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LONDON, United Kingdom

Agency: Cordis | Branch: FP7 | Program: CP | Phase: ICT-2013.1.6 | Award Amount: 5.23M | Year: 2013

ICoSOLE aims at developing a platform that enables users to experience live events which are spatially spread out, such as festivals (e.g. Gentse feesten in Belgium, Glastonbury in the UK), parades, marathons or bike races, in an immersive way by combining high-quality spatial video and audio and user generated content. The project will develop a platform for a context-adapted hybrid broadcast-Internet service, providing efficient tools for capture, production and distribution of audiovisual content captured by a heterogeneous set of devices spread over the event site.\nThe approach uses a variety of sensors, ranging from mobile consumer devices over professional broadcast capture equipment to panoramic and/or free-viewpoint video and spatial audio. Methods for streaming live high-quality audiovisual content from mobile capture devices to content acquisition, processing and editing services will be developed.\nIn order to combine the heterogeneous capture sources, ICoSOLE will research and develop approaches for integration of content from professional and consumer capture devices, including mobile (and moving) sensors, based on metadata and content analysis. Methods for fusing visual and audio information into a format agnostic data representation will be developed, which enable rendering video and audio for virtual viewer/listener positions.\nICoSOLE will develop efficient tools for media production professionals to select, configure and review the content sources being used. These tools capture, extract and annotate metadata during the production process and integrate this metadata throughout the entire production chain to the end user.\nContent will be provided via broadcast, enhanced by additional content transported via broadband and novel interaction possibilities for second screen and web consumption. The content will also be provided in an adapted form to mobile devices, with specific location-based functionalities for users at or near the place of the event.

Agency: Cordis | Branch: FP7 | Program: CP | Phase: ICT-2013.1.6 | Award Amount: 4.12M | Year: 2013

We are currently witnessing a strong trend towards powerful web-based applications a trend which is also driving the progress of HTML5 where a wider range of devices are becoming capable of running such applications.\nHowever, most applications are running on these devices separated from each other or, at best are only loosely coupled. The growing interest in 2nd-screen solutions within the Connected TV sector clearly shows that users expect a more consistent experience across different devices and their applications. However, to do this, broadcasters and application developers currently need to implement, distribute and maintain a set of rather complex technical solutions tailored to each of the specific target platforms.\nA more versatile solution would allow the implementation of applications independent from the target devices and the application itself would be able to run across multiple user devices. The user could then smoothly move parts of the functionality from one device to another in an intuitive manner and the application would adapt itself to the device.\nEssentially, the challenge is to take connected service development to a new level. MediaScape will lay the foundations for advanced connected multi-user services via a standardised approach integrated into the HTML5 paradigm.\nThe project also seeks to facilitate the marriage of the TV, PC and Mobile worlds through a standard solution that includes real-time delivery and synchronisation of media contents and applications/services across a variety of devices.\nWorking with the W3C and liaising with HbbTV and YouView, MediaScape will enable future services that define multi-user and multi-devices media-viewing experiences for millions of European users, fostering the materialisation of new service concepts and business models, and in a manner that is standard-based and interoperable. Collectively, the project consortium encompasses the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve this objective.

Agency: Cordis | Branch: FP7 | Program: CP | Phase: FI.ICT-2011.1.8 | Award Amount: 20.32M | Year: 2013

