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Han J.,State Key Laboratory of Dairy Biotechnology | Guo B.,State Key Laboratory of Dairy Biotechnology | Liu Z.,Bright Dairy and Food Co. | You C.,State Key Laboratory of Dairy Biotechnology | Wu Z.,State Key Laboratory of Dairy Biotechnology
Carbohydrate Polymers | Year: 2014

The characteristics of the growth of Leuconostoc mesenteroides BD1710 and the synthesis of dextran in tomato juice supplemented with 15% sucrose were assayed. L. mesenteroides BD1710 could synthesize approximately 32 g L -1 dextran in the tomato-juice-sucrose medium when cultured at 28 °C for 48 h, which was on the same level as the dextran yield in a chemically defined medium. The viscosity of the cultured tomato-juice-sucrose medium with various dextran contents was also measured. The results of the monosaccharide composition, molecular-weight distribution, Fourier transform infrared spectra (FTIR) and nuclear magnetic resonance spectra (NMR) showed that the polysaccharide synthesized by L. mesenteroides BD1710 in the tomato-juice-sucrose medium was dextran with a peak molecular weight of 6.35 × 105 Da, a linear backbone composed of consecutive α-(1 → 6)-linked d-glucopyranosyl units and approximately 6% α-(1 → 3) branches. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd.

Lai T.,Zhejiang Normal University | Zheng E.,Zhejiang Normal University | Chen L.,Zhejiang Normal University | Wang X.,Zhejiang Normal University | And 4 more authors.
Nanoscale | Year: 2013

Polymer nanodots (PNDs) from a hybrid carbon source (glucose and glycine) which exhibit a stronger fluorescence than the PNDs from a single source (glucose or glycine) are obtained by one-pot hydrothermal treatment. It is attractive that PNDs can be used as an effective fluorescent probe for the detection of iron ions with good selectivity and sensitivity in an aqueous solution. © 2013 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Yu H.,Shanghai JiaoTong University | Zheng Y.,Bright Dairy and Food Co. | Li Y.,Shanghai JiaoTong University
International Journal of Food Properties | Year: 2013

Moisture adsorption isotherms of freeze-dried bovine colostrum powder were obtained using the gravimetric method at three temperatures (15, 25, and 35°C) in the water activity range of 0.11-0.86. The moisture adsorption isotherms of freeze-dried bovine colostrum powder showed a sigmoid isotherm curve typical of the type II BET classification shape. The Guggenheim-Anderson- de Boer and Brunauer-Emmett-Teller models were recommended to fit experimental data well. The shelf life of freeze-dried bovine colostrum powder packaged in aluminium-laminated polyethylene pouches was evaluated for 243 days, and the storage stability was investigated when stored at 25°C and 50% relative humidity. A slight increase in moisture content, a linear increase in color difference, and a slight decrease in IgG concentration were found within 60 days storage under the above-mentioned conditions. © 2013 Copyright Taylor and Francis Group, LLC.

Xu C.,Shanghai JiaoTong University | Li Y.,Shanghai JiaoTong University | Yu H.,Shanghai JiaoTong University | Yu H.,Bright Dairy and Food Co.
Journal of Food Engineering | Year: 2014

The effect of far-infrared drying (FID) on the water state and glass transition temperature (Tg) of carrots were assessed by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). Results showed that, with increasing time, FID caused dramatic changes in the water state in dehydrated carrots. The drastically decreased content of free water in vacuoles was accompanied by sharp increases in the content of immobilized water in the cytoplasm and extracellular space. Subsequently, the content of immobilized water decreased gradually with increasing time. FID elevated the Tg values appreciably by decreasing the content of immobilized water in carrot tissues. In carrots with moisture content <0.39 g/g dry matter, Tg values were increased by 21.36, 35.55 and 40.99 °C with the moisture content decreased by 0.20, 0.25 and 0.30 g/g dry matter at respective infrared power values of 400, 600 and 800 W. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Feng T.,Bright Dairy and Food Co. | Ye R.,University of Tennessee at Knoxville | Zhuang H.,Purdue University | Fang Z.,University of Queensland | Chen H.,Hefei University of Technology
Carbohydrate Polymers | Year: 2012

In this research, thermal behavior and gelling interactions of Mesona Blumes gum (MBG)/rice starch mixture were extensively investigated. MBG/rice starch gel displayed significant endothermal and exothermal properties at different MBG concentrations, indicating essential interactions between MBG and rice starch. In addition, the gelling interaction between MBG and rice starch was studied by using hydrogen-bond forming agents (1,4-butanediol, ethane-1,2-diol, glycerol) and hydrogen-bond breaking agents (urea, tetramethyl urea, ethanol, methanol) on rheological spectra. The results indicated that the hydrogen bond between MBG, rice starch and water might be the major force of maintaining the complete structure of the mixed gel. Their hypothetic interactions have been schemed in computer using hyperchem 8.0. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

Fan L.,Jiangnan University | Li J.,Jiangnan University | Deng K.,Jiangnan University | Ai L.,Bright Dairy and Food Co.
Carbohydrate Polymers | Year: 2012

