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Huibertus van Essen T.,Leiden University | Lin C.C.,Body Organ Biomedical Corporation | Hussain A.K.,Leiden University | Maas S.,Leiden University | And 6 more authors.
Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science | Year: 2013

PURPOSE. A fish scale-derived collagen matrix (FSCM) is proposed as an alternative for human donor corneal tissue. Light scatter and light transmission of the FSCM were measured and compared with human cornea, and its short-term biocompatibility was tested in a rat model. METHODS. Light scatter was determined with a straylight measuring device, whereas light transmission was measured using a broadband absorption spectrometer. For evaluation of the biocompatibiliy, three approaches were used: the FSCM was implanted as an anterior lamellar keratoplasty (ALK), placed in an interlamellar corneal pocket (IL), and placed subconjunctivally (SC). Transparency, neovascularization, and epithelial damage were followed for 21 days. Morphology and cellular infiltration were assessed histologically. RESULTS. The amount of scattered light was comparable to that seen in early cataract and the percentage of light transmission was similar to the transmission through the human cornea. Implantation of the FSCM as an ALK led to mild haziness only, not obscuring the pupil, despite the development of neovascularization around the sutures; IL placement led to a moderate haze, partly obscuring the pupil, and to (partial) melting of the anterior corneal lamella. The SC group exhibited local swelling and induration, which decreased over time. Histology showed a chronic inflammation varying from mild and moderate in the ALK and IL group, to severe in the SC group. CONCLUSIONS. In spite of technical difficulties, it was feasible to use the FSCM for ALK, whereas IL placement led to melting of the anterior lamella. Further studies are necessary for better understanding of its immunogenicity. The light scatter and transmission data show that the first version of this FSCM is comparable to human cornea tissue in this respect. © 2013 The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, Inc.

BODY ORGAN BIOMEDICAL Corporation | Date: 2011-08-09

A bio-sheet applied on the eye tissue repair is disclosed. The bio-sheet comprises a biodegradable substrate formed of fish scales and has an epithelial cell layer formed thereon, wherein the fish scales are bony scales.

Body Organ Biomedical Corporation | Date: 2013-09-27

Biological preparations for medical purposes; cultures of microorganisms for medical and veterinary purposes; enzyme preparations for medical purposes; surgical implants (living tissue); media for bacteriological cultures; pharmaceutical preparations; pharmaceutical preparations for skin care. Artificial skin for surgical purposes; incubators for medical purposes; surgical implants (artificial materials). Bacteriological research; biological research; chemical analysis; chemical research; chemistry services; cosmetic research.

Body Organ Biomedical Corporation | Date: 2010-09-13

A biomaterial prepared from a process comprising dehydrating the fish scales until the fish scales containing less than about 50% of water, and grinding the dehydrated fish scales into ground particles each having an average size of less than about 10,000 m in diameter, wherein the ground particles contain a mixture of sponge like matrix and powder is provided. The invention also provides a biomaterial prepared from fish scales by a process comprising subjecting the fish scales to a heat treatment at a temperature of less than about 200 C.

Body Organ Biomedical Corporation | Date: 2013-08-28

A recombinant vector, transgenic fish egg using the same and biomaterial using the same are applied to provide a transgenic fish that secreting recombinant human procollagens or collagens, and further to provide the biomaterial having the recombinant human procollagens or collagens and extract the recombinant human procollagens or collagens from the part(s), having the recombinant human procollagens or collagens, of the transgenic fish.

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