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Port Kembla, Australia

Bluescope Steel Ltd. | Date: 2013-07-31

A metallic coated steel strip includes a steel strip and a metallic coating on at least one side of the strip. The metallic coating includes an AlZnMgSi overlay alloy layer and an intermediate alloy layer between the steel strip and the overlay alloy layer. The intermediate alloy layer has a composition of, by weight, 4.0-12.0% Zn, 6.0-17.0% Si, 20.0-40.0% Fe, 0.02-0.50% Mg, and balance Al and unavoidable impurities.

Bluescope Steel Ltd. | Date: 2013-02-28

A coated substrate including: a substrate including a treated layer, a photocatalytic layer, and a protective layer between the photocatalytic layer and the treated layer, the protective layer comprising colloidal particles dispersed in a matrix, the colloidal particles including first and second types of particles that differ in their respective particle size distributions and which together provide a physical barrier by virtue of the first, smaller particles at least partially filling interstices between the second, larger particles and thereby impede photocatalyst derived degradation of the treated layer, the first type of colloid particles comprising hydrolysed silica based material such as reactive silica condensate particles or polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes, or mixtures thereof, the protective layer having an effect of less than 20 delta E units on the colour and gloss of the substrate.

Bluescope Steel Ltd. | Date: 2014-04-18

A method of forming an AlZnSiMg alloy coating on a strip that includes dipping strip into a bath of molten AlZnSiMg alloy and forming a coating of the alloy on the strip, with the AlZnSiMg alloy containing in % by weight: Al: 2 to 19%, Si: 0.1 to 2%, Mg: 1 to 10%, and Zn: 80 to 97%, and with the bath having a molten metal layer and a top dross layer on the metal layer, and the method including providing Ca in the composition of the bath to minimise the top dross layer in the molten bath.

Bluescope Steel Ltd. | Date: 2013-11-15

A clip (

Bluescope Steel Ltd. | Date: 2013-10-17

A method of forming a coating of a metal alloy on a steel strip to form a metal alloy coated steel strip is disclosed. The method includes a hot dip coating step of dipping steel strip into a bath of molten metal alloy and forming a metal alloy coating on exposed surfaces of the steel strip. A native oxide layer as defined herein forming on the metal alloy coating of the metal alloy coated strip emerging from the metal coating bath. The method includes controlling the method downstream of the hot dip coating step and/or selecting the metal coating composition to maintain the native oxide layer at least substantially intact on the metal alloy coating during the downstream steps.

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