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BROETJE Automation GmbH | Date: 2015-05-04

The invention relates to a method for checking a rivet (1), the rivet (1) being transported from a rivet filling station (2) along a transporting path (3) in the direction of a riveting machine (4) during operation of the riveting machine (4). The method is characterized in that the rivet (1) is measured on the transporting path (3) for determining a rivet geometry of the rivet (1). The invention similarly relates to a corresponding measuring arrangement for checking a rivet (1).

BROETJE Automation GmbH | Date: 2015-04-15

The invention relates to a method for operating an automation arrangement (1), preferably operating an automation cell (1a), having a manipulator (2a, b) and an input/output module (3a, b) for automated production and also a computer apparatus (5), wherein the computer apparatus (5) is used to execute a PLC computer program (6) for providing a programmable logic controller for the input/output module (3a, b), which PLC computer program (6) is communitively connected to the input/output module (3a, b) via a module bus (7) for the purpose of actuating said input/output module. The method is characterized in that the computer apparatus (5) is used to execute a cell control computer program (8) for actuating the PLC computer program (6) via a PLC interface (9) of the PLC computer program (6), in that the cell control computer program (8) provides an NC controller (10) for the manipulator (2a, b) and in that the cell-control computer program (8) is communicatively connected to the manipulator (2a, b) via a network bus (11) for the purpose of actuating said manipulator.

Reinhold R.,BROETJE Automation GmbH
SAE Technical Papers | Year: 2016

Resin transfer molding (RTM) is gaining importance as a particularly economical manufacturing method for composites needed in the automotive and aerospace industries. With this method, the component is first shaped with dry fiber reinforcements in a so-called "preforming process" before the mold is placed in a RTM tool, injected with resin and cured. In recent years, Broetje-Automation has been developing innovative product solutions that are specially designed for these preforming processes and suitable for industrial use. For the first time ever, Broetje's Composite Preforming Cell (CPC) makes large-quantity serial production of complex and near-net-shape preforms for composite components using this RTM process possible. With the additional integration of the patented 3D Composite Handling System Broetje impressively demonstrates its service and product portfolio in the area of innovative composite manufacturing technology and its know-how as a complete system integrator. This paper will focus on the innovative solution Composite Preforming Cell with integrated 3D Composite Handling System invented by Broetje-Automation. Copyright © 2016 SAE International.

The demand of fulfilling continually increasing customer requirements forces suppliers to always improve their system solutions to be state of the art. The subject Project Management Approach explains the planning and realization of complete Integrated Assembly Lines for Aircraft structural parts and components. The paper will describe and focus on the main aspects of the state of the art technology in automated fastening, drilling and assembly processes to meet the required customer production and reporting criteria. Furthermore the paper will present existing production examples in support of the established project management process. Copyright © 2012 SAE International.

Eickhorst D.,BROETJE Automation GmbH
SAE Technical Papers | Year: 2011

For the past ten years, international Aerospace production is asking for flexible and production optimized machinery including IT-Integration packages for streamlining machine tool efforts into aircraft production. As one answer of these questions, a new innovative robot cell has been developed for drilling and fastener insertion in the inner structure of aircraft parts consisting of composite, titanium and aluminum. The new robot cell is based on a scalable 840D system configuration. The required absolute path planning and positioning accuracy force us to integrate our developed compensation methods in the 840D control system. This solution demonstrates how standard robots equipped with a matured control, compensation and off-line programming strategy by an innovative Aerospace solution supplier resulted in a highly flexible and cost-efficient light weight automation response. Copyright © 2011 SAE International.

Schneider T.,BROETJE Automation GmbH
SAE Technical Papers | Year: 2015

This paper presents an innovative approach for modular and flexible positioning systems for large aircraft assembly, for instance the manufacturing of the fuselage sections from shell panels and floor grids, the alignment of the sections to build the fuselage, and the joining of wings and tail units to the fuselage. The positioning system features a modular, reconfigurable, and versatile solution for various aircraft dimensions and different applications. This includes the positioning units, the controls, the measurement interface and the product supports. It provides the customer with a holistic solution that considers the specific positioning task taking into account high absolute positioning accuracy, repeatability and synchronization of the motion for all manipulators that constitute the positioning system. Various tools and method which were used during the development process are introduced and the developed standardized Positioning Technology is briefly explained. Copyright © 2015 SAE International.

BROETJE Automation GmbH | Date: 2014-07-25

The invention relates to a centring arrangement for a component carrier, in particular for a mounting frame for structural aircraft components, having a centring pin, a centring receptacle for the centring pin, and a rotary drive for rotating the centring pin about a longitudinal axis of the centring pin, so that the centring pin can be brought into centring engagement with the centring receptacle as a result of the rotation. The invention further relates to a method for centring and locking a centring receptacle.

BROETJE Automation GmbH | Date: 2014-10-13

A fiber laying machine (2) for producing laid fiber scrims has a tool table (23) for positioning a mold (12), said tool table (23) being linearly displaceable in an x direction by means of an x carriage (21) and being pivotable about a vertical pivot axis (25). Arranged above the tool table (23) is a fiber laying head (26) which is linearly displaceable transversely to the x direction by means of a y carriage (28). Since the fiber laying head (26) is linearly displaceable, the arrangement of the tool table (23) on the machine frame (15) is comparatively easy, and so laid fiber scrims are producible quickly and efficiently. In particular, automatic loading and unloading of the tool table (23) is easily possible.

BROETJE Automation GmbH | Date: 2015-03-06

The invention relates to an apparatus for the production of parisons from fiber-reinforced plastic, having a feed arrangement (1) for the continuous feed of a laid fiber fabric (2) and having a transverse deformation arrangement (3) with a draping apparatus (4) for the deformation of the fed laid fiber fabric (2) to form a predefined nominal profile (5). The apparatus is distinguished by the fact that the draping apparatus (4) is adjustable for a variation of a cross section of the nominal profile (5). The invention also relates to a corresponding method for the production of parisons from fiber-reinforced plastic.

BROETJE Automation GmbH | Date: 2012-03-28

The invention relates to an end effector for a manipulator, wherein the end effector interacts with a workpiece, wherein at least one carrier, configured in particular as a carrier plate, for a tool arrangement is provided, and wherein the tool arrangement serves to interact with the workpiece. It is proposed that the carrier is formed at least in part from a deformable material, in particular from an elastically deformable material, and that the carrier is assigned an actuating arrangement, by way of which the carrier is deformable and thus the tool arrangement is orientable in space.

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