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Bridgewater, VA, United States

Bridgewater College, is a private, coeducational, four-year liberal-arts college located in Bridgewater, a town in Rockingham County, Virginia, United States. Established in 1880, Bridgewater College admitted women from the time of its founding and was the first private, co-educational, liberal arts college in Virginia to do so.Located in the scenic and historic Shenandoah Valley, Bridgewater enrolls nearly 1,800 students with guaranteed, required on-campus housing. Wikipedia.

Gano-Overway L.A.,Bridgewater College
Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport | Year: 2013

Purpose: This study explored the relationship between the caring climate, empathy, prosocial behaviors, and antisocial behaviors, like bullying, in physical education, plus investigated whether empathy mediated the possible relationships between caring and social behaviors for boys and girls. Method: Middle school physical education students (N = 528) completed measures assessing a caring climate, empathy, social behaviors, and bullying. Results: A partial mediation model was supported, Χ2(94) = 206.82, p < .001, comparative fit index = .97, Tucker-Lewis index = .96, root mean square error of approximation = .05, standardized root mean squared residual = .04, which was also invariant across sexes. A perceived caring climate positively predicted prosocial behavior and cognitive empathy and negatively predicted antisocial behavior, like bullying. Cognitive empathy mediated the relationship between caring and prosocial behavior. Conclusions: Collective findings suggest that creating a caring climate is one tool that physical education teachers may use to promote positive behavior. Copyright © AAHPERD.

Carr J.M.,Bridgewater College
Journal of Information Technology Education:Research | Year: 2012

After 10 years of No Child Left Behind standards-focused education, mathematics scores have improved only marginally for elementary-aged students. Students who developed a solid conceptual mathematics foundation at the elementary level succeeded later in higher-level mathematics courses; thus, educators have sought ways to increase mathematics achievement, especially among elementary school students. Educators have utilized advances in technology with game-based learning applications and wireless Internet access to create exciting interactive learning opportunities for students that may translate into student achievement. The purpose of this quantitative, quasi-experimental study was to examine the effects of iPad use as a 1-to-1 (1:1) computing device on 5th-grade students' mathematics achievement in two rural Virginia elementary schools. A nonequivalent groups pretest and posttest design was used with 104 fifth-grade students. For one academic quarter of nine weeks, the experimental group used iPads as 1:1 computing devices daily during mathematics class while the control group members did not. A pretest was administered before the iPad intervention and a posttest was administered after the iPad intervention. The change from pretest to posttest was not significantly different between the two groups as measured by a one-way repeated measures analysis of variance. Recommendations for future study include increasing the intervention duration, using additional participants, collecting qualitative data, and providing students with continuous 24-hour, seven-day-a-week iPad access. © Informing Science Institute.

Honeycutt H.,Bridgewater College
Developmental Psychobiology | Year: 2011

This paper reviews the arguments against the instinct concept and the nature-nurture dichotomy put forward by Zing-Yang Kuo (1898-1970) during the 1920s. Kuo insisted that nativism represented a kind of finished psychology, and that the labels of nature and nurture reflected and promoted one's ignorance of the development of a trait. Also discussed are his lesser known lines of research on the origins of the so-called rat-killing instinct in cats and his analysis on the determinants of animal fighting. His research illustrated the shortcomings of a nature-nurture framework and highlighted the necessity of his developmentally grounded alternative to studying behavior. Reasons for why Kuo's work has been marginalized in modern histories of psychology are also discussed. © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

Perrone D.,Bridgewater College
Substance Use and Misuse | Year: 2010

This article provides an account of a female ethnographer's experience accessing participants and observing drug-using behaviors in highly sexualized dance clubs. Specifically, it describes how the researcher as a gendered and sexualized self can compromise safety and inhibit access while also serving as an advantage to establishing rapport. The author describes how various methods were employed to appear as part of the cultural scene and access participants, while avoiding, and responding to, unwanted sexual advances. To address such challenges, the author provides both practical and procedural suggestions for researchers and research institutions. Copyright © 2010 Informa Healthcare USA, Inc.

Mix H.T.,Stanford University | Mulch A.,Biodiversity and Climate Research Center | Mulch A.,Goethe University Frankfurt | Kent-Corson M.L.,Bridgewater College | Chamberlain C.P.,Stanford University
Geology | Year: 2011

Continental topography is the result of complex interactions among mantle convection, continental dynamics, and climatic and erosional processes. Therefore, topographic evolution of mountain belts and continental interiors reflects directly upon the coupling between mantle and surface processes. It has recently been proposed that the modern topography of western North America is partly controlled by the removal of the subducting Farallon plate and replacement of lithospheric mantle by hot asthenosphere, creating surface uplift of the Colorado Plateau, the southwestern United States, and northern Mexico, while concomitant subsidence characterizes the central United States. How the topography of the Cenozoic North American Cordillera evolved in the past is largely unknown, yet currently debated tectonic models each have a predictable topographic response. Here we examine Cenozoic surface uplift patterns of western North America based on a record of ~3000 stable isotope proxy data. This data set is consistent with Eocene north to south surface uplift in the Cordillera, culminating in the assembly of an Eocene-Oligocene highland 3-4 km in elevation. The diachronous record of surface uplift and associated magmatism further supports tectonic models calling for the convective removal of mantle lithosphere or removal of the Farallon slab by buckling along an east-west axis. The Eocene-Oligocene development of rainout patterns similar to present-day patterns along the flanks of the Cordilleran orogen is therefore unlikely to be the result of late Mesozoic crustal thickening and associated development of an Andean-style Altiplano. © 2011 Geological Society of America.

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