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New York, NY, United States

BlackRock | Date: 2014-11-04

A future cost of retirement planning tool conveniently translates lump-sum investment amounts into a future lifetime annual income amount. This future lifetime annual income amount is predicted as a function of retirement date, future pre-retirement saving rate, retirement income goal, and investment portfolio composition. The planning tool also provides probability distributions (or other measurements of variability) of the predicted future lifetime annual income amount based on the foregoing factors. This information is presented to a user in a convenient graphical interface.

BlackRock | Date: 2014-08-08

A target outcome fund mimics an option in an underlying risky asset by holding a mix of the risky asset and a low-risk asset. The relative amount of the risky asset and the low risk asset held by the fund is rebalanced based on a comparison of a current target return and a current actual return of the fund. If the fund over-performs, the target outcome is increased accordingly to prevent the fund becoming overly invested in the risky asset, thereby protecting gains made.

A method and system for providing computer-implemented trading of securities. Respective computer-generated interfaces are provided from a counter-party system between a plurality of dealers and a plurality of clients. A network enables messages to be directly exchanged between the dealer interfaces and the client interfaces. Enabling at least a particular client to submit an inquiry, via the respective client interface, for trading a particular security to at least one of the plurality of the dealers. Enabling the dealers to provide respective offers and/or bids, via their respective dealer interfaces, in response to a client inquiry submitted thereto. Communicating, via the computer generated interfaces, the offers and/or bids directly to the particular client from a particular dealer for consideration thereby.

A system is disclosed for enabling a portfolio manager to obtain credit approval for an issuer of securities from a credit analyst. The system includes a relational database containing subjective and objective issuer information, a graphical user interface for permitting a portfolio manager to submit a credit approval request to a credit analyst, a graphical user interface for permitting a credit analyst to evaluate the credit approval request submitted by the portfolio manager based on the issuer information contained in the database, and a graphical user interface for permitting the credit analyst to resolve the credit approval request on behalf of the portfolio manager.

BlackRock | Date: 2013-04-18

An open-ended fund, such as an ETF, holds fixed-income securities and has a liquidation date. An order management system receives buy orders from a plurality of investors for purchasing shares of the fund receives and sell orders from a plurality of investors for selling shares of the fund. A fund management information system determines a yield for each investor based on the shares of the fund purchased by the investor and the fixed-income securities held by the fund at the time that the shares were purchased. The fund management information system also determines a plurality of distribution payments and a final liquidation payment for each investor so that the distribution payments and the final liquidation payment provide the yield determined for the investor when the investor purchased shares of the fund. This enables investors to use the fund in a bond laddering strategy.

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