The FI-CONTENT 2 project aims at establishing the foundation of a European infrastructure for promoting and testing novel uses of audio-visual content on connected devices. The partners will develop and deploy advanced platforms for Social Connected TV, Mobile Smart City services, and Gaming/ Virtual worlds. To assess the approach and improve these platforms, user communities in 6 European locations will be activated for living lab and field trials. The project is strongly supported by local stakeholders (regional authorities, associations, educational organizations, user groups) who will participate in the project via User Advisory Boards. The technical capabilities of the platforms will be validated and improved by integrating new - content usage driven - partners recruited via the open call planned early in the project.\nIn FI-CONTENT (FI-PPP Phase 1), we demonstrated that challenging and bold assertions around next generation Internet content and technology needs are best assessed with radical yet practical demonstrators, use cases, APIs and field research. FI-CONTENT 2 builds on our work in Phase 1, refining the findings where appropriate.\nThe project has good relationships with the other projects of the FI-PPP program. Contacts have been taken for coordination and potentially joint experiments with other FI-PPP projects. The proposal shows how to work with FI-WARE and existing EU infrastructure projects where suitable, and demonstrates how best to create and define new domain specific technologies, mostly cloud based.\nThe FI-CONTENT 2 partnership is a balanced group of large industrial, Content and Media companies, technology suppliers, Telecommunications/Internet access operators, Living labs and Academic institutions. FI-CONTENT-2 harnesses the power and excitement of content on the new Internet to drive European innovation, content creation and distribution to enrich the lives of all Europeans.

Agency: Cordis | Branch: FP7 | Program: CSA | Phase: ICT-2011.4.3 | Award Amount: 2.23M | Year: 2013

The long-term preservation of digital audiovisual media presents a range of complex technological, organisational, economic and rights-related issues, which have been the subject of intensive research over the past fifteen years at national, European and international levels. Although good solutions are emerging, and there is a large body of expertise at a few specialist centres, it is very difficult for the great majority of media owners to gain access to advanced audiovisual preservation technologies. Presto4U will focus research efforts onto useful technological solutions, raise awareness and improve the adoption of audiovisual preservation research results, both by service providers and media owners, and with a particular emphasis on meeting the needs of smaller collections, private sector media owners and new stakeholders.
The project will:- Create a series of Communities of Practice in the principal sub-sectors of audiovisual media preservation, which will develop a body of knowledge on the status of digital preservation practice, outstanding problems and needs for access to research results;- Identify useful results of research into digital audiovisual preservation;- Promote the take-up of promising research results by users, technology vendors and service providers, based on results of hands-on technology assessment, promotion of standards, analysis of economic and licensing models, and provision of brokering services;- Raise awareness of the need for audiovisual media preservation and disseminate information about project results;- Evaluate the impact of the project and develop plans for long-term sustainability.
The resulting knowledge, tools and services to support the uptake of research, will be maintained after completion by PrestoCentre, the European Competence Centre for audiovisual preservation.
The Presto4U Consortium comprises fourteen partners from seven EU countries (NL, UK, FR, IT, DK, IE, AT), covering a wide range of preservation expertise based on extensive research, multiple Communities of Practice, and centres specialising in technology transfer between research and industry.

Agency: Cordis | Branch: H2020 | Program: IA | Phase: ICT-19-2015 | Award Amount: 4.07M | Year: 2016

COGNITUS will deliver innovative ultra-high definition (UHD) broadcasting technologies that allow the joint creation of UHD media exploiting the knowledge of professional producers, the ubiquity of user generated content (UGC), and the power of interactive networked social creativity in a synergistic multimedia production approach. The project will provide a proof of concept to cement the viability of interactive UHD content production and exploitation, through use case demonstrators at large events of converging broadcast and user generated content for interactive UHD services. The envisaged demonstrators will be based on two different use cases drawn from real-life events. These use cases are in turn single examples of the fascinating and potentially unlimited new services that could be unleashed by the un-avoidable confluence of UHD broadcasting technology and smart social mobile UGC brought by COGNITUS. Building on recent technological advances, in UHD broadcasting and mobile social multimedia sharing coupled together with over fifty years of research and development in multimedia systems technology, mean that the time is now ripe for integrating research outputs towards solutions that support high-quality, user sourced, on demand media to enrich the conventional broadcasting experience. COGNITUS vision is to deliver a compelling proof of concept for the validity, effectiveness and innovative power of this integrated approach. As a consequence, over 36 months the project will demonstrate the ability to bring a new range of dedicated media services into the European broadcasting sector, adding critical value to both media and creativity sectors.

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