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Waltham, MA, United States

Brandeis University /ˈbrændaɪs/ is an American private research university with a liberal arts focus. It is located in Waltham, Massachusetts, 9 miles west of Boston. The university has an enrollment of approximately 3,600 undergraduate and 2,200 graduate students. It was tied for 32nd among national universities in the United States in U.S. News & World Report 's 2014 rankings. Forbes listed Brandeis University as number 51 among all national universities and liberal arts colleges combined in 2013.Brandeis was founded in 1948 as a nonsectarian Jewish community-sponsored coeducational institution on the site of the former Middlesex University. The university is named for Louis Brandeis , the first Jewish Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Wikipedia.

Brandeis University and President And Fellows Of Harvard College | Date: 2015-06-12

Microfluidic structures and methods for manipulating fluids, fluid components, and reactions are provided. In one aspect, such structures and methods can allow production of droplets of a precise volume, which can be stored/maintained at precise regions of the device. In another aspect, microfluidic structures and methods described herein are designed for containing and positioning components in an arrangement such that the components can be manipulated and then tracked even after manipulation. For example, cells may be constrained in an arrangement in microfluidic structures described herein to facilitate tracking during their growth and/or after they multiply.

Brandeis University | Date: 2015-05-18

Modified double-stranded oligonucleotides that have terminal regions on each of their strands, that have a hybrid length of 6-50 nucleotides long, that have a melting temperature Tm of at least 32 C., and that include 2-4 modifying groups, each covalently attached to a different terminal region, preferably to a terminal nucleotide, said modifying groups being polycyclic substituents that do not have bulky portions that are non-planar, said modified oligonucleotide being capable of binding to the 5 exonuclease domains of DNA polymerases and, when included in a PCR or other primer-dependent DNA amplification reaction at a concentration, generally not more than 2000 nM, that is effective for at least one of the functions of suppressing mispriming, increasing polymerase selectivity against 3 terminal mismatches. increasing polymerase selectivity against AT-rich 3 ends, reducing scatter among replicates, suppressing polymerase 5 exonuclease activity, and inhibiting polymerase activity; as well as amplification reaction mixtures containing such modified double-stranded oligonucleotides, and amplification reactions, amplification assays and kits that include such modified double-stranded oligonucleotides.

A method and composition for reducing the cholesterolemic effect in mammals of ingesting a blended nutritional fat composition containing a palm mid-fraction (PMF) hardstock fat combined with an unsaturated vegetable oil. The composition is solid or semi-solid at 20 C. and fluid at 35 C., and includes between 15% and 45% by weight linoleic acid. The weight ratio of disaturated triglyceride (DST) molecules to trisaturated triglyceride (TST) molecules is greater than 10:1, and the PMF hardstock fat contains approximately 50% to 95% by weight DST molecules, the majority of which contain either palmitic acid or a combination of palmitic and stearic acids at the sn-1 and sn-3 triglyceride positions and either oleic acid or linoleic acid at the sn-2 molecular position.

Described herein are oligosaccharide-oligonucleotide conjugates useful as vaccines against one or more human or veterinary therapeutic indications, and methods of synthesizing and identifying them. The conjugates may be identified using non-human antibodies as binding targets, thereby expanding the power and scope of the invention. Efficacious conjugates may be identified through an iterative screening process.

Brandeis University and Columbia University | Date: 2015-08-21

The present invention provides pharmaceutical compositions and related methods for stabilizing retromer in cells.

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