Ashburn, VA, United States
Ashburn, VA, United States

On March 5, 2012, Lexmark International announced it had acquired the company for a cash price of approximately $148 million. The company is now part of Lexmark's Perceptive Software division.Brainware is an American software company that markets data capture and extraction products. The company spun out of Dulles-based SER Solutions Inc. in February 2006 when SER was acquired by The Gores Group LLC. From February 2006 to March 2012, Brainware’s majority owner was San Francisco-based private equity firm Vista Equity Partners.Brainware is headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia, USA, with sales, support, professional services and R&D offices in London, UK, Kirchzarten, Germany and Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The company has partnerships with most major enterprise software providers, including Oracle, SAP and Microsoft, and claims its software integrates with most available enterprise content management platforms. Brainware has also partnered with a number of hardware providers, notably Hewlett-Packard, Fujitsu and OPEX.Brainware claims its software "can relieve a company of 60 percent to 80 percent of the work of manually keying in information from unstructured documents," and services large companies such as NEC, Mayo Clinic, Bechtel, Royal Dutch Shell and Rabobank.In a 2011 comparison report, Real Story Group classifies Brainware as a "Capture Solutions" vendor, competing directly with Kofax and ReadSoft.Brainware and its customers have been profiled in publications including Profit Online, Business Finance, imageSource, Managing Automation, Industryweek, Treasury & Risk and others. The company's enterprise search technology has been profiled by InfoWorld. Wikipedia.

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Patra P.,Brainware | Gupta A.K.,Asansol Engineering College | Kundu S.,Indian School of Mines
Acta Geophysica | Year: 2017

The present study investigates the propagation of Love wave in a void layer resting over a sandy half space under the effect of gravitational force. The equations of motion have been gathered separately for different layers, and the boundary conditions have been introduced for two different layers at their interface. The mathematical analysis of the problem has been dealt with the help of Whittaker’s function by expanding it asymptotically up to linear terms. The study reveals that in such a situation there exist two different wave fronts for the two above-mentioned layers: one is for the effects of gravity and sandy parameters, whereas other is for the effect of void parameter. © 2017 Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences & Polish Academy of Sciences

Santra S.,Gargi Memorial Institute of Technology | Lahiri A.,Jadavpur University | Das N.C.,Brainware
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering | Year: 2017

The fundamental equations of the two dimensional generalized thermoelasticity (L-S model) with one relaxation time parameter in orthotropic elastic slab has been considered under effect of rotation. The normal mode analysis is used to the basic equations of motion and heat conduction equation. Finally, the resulting equations are written in the form of a vector-matrix differential equation which is then solved by the eigenvalue approach. The field variables in the space time domain are obtained numerically. The results corresponding to the cases of conventional thermoelasticity CTE), extended thermoelasticity (ETE) and temperature rate dependent thermoelasticity (TRDTE) are compared by means of graphs. © 2017 S. Santra et al.

Mitra P.,Brainware | Chowdhury C.R.,Brainware
Proceedings - 2016 2nd IEEE International Conference on Research in Computational Intelligence and Communication Networks, ICRCICN 2016 | Year: 2016

This paper addresses the decoupling capacitance estimation and allocation based on noise suppression at the prelayout level. Power supply noise (PSN) is an important issue among all the issues in today's application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) design. Present trends in VLSI design are inclined towards the placement of decoupling capacitors for multi-core design. An early prediction and estimation of decoupling capacitance in the pre-layout stage of the design can provide a better scope in optimizing power, noise and delay effects for the circuit. In this paper, we investigate the change in noise and delay parameters with and without the decap allocation for multi-core circuit at the pre-layout stage. Here a 1024 point FFT core is considered as an example for our test circuits as they are quite complex in nature and are also used as custom cores in many applications. To the best of our knowledge PDN analysis for execution time and noise suppression on FFT application cores is not available in related research works. The novelty of our work lies in the fact that by using our approaches noise can be suppressed approximately by 37% on an average at the prelayout stage and 1.84% increase in increase in propagation delay when compared to the original circuitry. This early prediction of CAD implementation helps to create more accurate designs at the layout stage and hence this work can serve as benchmarks for PDN analysis. © 2016 IEEE.

