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Goyal A.K.,North Bengal University | Goyal A.K.,Bodoland University | Sen A.,North Bengal University
Indian Journal of Biotechnology | Year: 2015

Bamboo is a nature's wonderful gift associated with the rural people since ages. In the present study, genetic relationships among the 29 accessions of bamboo using RAPD and ISSR markers were accessed. The RAPD decamers resulted in 326 loci ranging 187-1875 bp, of which only two were monomorphic. The percentage of polymorphism was found to 99.39%. Dendrogram showed that the most of Bambusa species were close to each other, while the four accessions of Dendrocalamus and two accessions of Drepanostachyum were distantly placed from each other. Based on the similarity indices, being varieties of the same species, B. vulgaris, 'Vittata' and 'Wamin'; B. multiplex, 'Alphonse-Karr' and 'Rivierorum', formed a cluster sharing a node at 88.3% and 91.1%, respectively. The ISSR primers produced 244 amplifiedbands, of which all were polymorphic (band size 137-2017 bp). The dendrogram was similar to RAPD analysis. Dendrogram based on the combined data sets of RAPD and ISSR showed considerable similarity with that obtained from individual RAPD and ISSR, except that in both the individual analysis, three accessions were segregated from the cluster and evolved as independent distinct clade, B. pallida being common. In the combined analysis, only B. pallida was found to diversify from the main clade.

Swargiary A.,Bodoland University | Roy B.,North - Eastern Hill University
Medicinal Plants | Year: 2015

Aqueous extract of Alpinia nigra (Gaertn.) is a widely used traditional medicine by Tripuri tribe of North-east India against intestinal helminthiasis. Our earlier studies have established the anthelminthic properties of the plant; however, very few literature is available about its antioxidant properties. The present study tries to explore its phytochemical constituents and antioxidant properties. The antioxidant activities of the plant was investigated using 1,1 diphenyl 2 picrylhydrazyl (DPPH), FRAP assay, Ferric reducing power test and hydrogen pero xide (H2O2) free radical scavenging power tests. Qualitative test for alkaloids, carbohydrate, flavonoids, glycosides, phenols and saponins were also determined along with the quantitative test for total phenolic compounds (TPC). The extracts showed positive results for all the phytochemicals studied. The total phenolic content (TPC) was found to be 40.65±0.43 and 25.66±0.3 mgGAE/g for ethanol-and aqueous extracts, respectively. Good antioxidant and free radical scavenging power have also been seen compared to the standard ascorbic acid. Ethanol extract was found more active compared to the aqueous extract. Therefore, the shoot-extract the Alpinia nigra could be used as a potential source of natural antioxidant and may be a good candidate for plant based pharmaceutical products. © 2015, All rights reserved.

Deka R.K.,Gauhati University | Paul A.,Bodoland University
Pramana - Journal of Physics | Year: 2013

An analysis is performed to study the unsteady, incompressible, one-dimensional, free convective flow over an infinite moving vertical cylinder under combined buoyancy effects of heat and mass transfer with thermal and mass stratifications. Laplace transform technique is adopted for finding solutions for velocity, temperature and concentration with unit Prandtl and Schmidt numbers. Solutions of unsteady state for larger times are compared with the solutions of steady state. Velocity, temperature and concentration profiles are analysed for various sets of physical parameters. Skin friction, Nusselt number and Sherwood number are shown graphically. It has been found that the thermal as well as mass stratification affects the flow appreciably. © 2013 Indian Academy of Sciences.

Brahma J.,Science College | Brahma B.K.,Bodoland University
International Journal of Conservation Science | Year: 2016

Throughout history, natural products from plants have played sustaining roles in the lives of humans, especially for food sources and for medicinal products. Oral interviews with local and village elders have enumerated 50 species of economically important wild aromatic plants used as vegetables, spices, condiments and medicines for curing different ailments. Of these six aromatic plants were analyzed to evaluate nutritional and bioactive compounds. The results revealed that it contains moisture content in the range of 66-87% of fresh weight, ash content 20-43% of dry weight, crude protein in 12-25% of dry weight, total solids in 13-34% of dry weight, carbohydrates in a range of 7-42% of dry weight and crude fat in 0.68-2.0% of dry weight. Qualitative phytochemical analysis of these plants confirms the presence of bioactive compounds like steroids, alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, saponins and trace amounts of micro nutrient elements. Thus, preliminary study and qualitative analysis draws attention on the signifance of these phytochemicals with respect to the role of wild plants in traditional medicinal system and the need for further studies in treatment of many diseases.

Deka R.K.,Gauhati University | Paul A.,Bodoland University
Magnetohydrodynamics | Year: 2014

An exact analysis is performed to study the unsteady one-dimensional MHD free convective flow past an infinite vertical cylinder in the presence of homogeneous chemical reaction of first order. Analytical solutions of the unsteady governing linear equations are obtained by Laplace transform technique. Transient velocity, temperature, concentration profiles, skin friction, Nusselt and Sherwood numbers are presented for various physical parameters, such as thermal Grashof number, mass Grashof number, chemical reaction parameter, magnetic parameter, Prandtl number and Schmidt number. It is observed that the velocity field decreases with the increase in chemical reaction parameter as well as in magnetic field parameter. Further, it is shown that as the time progresses, the velocity, temperature and the concentration approach the steady state.