Three polysaccharides (GLP-H, GLP-V and GLP-F) were obtained from Ganoderma lucidum by hot air drying, vacuum drying and vacuum freeze drying, respectively. Their chemical compositions were determined, and antioxidant activities were investigated on the basis of superoxide radical, hydroxyl radical, reducing power, DPPH free radical and Ferric-reducing antioxidant power (FRAP) assay. The results showed that three polysaccharides exhibited antioxidant activities in a concentration-dependent manner. Among three polysaccharides, GLP-F and GLP-V had the higher scavenging effects on hydroxyl radicals, superoxide radicals, DPPH free radical, and stronger reducing power than GLP-H. GLP-F showed the stronger antioxidant capacity than GLP-V and GLP-H in FRAP system. GLP-H and GLP-V showed an almost identical pattern in FRAP system (p > 0.05). However, GLP-V showed the stronger radical scavenging activities than GLP-H. Available data obtained in in vitro models suggested that vacuum freeze drying was an appropriate and effective treatment for obtaining the polysaccharide from G. lucidum. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Li J.,Jiangnan University | Liu Y.,Jiangnan University | Fan L.,Jiangnan University | Ai L.,Bright Dairy and Food Co. | Shan L.,Jiangnan University
Carbohydrate Polymers | Year: 2011

Four water-soluble polysaccharides fractions (ZSP1b, ZSP2, ZSP3c and ZSP4b) were isolated and purified from the fruiting bodies of Zizyphus Jujuba cv. Jinsixiaozao by DEAE-SepharoseCL-6B and SepharoseCL-6B column chromatography. Their chemical and physical characteristics were determined by chemical methods, gas chromatography (GC) and high-performance size-exclusion chromatography (HPSEC). Antioxidant activities of crude polysaccharide from the fruiting bodies of Zizyphus Jujuba cv. Jinsixiaozao (CZSP) and its purified fractions were investigated including superoxide anion, 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH), hydroxyl radical-scavenging activity and reducing power. Antioxidant results showed that ZSP3c and ZSP4b containing more uronic acid had the stronger free radical scavenging activities than ZSP1b containing no uronic acid. Available data obtained with in vitro models suggested that uronic acid was an effective indicator of antioxidant activity of the samples. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Shen X.,Bright Dairy and Food Co. | Shen X.,Jiangnan University | Wang Q.,Jiangnan University | Chen W.,Jiangnan University | Pang Y.,Jiangnan University
Applied Surface Science | Year: 2014

Cysteine functionalized Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles (Cys-Fe3O4 MNPs) were prepared facilely for Hg(II) removal from aqueous solutions. Using Fe2+ as precursors, air as oxidant and Cys as protectant, this novel material was one-pot synthesis at room temperature by oxidation-precipitation method with the assistance of sonication. The MNPs were characterized by TEM, VSM, FTIR, X-ray powder diffraction analysis (XRD) and TGA methods. Under the optimum experimental conditions, the removal efficiency was as high as 95% and the maximum sorption capacity is found to be 380 mg/mol for Hg(II). Study on adsorption kinetics shows that adsorption of Hg(II) onto Cys-Fe3O4 MNPs follows pseudo-first-order kinetic model and the adsorption rate constant was 0.22 min-1. Additionally, the Hg(II)-loaded Cys-Fe3O4 MNPs could be easily regenerated up to 95% using 1.0 M acetic acid. These results indicated that Cys-Fe3O4 MNPs is a potentially attractive material for the removal of Hg(II) from water. © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Li J.,Jiangnan University | Ai L.,Bright Dairy and Food Co. | Yang Q.,Jiangnan University | Liu Y.,Jiangnan University | Shan L.,Jiangnan University
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules | Year: 2013

A water-soluble polysaccharide (ZP2a) was obtained by extraction with hot water followed by successive chromatographic purification using anion exchange and Sepharose CL-6B columns. A symmetrical narrow peak was obtained on high-performance gel permeation chromatography with an average molecular weight of 120,645. Da, which was named ZP2a. ZP2a is composed of rhamnose, arabinose, glucose and galactose in the molar ratio 1.3:1.7:0.3:1. Based on gas chromatographic, infrared spectral, methylation and NMR analyses, ZP2a was structurally characterized as 1,4-. d-Gal. pA residues interspersed with 1,2-. l-Rha. p and 1,2,4-. l-Rha. p residues. The branches were composed of 1,5-. l-Ara. f, 1,3,5-. l-Ara. f, 1,3-. l-Ara. f, 1,6-. d-Gal. p, 1,4,6-. d-Gal. p and 1,4-. d-Glc. p. The branches were attached to the backbone at the O-4 position of Rha. p residues. © 2012 Elsevier B.V.

Feng T.,Bright Dairy and Food Co.
Cereal Foods World | Year: 2014

Promoting the development of the whole grains market in China through implementation of a scientific development concept will create a path to sustainability-, nutrition-, and healthfocused whole grain food product development. If all sectors of the food industry and consumers grasp this development opportunity, it will lead to an increase whole grain food intake and improve public nutrition and health.© 2014 AACC International, Inc.

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