St. Catharines, Canada
St. Catharines, Canada

Brock University is a public research university located in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. It is the only university in Canada that is located in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, located at the centre of Canada's Niagara Peninsula on the Niagara Escarpment. The university bears the name of Maj.-General Sir Isaac Brock, who was responsible for defending Upper Canada against the United States during the War of 1812.Brock offers a wide range of programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including professional degrees. Brock was ranked 3rd among Canadian universities in the "undergraduate" category for research publication output and impact indicators in 2008. Brock University is the only school in Canada and internationally to offer the MICA program. Brock University's Department of Health science offers the only undergraduate degree in Public Health in Canada. At the graduate level, Brock offers 37 programs, including 6 PhD programs.Brock's Co-op program is Canada’s fifth-largest, and the third largest in Ontario as of 2011. Graduates enjoy one of the highest employment rates of all Ontario universities at 97.2 percent.Brock has 12 Canada Research Chairs and 9 faculty members which have received the 3MTeaching Fellowship Award, the only national award that recognizes teaching excellence and educational leadership. Wikipedia.

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News Article | May 15, 2017

BRIDGEWATER, NOVA SCOTIA--(Marketwired - May 15, 2017) - Silver Spruce Resources Inc. ("Silver Spruce" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:SSE)(FRANKFURT:S6Q) is pleased to announce the appointment of Greg Davison, MSc, PGeo to its Board of Directors. Mr. Davison is a professional consulting exploration geologist, project manager and ore mineralogist with thirty-nine years of practical field, commercial laboratory and management experience in diverse geological settings. Mr. Davison has expertise in ore geology, process mineralogy, property evaluation, bulk sampling and pilot process operations. He has contributed to the development of exploration properties, ore deposits and mines in Canada, United States, Mexico, Greenland, Russia, Central and South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia. Greg works with Teck Metals' research team on VMS Cu-Zn-Pb-Ag-Au (San Nicolás), porphyry Cu and Cu-Mo (Highland Valley, Quebrada Blanca), rift intrusion Ni-Cu-PGE (Mesaba) and stratabound Pb-Zn (Red Dog) deposits. As VP Exploration, he led Tribute Minerals' programs in Ontario, the first junior company to utilize Titan-24 geophysics to guide VMS targeting, successfully drilling the Garnet Lake Zn-Cu deposit. As a project geologist, he conducted exploration of Archean VMS targets in the English River metamorphic terrane. He has performed ore mineralogy studies on VMS deposits in Mexico, Bolivia, Alaska, Canada and Iran. Mr. Davison has completed independent 43-101 reports for VMS, intrusive-related gold, Dawson orogenic gold, Keno Hill Ag-Pb-Zn, epithermal gold and diamond kimberlite projects, and technical and assessment reports for junior to major public companies, SGS Lakefield Research and Watts Griffis McOuat, among others. Greg graduated with an MSc in Geological Sciences from Brock University and an Honours BSc in Geology from Dalhousie University, and is a professional geologist (P.Geo.) licensed with the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario and the Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of British Columbia. "Silver Spruce Resources is honored to have Greg join our Board. I have known him for many years and find his experience, judgement and ethics to be of the highest order. He will bring expertise in VMS deposits and project management to assist the Company's growth as we advance our Kay Mine VMS project in Arizona and our Pino de Plata epithermal silver project in Mexico," said President Karl Boltz - President & CEO. Silver Spruce Resources Inc. is a well-positioned Canadian junior exploration company pursuing development of the Kay Mine volcanogenic massive sulfide project in Arizona, USA, and the Pino De Plata and the Encino De Oro epithermal silver/ base metal/ gold projects, located in the prolific Sierra Madre Occidental region of western Chihuahua State in Mexico. Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release. The company seeks Safe Harbour.

Brock University and National Research Council Canada | Date: 2014-11-18

Disclosed is the use of fluorinated cyclic dinucleotides and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof as an adjuvant for the preparation of an oral vaccine. Further disclosed is the use of fluorinated cyclic dinucleotides and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof for enhancing the immune response to an orally administered vaccine.

