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Monroe Township, NJ, United States

Bracco Diagnostics Inc. | Date: 2015-05-08

The present invention provides a gas water bottle adaptor that is suitable for attachment to a water bottle and to a bottle cap. The adaptor can include a gas inlet on one side thereof suitable for attachment to the gas connection of an endoscope. A sealing member can be affixed to the adaptor to prevent leakage of any fluid (e.g., liquid or gas) that is inside of the water bottle. The adaptor may be used in endoscopy methods and is particularly useful for adding a secondary gas source to a water bottle.

Bracco Diagnostics Inc. | Date: 2014-10-02

The invention features sincalide formulations that include an effective amount of sincalide, a bulking agent/tonicity adjuster, a stabilizer, a surfactant, a chelator, and a buffer. The invention also features kits and methods for preparing improved sincalide formulations as well as methods for treating, preventing, and diagnosing gall bladder-related disorders using sincalide formulations.

Bracco Diagnostics Inc. | Date: 2015-04-06

A system and method for retaining a tissue specimen obtained via a collection tube is provided. Embodiments provide a system including a collection device removably and serially disposed between a collection tube and a suction tube so as to allow fluid communication therebetween via the collection device. The collection device includes a screen for retaining a tissue specimen drawn into the collection device by and towards the suction tube while allowing any fluid accompanying the tissue to be drawn through the collection device and into the suction tube. The system also includes one or more end caps for sealing the collection device such that the collection device may store and/or transport the retained tissue specimen in a preservation fluid. A system for identifying and organizing collection devices retaining tissue specimens from various anatomical regions is also provided.

Bracco Diagnostics Inc. | Date: 2014-08-08

Methods for setting up, maintaining and operating a radiopharmaceutical infusion system, that includes a radioisotope generator, are facilitated by a computer of the system. The computer includes pre-programmed instructions and a computer interface, for interaction with a user of the system, for example, in order to track contained volumes of eluant and/or eluate, and/or to track time from completion of an elution performed by the system, and/or to calculate one or more system and/or injection parameters for quality control, and/or to perform purges of the system, and/or to facilitate diagnostic imaging.

Bracco Diagnostics Inc. | Date: 2015-03-13

A radioisotope generator that releases a daughter radioisotope from radioactive decay of a corresponding parent isotope, such as a

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