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Kita-ku, Japan

Bukkyo University is a private university in Kita-ku, Kyoto in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. The predecessor of the school was founded in 1912, and it was chartered as a junior college in 1949. Bukkyo means Buddhism in Japanese Language. And this university's philosophy is based on Pure Land Buddhism. Wikipedia.

Mitani A.,Osaka University | Ishigami M.,Osaka University | Watase K.,Red Cross | Minakata T.,Red Cross | Yamamura T.,Bukkyo University
Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis | Year: 2011

Lipoprotein glomerulopathy (LPG) is a rare disease characterized by the presence of thrombus- like deposition in markedly dilated glomerular capillaries and is often accompanied by an increased serum apolipoprotein E (apoE) level. Several gene mutations of apoE have been reported to be asso- ciated with LPG. In the current study, we report an LPG patient with a novel apoE mutation, apoE Osaka. The patient was a 45-year-old man who was hospitalized due to nephrotic syndrome. Light and electron microscopic observations of renal biopsy clearly showed characteristic findings of LPG, including lamellate thrombi in the lumen of dilated glomerular capillaries. His apoE phenotype was apoE3/2 and he had mild dyslipidemia with a mid-band on polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. It is intriguing that the serum apoE level was within normal limits. We determined the sequence of the apoE gene using direct sequencing of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) products. ApoE gene analysis showed a nucleotide substitution of G to C at codon 158 of exon 4. This mutation denoted an amino acid substitution of arginine residue for the proline residue at position 158 of apoE. The result of PCR associated with restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis also suggested that this mutation is heterozygous. It is possible that apoE Osaka mutation causes a conformational change of apoE protein and affects the interaction between abnormal apoE-containing lipoproteins and the endothelial cells of glomerular capillaries. The precise mechanism of LPG related with apoE Osaka, however, remains to be elucidated. Source

Hadano K.,Bukkyo University
Clinical Neurology | Year: 2013

Alajouanine (1956) established a concept of jargon as a speech symptom of aphasia and gave clinical descriptions of three types of jargon- undifferentiated, asemantic (neologistic) and paraphasic (semantic) jargon. Several case-reports of undifferentiated jargon in Japanese language have been published in clinical aphasiology. On the other hand language development of jargon-type in normal children was reprorted in developmental psychology. We point out a phenomenological similarity of clinical language symptoms of jargon with language development of jargon-type considering its neuropsychological implications. Source

The purpose of this study was to verify residents consciousness about the advantageous effects of vacant lots in urban residential areas. In this area people have close contact with neighbors, so a group territory is built up. Residents think of vacant lots as their own space in the area. Therefore, safety and crime prevention are maintained. I verified the hypothesis that resident consciousness of the advantageous effects of a vacant lot is increased. Further, I focused on the function of a vacant lot as a green space and considered issues of maintenance. As a result, it was found that residents recognize differences in the utility value and existence value, so it is possible that residents in a group territory think vacant lots have a high utilization effect. The relationships between attributes of residents and group territory were also explored. Results indicated that resident regional action and aggressiveness as well as consciousness of activity make a territory group. Green space is the highest demand for vacant lots. Administrator management problems include overgrowth of weeds, growth of insects, devastation of scenery and dumping of garbage in the worst situation. There are insufficient trimming of the greenery in many vacant lots. However, residents gladly participate in regional maintenance of greenery and flowers. There is a possibility that vacant lots are maintained and green. Residents who have a desire to participate in maintenance tend to have affections for the region. Environmental arrangements and maintenance connects the regional community. These results show that participation in maintenance of a vacant lot provides a sense of meaning for a regional community. It is necessary to consider what effects the regional community receives from vacant lots and their utilization. © 2015, Japan Section of the Regional Science Association International. All rights reserved. Source

Housing land space is a high proportion of land use in urban areas. Therefore, vegetation of individual gardens contributes to greening of the metropolis and amenity. However, gardens may be lost through housing renovations or ownership changes. Preservation of gardens leads to an increase in greenery from plants grown in urban areas. In this study, I surveyed resident's consciousness about greenery for private gardens in a detached housing area. I examined resident's awareness about inheritance of greenery in private gardens from 2 aspects, one the transfer side. When a former inhabitant moves to new residence, the garden of the former residence is inherited by the next inhabitant. Another aspect is the receiving side. When the former inhabitant moves to a new resident, a garden is inherited by him. I investigated the burden of trimming trees and the unfavorable side of greenery, for example insect damage, interruption of sunlight, blind areas, poorly ventilated space, etc. I also investigated factors influencing consciousness about inheritance of greenery. Factors include individual attributes, concern about nature, regional community and contributions to society. The results showed that the transfer side and receiving side have different consciousness about greenery. Inhabitants who care about greenery desire to inherit a garden, and inhabitants who hope to contribute to society desire to inherit a former inhabitant's garden. Inheritance of greenery affects not only the resident but also the neighborhood and future generations. Consciousness for inheritance of a garden is also affected by the regional community and social awareness. It is important to initiate interest in greenery and teach that the greenery of a garden contributes to the urban environment. However, elderly residents feel trimming trees is a heavy work. Many elderly residents ask a gardener to do yard work for them but it becomes an economic burden. Therefore, the community needs to consider how to do maintenance of greenery, for example tree trimming and cleaning in community. Source

Takizawa K.,Kyoto University | Kitai R.,Kyoto University | Kitai R.,Bukkyo University
Solar Physics | Year: 2015

The emergence and magnetic evolution of solar active regions (ARs) of βγδ$\beta\gamma\delta$-type, which are known to be highly flare-productive, were studied with SOHO/MDI data in Cycle 23. We selected 31 ARs that can be observed from their birth phase as unbiased samples for our study. From the analysis of the magnetic topology (twist and writhe), we obtained the following results: i) Emerging βγδ$\beta\gamma\delta$ ARs can be classified into three topological types as quasi-β$\beta$, writhed, and top-to-top. ii) Of these, the writhed and top-to-top types tend to show high flare activity. iii) As the signs of twist and writhe agree with each other in most cases of the writhed type (12 cases out of 13), we propose a magnetic model in which the emerging flux regions in a βγδ$\beta\gamma\delta$ AR are not separated, but are united as a single structure below the solar surface. iv) Almost all the writhed-type ARs have downward knotted structures in the middle part of the magnetic flux tube. This is probably the essential property of βγδ$\beta\gamma\delta$ ARs. v) The flare activity of βγδ$\beta\gamma\delta$ ARs is highly correlated not only with the sunspot area, but also with the magnetic complexity. vi) We suggest that there is a possible scaling-law between the flare index and the maximum umbral area. © 2015, Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht. Source

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