A kinematic model of strain pathways for till formation is developed. This model is linked to microstructures found within tills indicative of multiple styles of deformational regimes and polyrheological conditions during formation. Tills are subdivided into three types. Type A tills are found under high strain rates and a pervasive deformation regime and may be regarded as lodgement tills and are relatively rare. Type B tills are the dominant group formed under variable strain deformation conditions of pervasive and non-pervasive deformation containing evidence of brittle and ductile failure and can be classified as tectomicts (or glacial mélange). Type C tills are found under limited to zero deformation regimes and are melt-out tills of limited preservation potential. Examples of till forming under various strain pathways conditions are presented with photomicrographs of thin sections of such tills. A new till classification scheme is offered that accounts for the deformation regimes till undergo under varying strain pathways. This new model should help to place microstructures obtained from micromorphological analyses within the context of till genesis and subsequent development. This kinematic model is a first attempt to integrate the fields of glacial micromorphology, structural geology and glacial sedimentology into a coherent 'blueprint' for till development leading to deposition and/or emplacement. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

Brock University | Date: 2015-03-12

The present application discloses siloxane-containing hybrid materials. For example, the present application discloses siloxane-containing hybrid materials comprising cyclic siloxanes or polyhedral siloxanes such as polymeric siloxane-containing hybrid materials comprising cyclic siloxanes or polyhedral siloxanes, methods for preparing such siloxane-containing hybrid materials, the use of such siloxane-containing hybrid materials for coating a substrate, coatings comprising the polymeric siloxane-containing hybrid materials, composites comprising a film of the polymeric siloxane-containing material coated on a substrate and compounds which are useful in preparing the siloxane-containing hybrid materials.

The present application is directed to an efficient conversion of C-14 hydroxylated morphine alkaloids to various morphine analogs, such as naltrexone, naloxone and nalbuphone. One feature of this process is an intramolecular functional group transfer from the C-14 hydroxyl to the N-17 nitrogen atom following a palladium-catalyzed N-demethylation.

Brock University | Date: 2015-02-23

The present application relates to processes for the preparation of morphine compounds utilizing a novel intramolecular [4+2] cycloaddition reaction.

The present invention provides a method for the N-demethylation and N-functionalization of an N-methylated heterocycle such as a morphine alkaloid or tropane alkaloid. The method comprises reacting the heterocycle with an functionalization agent in the presence of a transition metal catalyst in air or in the presence of an oxidant.

Brock University | Date: 2016-07-13

A compound of Formula V---- represents a single or double bond, provided that two double bonds are not adjacent to each other;R^(1) and R^(2) are independently selected from C_(1-10)alkyl, C_(6-10)aryl, C_(3-10)cycloalkyl, C_(1-10)alkyleneC_(6-10)aryl, C_(1-10)alkyleneC_(3-10)cycloalkyl and PG, except when - -O represents =O, then R^(2) is not present;PG is a protecting group;R^(3) is selected from C_(3-10)cycloalkyl, C_(3-10)cycloalkenyl, C_(1-10)alkyl, C_(2-10)alkenyl, C_(6-10)aryl, C_(1-10)alkyleneC_(6-10)aryl and C_(1-10)alkyleneC_(3-10)cycloalkyl;X is a counteranion, andone or more available hydrogens in R^(1), R^(2) and R^(3) is/are optionally replaced with F and/or one or more of available atoms in R^(1), R^(2) and R^(3) is/are optionally replaced with an isotopic label,or a salt or solvate thereof.

The present application relates to methods and compounds for enhancing contrast in magnetic resonance imaging. The methods comprise administering compounds of Formula I(a) or I(b) to a subject and obtaining a magnetic resonance image of the subject. The present application also relates to methods of preparing compounds of the Formula I(a) as well as intermediate compounds used in such a method of preparation.

A high-yielding method for the N-demethylation of oxycodone- and oxymorphone-N-oxides by the reaction of these compounds with cyclodehydration reagents has been performed. This method has been utilized to improve the synthesis of various morphine analogs, such as naltrexone, nalbuphone and naloxone.

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