News Article | December 3, 2016

In recent weeks there has been a "buzz" and angst about NASA's Earth Sciences mission.  I am a former NASA Earth scientist and also engage in research within its Earth Science framework. Staring at the ceiling this morning, I realized there are 5 pragmatic reasons NASA should study Earth and they all started with the letter "B." I am not kidding. I have no interest in focusing on political issues surrounding the topic. I just want to lay out my 5 "B" reasons. Broad. The NASA Earth Science mission is broader than you think. I was a research meteorologist at NASA for 12 years and during much of that time I served as the Deputy Project Scientist for the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission. This satellite is now in orbit and providing critical weather information for forecasters, the weather research community, National Hurricane Center, the military, agricultural organizations, and hazard-emergency management communities. It also provides critical information on how Earth's water cycle is functioning and changing. Yes, this is a part of climate research, but did you notice how many things I mentioned before I got to climate. In partnership with the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency, GPM is providing valuable information to agencies, stakeholders, and countries around the world that do not have robust Doppler radars, rain gauge networks, and resources. Yet, these countries deal with hurricanes, droughts, landslides, and flood threats just like the United States. I encourage you to explore the broad value and reach of NASA's Earth Science missions. Basis. Observations, modeling advances, and expertise from NASA's Earth Science program are the basis for many aspects of our society. I can point to so many things in your daily lives that are benefiting from NASA Earth Science. Did you consume a weather forecast today? European and U.S. weather models ingest NASA and other satellite data sets into them to improve forecasts. Did you wake up worrying about harmful doses of UV radiation searing your skin? I doubt it. We take for granted that our ozone layer is mending. NASA satellite data helped determine the scale of the ozone hole. I could go on and on with examples like this. But why NASA? Because. The Space Act of 1958, which created NASA, explicitly says The aeronautical and space activities of the United States shall be conducted so as to contribute materially to one or more of the following objectives: The expansion of human knowledge of phenomena in the atmosphere and space … The establishment of long-range studies of the potential benefits to be gained from, the opportunities for, and the problems involved in the utilization of aeronautical and space activities for peaceful and scientific purposes… .The preservation of the role of the United States as a leader in aeronautical and space science and technology and in the application thereof to the conduct of peaceful activities within and outside the atmosphere… The agency has a mandate to study Earth and its atmosphere and always did. Think of an automotive company. It has operational or assembly line functions.  It also has a research and development (R&D) component developing future engines and car designs. They have distinct roles that complement each other. NASA is very much the R&D arm exploring new ideas and methods that ultimately benefit more operational agencies like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the military, U.S. Forest Service, and others. Brainware. This term used by Dr. Tony Busalacchi of UCAR describes the institutional knowledge, expertise, and intellectual property. If various NASA Earth Science missions, science, and capacity are significantly shuttered, we essentially cripple one of the most exemplary science efforts in the history of mankind. NASA's contributions to the study of our planet are held in high regard globally. The greatness of our science, technological, engineering, and math (STEM) position would be weakened on the world stage for years to decades. Why? You can't just ramp back up and retrain the types of engineering, scientific, and computational "brainware" lost in a purge. Building a satellite like GPM that can take "cat-scans" of hurricanes is not something you can learn how to do on You Tube. Business. NASA's mission has always been more than launching space shuttles and astronauts. What I don't think many people realize is that if you go to any of NASA's 20 centers or facilities (yep, I said 20), you will find a significant number of private contractors working alongside NASA civil servants. NASA's Earth Sciences program is no different. It supports a vibrant and large mix of private jobs, contracts, and services. Private companies build the satellite components, provide launch vehicles, support research, and so forth. The state that you reside in likely benefits too. Many of the research projects at Universities directly benefit from the overhead from NASA funding. Some small business in your state may support a NASA Earth Sciences mission in some way that you never imagined. Obviously there are more reasons to keep NASA's Earth Sciences program strong than I have discussed herein, but I hope this gives you some insight beyond the "low-hanging" fruit discussions. We currently have no "Plan B" for living on another planet in mass numbers so I kind of like that NASA studies the planet with humans on it too.

Gupta N.D.,Jadavpur University | Das N.C.,Brainware
Journal of Thermal Stresses | Year: 2016

Applying the eigenvalue approach method along with Laplace transform, a general solution scheme for the thermoelastic deformation of an unbounded transversely isotropic medium has been developed on fractional order generalized thermoelasticity with an instantaneous heat source. Solution has been achieved in Laplace transform domain for the perturbed temperature field and other field variables. Several graphs have been presented, and analyses of the results have been made. © 2016, Copyright © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

Banerjee C.,Brainware | Sharma I.,Career Point Technology Campus
International Conference on Computing, Communication and Automation, ICCCA 2015 | Year: 2015

Achievement of consensus in multi-agent system is a topic of much research lately. Most of the consensus achievement algorithms are iteration based and are not able to address additional objectives and constraints. We propose an algorithm that is simple, distributed and able to achieve consensus after considering multiple objectives. In a group of decision making agents, to find a consensus, we calculate the median of the group. Ultimately the median is pulled to a lower or higher value depending on the summation of constraint based parameters or weights of the agents. Analysis showed the efficacy of the algorithm. © 2015 IEEE.

Banerjee C.,Brainware | Datta D.,Brainware
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering | Year: 2015

In this paper, a random bit generator is proposed which utilizes the chaotic nature of a Rossler System. The generator is modelled and the generated random sequence is tested using statistical tests like autocorrelation test, runs test and monobit test. The sequence shows a high degree of randomness, besides being simple for real-world implementation. © Springer India 2015.

Datta D.,Brainware
International Conference on Microelectronics, Computing and Communication, MicroCom 2016 | Year: 2016

A full adder circuit is considered as one of the basic building blocks of Digital Signal Processors (DSPs), Arithmetic and Logic Units (ALUs), Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and many other digital circuits and systems. Today, efficient full adder circuit design is one of the main challenges for VLSI engineers. This paper proposes a novel 1-bit full adder circuit designed using N-MOS based pass transistors logic. This proposed full adder has been simulated using 0.35um CMOS process technology at 2.5V supply voltage with ISIM and also with DSCH 2.6c simulator. The results of the post layout simulation (using MICROWIND 2.6a) have been compared with the results of similar previously reported adder circuits. The result analysis shows that the proposed adder circuit is highly efficient in terms of power, delay and area consumption, compared to many other full adder circuits. © 2016 IEEE.

Kaplan C.,Brainware
Healthcare financial management : journal of the Healthcare Financial Management Association | Year: 2011

Intelligent data capture is an application that can provide electronic access to data contained in any type of document, including clinical records and financial documents, thereby reducing or eliminating the need for manual data entry. Before implementing this technology, however, healthcare leaders should: Evaluate technology in the context of a business case to ensure a measurable ROI. Communicate with employees throughout the process so they are prepared for and embrace the inevitable changes that will come with automation. Implement the solution in phases, focusing on those document types that can deliver for a safer, less disruptive approach. Achieve maximum benefit to the organization by reengineering business processes to fully leverage technology rather than simply automating existing manual processes.

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