology. We point out a phenomenological similarity of clinical language symptoms of jargon with language development of jargon-type considering its neuropsychological implications.

Housing land space is a high proportion of land use in urban areas. Therefore, vegetation of individual gardens contributes to greening of the metropolis and amenity. However, gardens may be lost through housing renovations or ownership changes. Preservation of gardens leads to an increase in greenery from plants grown in urban areas. In this study, I surveyed resident's consciousness about greenery for private gardens in a detached housing area. I examined resident's awareness about inheritance of greenery in private gardens from 2 aspects, one the transfer side. When a former inhabitant moves to new residence, the garden of the former residence is inherited by the next inhabitant. Another aspect is the receiving side. When the former inhabitant moves to a new resident, a garden is inherited by him. I investigated the burden of trimming trees and the unfavorable side of greenery, for example insect damage, interruption of sunlight, blind areas, poorly ventilated space, etc. I also investigated factors influencing consciousness about inheritance of greenery. Factors include individual attributes, concern about nature, regional community and contributions to society. The results showed that the transfer side and receiving side have different consciousness about greenery. Inhabitants who care about greenery desire to inherit a garden, and inhabitants who hope to contribute to society desire to inherit a former inhabitant's garden. Inheritance of greenery affects not only the resident but also the neighborhood and future generations. Consciousness for inheritance of a garden is also affected by the regional community and social awareness. It is important to initiate interest in greenery and teach that the greenery of a garden contributes to the urban environment. However, elderly residents feel trimming trees is a heavy work. Many elderly residents ask a gardener to do yard work for them but it becomes an economic burden. Therefore, the community needs to consider how to do maintenance of greenery, for example tree trimming and cleaning in community.

Ino F.,Osaka University | Munekawa Y.,Bukkyo University | Hagihara K.,Osaka University
IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems | Year: 2012

In this paper, we propose a Fine Grained Cycle Sharing (FGCS) system capable of exploiting idle Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) for accelerating sequence homology search in local area network environments. Our system exploits short idle periods on GPUs by running small parts of guest programs such that each part can be completed within hundreds of milliseconds. To detect such short idle periods from the pool of registered resources, our system continuously monitors keyboard and mouse activities via event handlers rather than waiting for a screensaver, as is typically deployed in existing systems. Our system also divides guest tasks into small parts according to a performance model that estimates execution times of the parts. This task division strategy minimizes any disruption to the owners of the GPU resources. Experimental results show that our FGCS system running on two nondedicated GPUs achieves 111-116 percent of the throughput achieved by a single dedicated GPU. Furthermore, our system provides over two times the throughput of a screensaver-based system. We also show that the idle periods detected by our system constitute half of the system uptime. We believe that the GPUs hidden and often unused in office environments provide a powerful solution to sequence homology search. © 2012 IEEE.

Hagihara K.,Bukkyo University
Studies in Regional Science | Year: 2014

In the last decade, and following the publication of Brundtland’s report on sustainable development, the number of books and papers with the word “sustainable” in their title has grown enormously. However, the word is used in many different ways. The elasticity of the concept has given rise to questions about what it is supposed to mean: the sustainability of what, for whom, for how long, and why ?This paper aims to demonstrate the components of well-being which must be sustainable. To do this, the meaning of sustainability is first clarified. Next, it is shown that well-being consists of multiple factors;thus, well-being is defined as hierarchical in this paper. Then sustainability is considered from the viewpoint of the fundamental theory of welfare economics. In particular, it is shown that there should be a much greater focus on both intra-generational and inter-generational equity in the compensation principle than is commonly the case. It is pointed out that multiple criteria analysis is a promising method for addressing a wide range of well-being simultaneously.Two applications of multiple criteria analysis are presented: one is to rectify the vulnerability of water utilization in Bangladesh, and the other is to improve the waterside environmental management of the Kamo River in Kyoto city, Japan. In both cases, people’s well-being is treated as being multifaceted. With regard to Bangladesh, dealing with the first level of well-being involves remedying the vulnerability of water utilization, but it is emphasized that it is necessary to consider social well-being, including not only adequate information on water quality but also people’s satisfaction with respect to income, family and so on. For the Kamo River, it is shown that management of the waterside environment includes the improvement of people’s life conditions such as the survivability of their region through constructing a regional environmental valuation.Finally, it is suggested that a hierarchical multiple criteria analysis be applied to improve a regional welfare problem, as people’s well-being is considered to have a hierarchical constitution. © 2013 by The Japan Section of the Regional Science Association International.

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