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Kovacs G.,Budapesti Muszaki Es Gazdasagtudomanyi | Buday B.,Kozpont Kft | Literati-Nagy B.,Kozpont Kft | Pauer J.,Kozpont Kft | And 4 more authors.
Orvosi Hetilap | Year: 2013

Introduction: Today the prevalence of type 2 diabetes reached an epidemic level. It is known that type 2 diabetes could only be prevented before the manifestation, during the "prediabetic" state, urging the development of diagnostic tests to recognize the group at risk in time. Aim: The authors explored metabolic differences between healthy, normal glucose tolerant, normal insulin resistant females having first degree relatives with and without type 2 diabetes. Method: Healthy, normal insulin sensitive females without (n = 26) and with (n = 18) type 2 diabetic relatives were investigated. Results: Healthy females with first degree diabetic relatives had lower low density lipoproteins and higher high density lipoproteins as well as higher glucose and insulin levels at the 120 min of oral glucose test as compared to those without first degree diabetic relatives. Conclusions: These results suggest that the appearance of insulin resistance is preceded by hepatic insulin resistance and impaired lipid metabolism in the symptom-free prediabetic period of genetically suceptible females. Orv. Hetil., 154 (44), 1747-1753. Source

Istvanfi G.,Budapesti Muszaki Es Gazdasagtudomanyi
Epites-Epiteszettudomany | Year: 2014

An architect restorer of historic buildings often runs into the question of how the old designer used measures and proportions? Different methods are known in the mediaeval and principally renaissance art and architecture, e. g. golden section, Fibonacci series, but there is no factual evidence that ancient designers-priests, artists-knew it at all. Nevertheless numerous theories exist as "sacred geometry".The concept of our idea is: it is known that ancient Egyptians used the seked (or seqed) measure method for dams, ramparts, earth work constructions. And the "seked 2 triangle" is similar to the drafting triangle of golden section. It is presumable that Egyptian priests knew to measure with compasses the point P on the hypotenuse of the triangle. The point P can give three possible geometric proportions, as quotients of perpendiculars: the φ (fi) 0,618, which is known from the renaissance, and our inventions: the χ (khi) 0,523 and the ψ (psi) 0,381. And all three of them occur in ancient Egyptian monumental, sacral architecture: on ground plans as diagonal, axis side diagonal and lenght-height ratio in architectural sections and facades.On the last pages some rather logical reconstructions are represented. Source

Garay M.,Budapesti Muszaki Es Gazdasagtudomanyi
Epites-Epiteszettudomany | Year: 2014

Nowadays in Budapest the large railway infrastructure looks the same as in the beginning of the 20th century. However, the relation between the city and the rail has changed significantly. In this essay besides presenting the development of large railway networks, a system of the infrastructural elements is also included. The article shows the specialities of the railway networks development as well as the density of the railway stations and their architectural particularities. The analysis of the location of the railway stations in the city generates a wider urbanistic-architectural context. Source

Kissfazekas K.,Budapesti Muszaki Es Gazdasagtudomanyi | Gurdon B.,Budapesti Muszaki Es Gazdasagtudomanyi
Epites-Epiteszettudomany | Year: 2014

When we use the definition 'form of the urban corpus', we are basically speaking about the different sections and the layout of the whole city. Its analysis is important because it makes us know the structure, the functioning and the evolution of the city better.Research of the urban morphology is intended to analyse the formal and structural characteristics of a city.This study is an investigation of some cities with a 'particular' form. The study accomplishes this primarily by analysing the changes of the form and their causes based on a time-line. However, analysing different cities with particular form and their very special geographical situations can help us to understand the more generic cases too. So one section through the main axis also provides valuable information. Source

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