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Madison, WI, United States

Bruker Corporation is a manufacturer of scientific instruments for molecular and materials research, as well as for industrial and applied analysis. It is headquartered in Billerica, Massachusetts and is the publicly traded parent company of Bruker Scientific Instruments and Bruker Energy & Supercon Technologies divisions.In April 2010, Bruker created a Chemical Analysis Division under the Bruker Daltonics subsidiary. This division contains three former Varian product lines: ICPMS systems, laboratory gas chromatography , and GC-triple quadrupole mass spectrometer .In 2012 it sponsored the Fritz Feigl Prize. Wikipedia.

According to the invention a method is provided for identifying a crystallographic candidate phase of a crystal in an EBSD diffraction pattern, which includes the following steps: Sorting and indexing of the bands of the diffraction pattern in order of decreasing intensity. Providing of indices of the diffraction bands of candidate phases, which are to be expected as a result of the EBSD pattern acquisition, in a database, wherein all the indices provided can, in each case, be assigned to a candidate phase. Identification of the expected bands with the bands measured in the diffraction pattern for each candidate phase. Comparison of the intensities of bands of the measured diffraction pattern with intensities which were predicted for the diffraction bands of the candidate phases, which are to be expected as a result of the EBSD pattern acquisition, the indices of said candidate phases being stored in the database. In addition, a corresponding computer program and a computer-readable storage medium are provided, on which a computer program according to the invention is stored.

Bruker | Date: 2015-10-16

An ion guide system includes an ion guide with pole rods, a device for laterally introducing an ion species, and a mass spectrometer for analyzing product ions of reactions between different ion species. The device is configured and positioned such that an RF field with at least two-fold rotational symmetry with respect to the axis is generated. The device includes shortened pole rods and/or further electrodes. The pole rods and the further electrodes have at least two-fold rotational symmetry. The symmetry of the RF field allows ions to travel straight ahead through the ion guide with no hindrance. Such arrangements are particularly suitable for bringing together largely loss-free positive and negative ion species for reacting them. The reactions may be used to fragment multiply charged biopolymer ions by electron transfer or to remove excess charges of multiply charged biopolymer ions.

Bruker | Date: 2015-01-19

A transport device for transporting an NMR sample to the probe head (

The invention relates to time-of-flight mass spectrometers in which individual time-of-flight spectra are measured by detection systems with limited dynamic measurement range and are summed to sum spectra. The invention proposes a method to increase the dynamic range of measurement of the spectrum. To achieve this, those ion signals whose measured values display saturation of the analog-to-digital converter (ADC) are replaced by correction values, particularly if several successive measured values are in saturation. The correction values are obtained from the width of the signals, preferably simply from the number of measured values in saturation.

Microorganisms, particularly bacteria, are identified and characterized on the basis of a mass spectrometric measurement of their protein profiles with ionization by matrix-assisted laser desorption. In order to measure the microbial resistance to antibiotics, the protein profiles of microorganisms are measured after cultivation for a short time duration in nutrient media containing the antibiotics.

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