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Rolla, MO, United States

Brewer Science Inc. | Date: 2015-05-05

A user interface for monitoring a number of parameters of a system includes an electronic display element and a display driver for controlling the electronic display element so as to display a data graph thereon. The data graph includes a bounded area divided into a plurality of segments, each segment representing one of the parameters; and a number of concentric portions formed in each segment, each concentric portion representing a state or value of the parameter represented by its corresponding segment. The display driver receives data representative of a current state or value of each of the parameters and indicates the current state or value of the parameters by marking the concentric portions that represent the current states or values.

Brewer Science Inc. | Date: 2015-01-16

Compositions for directed self-assembly (DSA) patterning techniques are provided. Methods for directed self-assembly are also provided in which a DSA composition comprising a block copolymer (BCP) is applied to a substrate and then self-assembled to form the desired pattern. The block copolymer includes at least two blocks and is selected to have a high interaction parameter (). The BCPs are able to form perpendicular lamellae by simple thermal annealing on a neutralized substrate, without a top coat. The BCPs are also capable of micro-phase separating into lines and spaces measuring at 10 nm or smaller, with sub-20-nm L

The invention broadly relates to cyclic olefin polymer bonding compositions and release compositions, to be used independently or together, that enable thin wafer handling during microelectronics manufacturing, especially during a full-wafer mechanical debonding process. The release compositions comprise compositions made from siloxane polymers and copolymers blended in a polar solvent, and that are stable at room temperature for longer than one month. The cyclic olefin polymer bonding compositions provide high thermal stability, can be bonded to fully-treated carrier wafers, can be mechanically or laser debonded after high-temperature heat treatment, and are easily removed with an industrially-acceptable solvent. Wafers bonded according to the invention demonstrate lower overall post-grind stack TTV compared to other commercial bonding materials and can survive 200 C. PECVD processing.

Brewer Science Inc. | Date: 2015-05-19

A novel interchangeable spin chuck system is provided that allows the user to quickly change substrate sizes and spin chuck styles without any extra tools. This system has a two-piece design and overcomes many of the drawbacks of previous spin chuck designs, such as difficulty in seating the spin chuck and ensuring that the spin chuck is at a consistent flatness and height. Furthermore, this spin chuck system allows the spin chucks to be manufactured at a lower cost. Thus, rather than restricting users to make do with incorrect spin chucks due to budget limitations, this economical design gives users access to a wider range of spin chuck sizes and styles.

Brewer Science Inc. | Date: 2015-07-22

The invention broadly relates to release layer compositions that enable thin wafer handling during microelectronics manufacturing. Preferred release layers are formed from compositions comprising a polyamic acid or polyimide dissolved or dispersed in a solvent system, followed by curing and/or solvent removal at about 250 C. to about 350 C. for less than about 10 minutes, yielding a thin film. This process forms the release compositions into polyimide release layers that can be used in temporary bonding processes, and laser debonded after the desired processing has been carried out.

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