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Neugebauer L.,BROETJE Automation GmbH
SAE Technical Papers | Year: 2011

The demand of fulfilling the continually increasing customer requirements forces suppliers to always improve their system solutions to be state of the art. The discussed Pulse Motion Assembly Line for complex 160°Aircraft Structures features the combined drilling and fastener installation in 160°closed complex aircraft structures and in parallel, the use of robots and workers in different cells. The equipment described herein fulfills high precision manufacturing under economic constraints using state of the art accuracy improving realignment methods for robotics. The system provides ultimate flexibility to handle different aircraft panels and types. The paper is intended to describe and focus on the main aspects of the state of the art technology in automated fastening and drilling process to meet the important customer production criteria. Furthermore, it shall explain the integration by presenting the process with a current example in production. Copyright © 2011 SAE International.

Wilde T.,BROETJE Automation GmbH
SAE Technical Papers | Year: 2011

The demand to produce aircraft structures with new materials, at acceptable investment levels, without restricting product quality or equipment reliability prompts suppliers and customers to think about new concepts for production processes. The manufacturing system in this paper, for a Fixed Trailing Edge Assembly Facility, combines traditional manual manufacturing processes with highly automated machinery. The introduction of a flow process, with moveable assembly jigs, enables high production rates with optimized operating times of the equipment. The system also provides the flexibility to handle different aircraft variants. This paper is intended to focus on the main aspects of the state of the art technology of the manufacturing system and shall explain the integration of such a system from the design phase to the operational launch in an actual aircraft program. Copyright © 2011 SAE International.

Meiners C.,BROETJE Automation GmbH
SAE International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing | Year: 2013

For decades optical camera systems have been used by Broetje-Automation to locate pilot holes and find product orientation on NC-controlled positioner systems. Measurement tolerance requirements were and are in the range of +/− 0.2 mm. Recent developments enhance the sensor technology function from pure hole detection to new features like Fastener Head Height Measurement and Countersink Diameter Measurement. While head height measurement has to go 3D by enhancing the planar sensors to head protrusion measurement, the Countersink measuring tolerances are much smaller than “simple” hole detection, in fact require more than a magnitude tighter tolerances. This paper will present how Broetje-Automation solved the issue of a 20 plus fold accuracy increase, the 3D capability of the one eyed camera and all accompanied by a more robust evaluation software. © 2013 SAE International.

Eickhorst D.,BROETJE Automation GmbH
SAE Technical Papers | Year: 2011

For the past ten years, international Aerospace production is asking for flexible and production optimized machinery including IT-Integration packages for streamlining machine tool efforts into aircraft production. As one answer of these questions, a new innovative robot cell has been developed for drilling and fastener insertion in the inner structure of aircraft parts consisting of composite, titanium and aluminum. The new robot cell is based on a scalable 840D system configuration. The required absolute path planning and positioning accuracy force us to integrate our developed compensation methods in the 840D control system. This solution demonstrates how standard robots equipped with a matured control, compensation and off-line programming strategy by an innovative Aerospace solution supplier resulted in a highly flexible and cost-efficient light weight automation response. Copyright © 2011 SAE International.

Wolf B.-M.,BROETJE Automation GmbH | Meiners C.,Compose 2 Compete GmbH
SAE Technical Papers | Year: 2015

SCALE is a modular, non-contact, in-line measurement system. It measures the diameter of the countersink directly after the drilling, the amount and distribution of sealant in the open hole, and the head height of the fastener as well as pressed out sealant (cf. Figure 1). The system is fast and reliable and the out coming information is reliable and trustworthy. Until now the system could not measure the inner diameter of the hole. The reason for this is that it is not possible to detect the inner diameter with a camera that looks only at the top of the component. But as our customers make the request to us, we decided to develop an optical hole probe system which is fully integrated in the auto fastening process. We think that a mechanical system cannot fulfill the customer expectations in terms of reliability, low maintenance, precision and speed. Only a non-contact system can measure permanently safe and fast the inner diameter of holes. The development objective was to create a system that is capable of to measure one inner diameter in less than 200 milliseconds with the precision better than 10 microns (0.0004 inch) at six sigma confidence level. The paper starts with a short description of different non-contact sensor types that are available on the market and that can be used to measure the inner diameter of a drilled hole in an auto fastening machine. The main part of the paper reports the results of our intensive investigation regarding the applicability for fast and non-contact optical measurement of the inner wall of the drilled hole. We have done more than 30.000 measurements in carbon fiber and metal. Copyright © 2015 SAE International.

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