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Hāora, India

Pradhan S.S.,Bk Girls College | Sarkar A.,Bk Girls College
Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials, and Tissue Engineering | Year: 2011

Pearl is a bio-originated valuable natural gem and it is also cultivated or harvested for jewellery. In this paper, the material aspects of pearl have been investigated experimentally and it has been found that it has a very high static dielectric constant ∼ 10 5. The functional nature of the material is also established in this work. The beautiful lustre of natural pearl is explained by nanooptics and the layered structure of the material. The origin of super-dielectric nature of pearl has been explained by lightning rod effect (LRE) that causes ultra-high polarization of the dielectric background. The LRE is due to the presence of very small sized nano-particles in the natural pearl. Its electrical conductivity is mostly ionic, only less than 10% of the total conductivity is electronic. The scope of tailoring of its electro-activity has been probed. © 2011 Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Ghosh P.K.,Bk Girls College | Sarkar A.,Bk Girls College
Asian Journal of Chemistry | Year: 2011

Development of gas sensors using non toxic natural materials has become a new trend of present day sensor research. In present paper application potential of natural rubber in gas sensing has been studied by exploiting the property of surface electronic conduction, worth of natural rubber as NH3 gas sensor and also its sensitivity to humidity and CO2. Thus the typical gas sensing phenomenon in rubber surface claims importance in both theoretical and experimental research.

Ghosh P.K.,Bk Girls College | Sarkar A.,Bk Girls College
AIP Conference Proceedings | Year: 2013

Biomaterials are getting importance in the present research field of sensors. In this present paper performance of biomaterial based gas sensor made of gum Arabica and garlic extract had been studied. Extract of garlic clove with multiple medicinal and chemical utility can be proved to be useful in sensing Sulphur di Oxide gas. On exposure to Sulphur di Oxide gas the material under observation suffers some temporary structural change, which can be observed in form of amplified potentiometric change through simple electronic circuitry. Exploiting this very property a potentiometric gas sensor of faster response and recovery time can be designed. In this work sensing property of the said material has been studied through DC conductance, FTIR spectrum etc. © 2013 AIP Publishing LLC.

Ghosh P.K.,Bk Girls College | Sarkar A.,Bk Girls College
Proceedings of the International Conference on Sensing Technology, ICST | Year: 2012

Biological materials are going to be important in the realm of sensor research. The natural membranous materials e.g. garlic peel, onion peel, natural rubber surface, inner surface layer of cocoon etc. are very much sensitive towards different weather parameters, different environment threatening gases e.g. ammonia, sulphur dioxide etc. Exploiting this sensitivity such materials can be best used as sensors with their qualities like eco friendliness, no toxicity etc. In this present paper gas sensing characteristics of cocoon membrane as well as natural rubber surface had been investigated exploring their surface conductivity. © 2012 IEEE.

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