Das D.,Gauhati University | Baruah H.K.,Bodoland University
National Academy Science Letters | Year: 2016

In this article, a method has been developed to construct the membership surfaces of row and column vectors of an imprecise matrix. A matrix with imprecise elements would be called an imprecise matrix. Nothing however is available in the literature about the membership surface when an imprecise matrix is defined. In this article, the authors have shown the row and column membership surfaces of imprecise matrix and demonstrated with the help of real life example. © 2016, The National Academy of Sciences, India.

Paul A.,Bodoland University | Deka R.K.,Gauhati University
International Journal of Chemical Engineering | Year: 2013

An analysis is performed to study the heat and mass transfer on the flow past an infinite moving vertical cylinder, in the presence of first-order chemical reaction. The closed-form solutions of the dimensionless governing partial differential equations are obtained in terms of Bessel's functions and modified Bessel's functions by the Laplace transform technique. The transient velocity profiles, temperature profiles, and concentration profiles are studied for various sets of physical parameters, namely, the chemical reaction parameter, Prandtl number, Schmidt number, thermal Grashof number, mass Grashof number, and time. The skin friction, Nusselt number, and Sherwood number are also obtained and presented in graphs. It is observed that in presence of as well as increase in chemical reaction the flow velocity decreases. Also, in presence of destructive chemical reaction the concentration profile and Sherwood number tend to the steady state at large time. © 2013 Ashish Paul and Rudra Kanta Deka.

Swargiary A.,Bodoland University
International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences | Year: 2015

Alpinia nigra belonging to the family Zingiberaceae is an ethnomedicine with established anthelmintic property. In view of its medicinal property, the present study was designed to investigate the anthelmintic property of astragalin, a bioactive compound of A. nigra against fluke parasite, Fasciolopsis buski. In vitro exposure of flukes at varying concentrations 0.025 - 0.1 mg/ml of PBS a dose-dependent effect on motility and mortality was observed. Stereoscan observations of the astragalin exposed fluke revealed deformity of the surface architecture including shrinkage and eroded scales leading to scar formation as well as loss of the scales. Ultrastructural observations revealed distortion of glycocalyx, musculature region, basal layer and disintegration of the nucleus, nucleolus, nuclear membrane, Golgi complexes and mitochondria. A large number of vacuole formations could also be seen in flukes exposed to astragalin compared to control. The result therefore indicates the anthelmintic property of astragalin, the bioactive compound of A. nigra against the fluke parasite F. buski.

Brahma D.,Bodoland University
International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences | Year: 2015

Samia ricini and S. canningi are non-mulberry silk worms with multivoltine and bivoltine nature reared indoor and outdoor, respectively. Both the varieties are found in the North-eastern states of India. S. ricini is susceptible to unhygienic and poor environmental conditions. The present study was designed to produce a crossbreed between S. ricini and S. canningi and to study the effect of seasonal variation on the rearing performance between the F1 hybrid and the parents. Experimental results have shown that the rearing performance of crossbreed showed superior quality compared to parental species. Temperature fluctuation was found to be the major factor in the rearing performance. The present study, therefore, suggest that the S. ricini x S. canningi crossbreed may be a good variety for silkworm industry whose productivity can be increased by taking good care of temperature fluctuation. However, further study regarding the productivity and temperature needs to done to establish the correlation. KEY. © 2015.

PubMed | Padmashree Institute of Management and Sciences, Bodoland University, Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women and Kalimpong College
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Antioxidants (Basel, Switzerland) | Year: 2016

Despite several pharmacological applications of Baccaurea ramiflora Lour., studies on the influence of its polyphenol content on pharmacological activity such as anti-inflammatory properties have been scarce. Here we evaluated in vitro antioxidant activity, poyphenolics by HPLC and the anti-inflammatory potential of the methanolic leaf extract of Baccaurea ramiflora (BME) and its protective effects in carrageenan-induced paw edema model of inflammation in rats. The BME extract contained 79.06 0.03 mg gallic acid equivalent (GAE)/g total polyphenols, 28.80 0.01 mg quercetin equivalent (QE)/g flavonoid and 29.42 0.01 g cathechin equivalent/g proanthocyanidin respectively and rosmarinic acid (8 mg/kg) as a main component was identified by HPLC. Results demonstrate that administration of BME at the dose of 200 mg/kg can reduce paw edema by over 63%, and it exhibits a dose-response effect. Depending on concentration, the extract exerted scavenging activity on DPPH radical (IC50 36.4 g/mL), significantly inhibited IL-1 (4.4 pg/mg protein) and TNF- (0.21 ng/g protein). Therefore, we conclude BME causes a substantial reduction of inflammation in in vivo models. We propose that rosmarinic acid and similar phenolic compounds may be useful in the therapy of inflammation-related injuries.

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