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Kashiwazaki, Japan

Maejima D.,Shinshu University | Maejima D.,Bourbon Corporation | Kawai Y.,Shinshu University | Ajima K.,Shinshu University | Ohhashi T.,Shinshu University
Microcirculation | Year: 2011

We studied the effects of PDGF-BB on changes in the diameters of murine lymph vessels with or without intact endothelium. PDGF-BB induced dilation of the lymph vessels with endothelium. Pretreatment with l-NAME or removal of the endothelium caused a significant attenuation in the PDGF-BB-induced dilation. PDGF-BB also produced dose-related reduction of the diameters of the lymph vessels without endothelium. To evaluate intracellular signal transduction and Ca 2+-dependence of the PDGF-BB-induced tonic contraction, we investigated the effects of imatinib, GW5074 (an inhibitor of Raf-1 kinase), U-73122 (an inhibitor of phospholipase C), and xestospongin C on the PDGF-BB-induced reduction responses. All of these inhibitors caused a significant attenuation in the PDGF-BB-induced reduction response that was significantly decreased by treatment with Ca 2+-free Krebs-bicarbonate solution or nifedipine. Higher concentrations of PDGF-BB produced a marked reduction of lymph vessel diameter within both high K + Krebs-bicarbonate solution and Ca 2+-free high K + Krebs solution containing 1mM EGTA. These findings suggest that PDGF-BB induced endothelium-dependent NO-mediated relaxation of lymphatic smooth muscles in murine lymph vessels. PDGF receptor β-mediated tonic contraction of the muscles through increased Ca 2+ influx through the membrane and the release of membrane-bound and intracellular Ca 2+. © 2011 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

Bourbon Ltd | Date: 2014-02-12

(Based on Intent to Use) Bourbon; Distilled Spirits; Rum; Spirits; Whiskey(Based on 44(d) Priority Application) Bourbon; Distilled Spirits; Rum; Spirits; Whiskey.

Bourbon Corporation | Date: 2014-05-21

Provided are a maintenance medium for primate pluripotent stem cells, and a method for preserving and a method for controlling proliferation of primate pluripotent stem cells using the medium. The maintenance medium for human pluripotent stem cells according to the present invention includes xylose as a saccharide.

Bourbon Corporation | Date: 2011-10-21

The present invention relates to an antihypertensive agent including a boysenberry seed extract as an active ingredient. According to the invention, there can be provided an effective and highly safe antihypertensive agent having antihypertensive effect so that the agent can contribute to the prevention and amelioration of hypertension and having very little risk of side effects even in continuous intake, and a method for producing the antihypertensive agent at low cost and efficiently.

Bourbon Corporation | Date: 2013-07-23

The present invention relates to a caffeine-reduced cacao composition and a method for producing the same. According to the present invention, it is possible to provide a novel caffeine-reduced cacao composition in which only caffeine is selectively reduced while retaining a health functional component contained in a cacao raw material, and a method for producing the same.

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