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Lake Forest, IL, United States

Brunswick | Date: 2014-02-10

The invention relates generally to the conditioning of bowling lanes, and, more particularly to an apparatus and method for automatically applying a predetermined pattern of dressing fluid along the transverse and longitudinal dimensions of a bowling lane.

Brunswick | Date: 2014-02-07

In one embodiment, a bowling lane machine is presented having a drive system with at least two front non-swiveling wheels and at least one rear swiveling wheel. In another embodiment, a bowling lane machine is presented that retains a squeegee assembly in a down position while the bowling lane machine begins its reverse travel along the bowling lane such that a rear blade of the squeegee assembly contacts the rear end of the pin deck. The squeegee assembly is then positioned in an up position for the remainder of the reverse travel of the bowling lane machine along the bowling lane.

Brunswick | Date: 2014-05-09

A method for creating a parametric planing hull model is disclosed. In one embodiment, dimensions of a plurality of hull sections, including two non-adjacent hull sections, are received from a user. Dimensions of at least one hull section between the two non-adjacent hull sections are interpolated. Curves of the hull are generated based on the dimensions of the plurality of hull sections received from the user and the interpolated dimensions of the at least one hull section between the two non-adjacent hull sections. Surfaces of the hull are created based on the generated curves, and a planing hull model is generated from the created surfaces and is displayed.

Brunswick | Date: 2014-06-02

In one implementation, a mobile device is integrated with a bowling center automatic scoring system. For example, a server receives a lane control command originating with the mobile device and determines or identifies a bowling lane that is associated with the mobile device. A response message or signal, which includes data indicative of the bowling lane and the lane control command to, is sent to the automatic scoring system. The automatic scoring system executes the lane control command.

A nickel containing hypereutectic aluminum-silicon sand cast alloy is disclosed herein containing 18-20% by weight silicon, 0.3-1.2% by weight magnesium, 3.0-6.0% by weight nickel, 0.6% by weight maximum iron, 0.4% by weight maximum copper, 0.6% by weight maximum manganese, 0.1% maximum zinc and balance aluminum. The alloy may have a more narrow nickel content of 4.5%-6.0% by weight, and up to 2% by weight cobalt. The alloy may be substantially free from iron, copper and manganese. The alloy of the present invention is preferably sand cast, and most preferably lost foam cast with a pressure of 10 ATM to produce engine parts with high thermal properties that are easily machined.

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