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Feldkirchen-westerham, Germany

A method for generating planning data or control data for a radiation treatment, comprising the following steps: acquiring segmented data of an object which contains a treatment volume and a non-treatment volume; modelling at least some or all of the volume or surface of the treatment volume as a source of light or rays exhibiting a predefined or constant initial intensity; modelling the non-treatment volume as comprising volumetric elements or voxels which each exhibit an individually assigned feature or attenuation or transparency value (t

A medical holder device to which a flexible medical tooltip comprising an optical fibre can exchangeably be attached, the medical holder device comprising an optical fibre connector for receiving the proximal end of the optical fibre, a light source adapted to emit light into the optical fibre, a light receiver adapted to receive light reflected at the distal end of the optical fibre and to output a corresponding output signal and a processing unit adapted to receive the output signal from the light receiver and to calculate a bending of the optical fibre.

The invention is directed to a method for controlling a process of monitoring the position of at least a part of a patients body (

BrainLAB | Date: 2014-05-26

The present disclosure relates to a feedback system for control or input gestures in a medical environment, which includes a presence detector which generates a threshold and acquires detection data which describe whether a medical input gesture reaches and/or crosses the threshold; and a computer which is connected to the presence detector and triggers a sterility-preserving response to a positive detection by the presence detector, wherein the computer is configured to provide user guidance comprising a warning message if actual contact with a medical display has been detected by the presence detector or a touch screen display or a touch detector on the display. The invention also relates to a medical image display system comprising such a feedback system and to a method of providing sterility-preserving feedback with respect to control or input gestures in a medical system.

A marker for a navigation system includes a reflective surface, and a light-absorbing, non-reflective or low-reflective object arranged at a defined distance from the reflective surface.

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