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Sherbrooke, Canada

Bishop's University is a predominantly undergraduate university in Lennoxville, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. Bishop's is one of three universities in the province of Quebec that teach primarily in the English language Wikipedia.

Faraoni V.,Bishops University
Physics of the Dark Universe | Year: 2016

In an accelerating universe in General Relativity there is a maximum radius above which a shell of test particles cannot collapse, but is dispersed by the cosmic expansion. This radius could be used in conjunction with observations of large structures to constrain the equation of state of the universe. We extend the concept of turnaround radius to modified theories of gravity for which the gravitational slip is non-vanishing. © 2015 Elsevier B.V. Source

Faraoni V.,Bishops University
Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics | Year: 2011

A string-inspired duality symmetry of the spatially flat Friedmann equations of general-relativistic cosmology is discussed and generalized, providing a map between exact solutions corresponding to different values of the barotropic index. © 2011 Elsevier B.V. Source

Faraoni V.,Bishops University
Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology | Year: 2012

It is widely acknowledged that, for formal purposes, a minimally coupled scalar field is equivalent to an effective perfect fluid with equation of state determined by the scalar potential. This correspondence is not complete because the Lagrangian densities L 1=P and L 2=-ρ, which are equivalent for a perfect fluid, are not equivalent for a minimally coupled scalar field. The exchange L 1↔L 2 amounts to exchanging a canonical scalar field with a phantom scalar field. © 2012 American Physical Society. Source

Sotiriou T.P.,International School for Advanced Studies | Sotiriou T.P.,National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Italy | Faraoni V.,Bishops University
Physical Review Letters | Year: 2012

Hawking has proven that black holes which are stationary as the end point of gravitational collapse in Brans-Dicke theory (without a potential) are no different than in general relativity. We extend this proof to the much more general class of scalar-tensor and f(R) gravity theories, without assuming any symmetries apart from stationarity. © 2012 American Physical Society. Source

Sirois F.M.,Bishops University
Preventive Medicine Reports | Year: 2015

This study tested a self-regulation resource model (SRRM) of self-compassion and health-promoting behavior intentions in emerging adults. The SRRM posits that positive and negative affect in conjunction with health self-efficacy serve as valuable self-regulation resources to promote health behaviors. Methods: An online survey was completed by 403 emerging adults recruited from the community and a Canadian University in late 2008. Multiple meditation analyses with bootstrapping controlling for demographics and current health behaviors tested the proposed explanatory role of the self-regulation resource variables (affect and self-efficacy) in linking self-compassion to health behavior intentions. Results: Self-compassion was positively associated with intentions to engage in health-promoting behaviors. The multiple mediation model explained 23% of the variance in health behavior intentions, with significant indirect effects through health self-efficacy and low negative affect. Conclusion: Interventions aimed at increasing self-compassion in emerging adults may help promote positive health behaviors, perhaps through increasing self-regulation resources. © 2015 The Author. Source

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