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Black Inc | Date: 2015-09-03

Couplers that are configured to engage with an attachment point on a camera or lens. Following general camera construction, the attachment points are typically found on the bottom of the camera or lens. The attachment points may be specifically configured to engage with the couplers. The couplers may be freely rotatable relative to the camera to prevent binding or tangling of a camera strap to which the couplers are connected.

Aspects and implementations of the present disclosure are directed to methods and systems for representing sets of files using signatures. In general, in some implementations, an audit system scans a file hierarchy comprising a root directory and a plurality of elements (e.g., directories, data files, and archive files) to identify elements satisfying an element selection criteria. The audit system creates element descriptors by identifying, for each respective identified element, one or more element component values and creating an element descriptor from the element component values. The audit system forms a string descriptor comprising an aggregation of the element descriptors and generates a signature for the string descriptor. The signature may be stored in association with metadata for the root directory. In some implementations, the audit system identifies multiple sets of files represented by equivalent signatures and records the representations of the set of files compactly.

Black Inc | Date: 2015-05-11

A soldier platform system and a method for protecting soldiers are disposed in a vehicle. In an embodiment, a soldier platform system includes a seat assembly. The soldier platform system also includes a ratchet platform upon which an individual disposed in the seat assembly stands. The soldier support system also includes a single point release system. The single point release system includes a release assembly. In addition, the single point release system includes a first seat side strap and a second seat side strap. Moreover, the single point release system includes a first main support strap and a second main support strap. The single point release system further includes a first side restraint tether and a second side restraint tether.

Black Inc | Date: 2014-10-15

A wraparound portable holder with protective inserts that is closeable and openable, allowing for the storage or use of a restraint device. A restraint device is enclosed, and protected, by the wraparound portable holder. Further, the wraparound portable holder may be closed or opened during use of the restraint device.

Black Inc | Date: 2015-09-10

A protected firing platform protection system protects personnel from contact with the protected firing platform. In an embodiment, the protected firing platform protection system is adapted for use with a protected firing platform of a military vehicle. The protected firing platform protection system includes a blanket. The blanket has a carrier and a protective insert. The carrier has an interior. The protective insert is disposed in the interior. The blanket is attached to the protected firing platform.

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