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Brown A.,BIRNS Inc.
International Ocean Systems | Year: 2012

The US Navy has been encouraging research and development of sophisticated manned and unmanned underwater vehicles for tactical use. The vehicle can carry payload in three internal compartments with a total volume of 15.8m3/170ft3, and can go on missions out to 532 nautical miles/985km or for 266 hours on its baseline battery, before recharging is needed. BIRNS also provided five sets of highly specialized BIRNS Primum MSSL-3-4-CP and MSSL-3 -4-FR connectors to be used for Proteus propulsion power. These robust connector pairs featured three large pins capable of handling the systems demands for power, and could withstand heavy mechanical impact without damage. Each solder pot was insulated with Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) part way up the shaft to eliminate electrical interference between circuits, which also facilitated the next step of applying shrink tubing. After wire termination, heat-shrink tubing covered the entire conductive area, ensuring a completely insulated termination and further eliminating possible electrical interference between pins. Source

Brown A.,BIRNS Inc.
International Ocean Systems | Year: 2015

BIRNS has developed advanced innovations that have helped enhance the way marine systems operate and communicate by providing extraordinarily high performance attributes in radically smaller packages. Open face pressure ratings to six kilometers are available with the BIRNS Millennium series, a high density metal shell line featuring diverse options of optical, electrooptical, coax and electrocoax configurations. These robust connectors are built for rigorous use, and include such features as positive stainless steel stops to preclude overtightening, dual stainless steel keys and square threads to resist mechanical damage. BIRNS provided a Millennium 3F single fiber connector solution to Bluefin Robotics, USA, for its line of hovering autonomous underwater vehicles (HAUV3) used in the US Navy's EOD HULS MK19 ship hull inspection system. This two-man portable AUV sends real-time vehicle telemetry to the surface, as well as high-resolution imaging sonar and video camera data over a thin fiber optic data tether. Other advanced techniques and equipment BIRNS uses for the testing of connectors and cable assemblies include a direct computer control (DCC) Mituyoyo, Japan, coordinate measuring machine (CMM), which allows users to download 3D engineering models into the machine to measure a part directly from the model. Source

Brown A.,BIRNS Inc. | Birns E.,BIRNS Inc.
International Ocean Systems | Year: 2010

The subsea industry is pushing connector technology to greater heights and to depths. Many of the early electrical dry mated connectors were made of rubber with silicon grease creating a waterproof seal. Inherent challenges included ensuring that the mold tooling set would remain perfectly aligned throughout the entire process, because even thousandths of an inch discrepancies can be problematic with high-density pin connectors. The result was a 'starting' insert OD smaller than the relaxed ID of the O-ring, which then expanded out to seal seamlessly over the entire sealing surface. Previous robots sent into the wreckage, which was full of highly radioactive water and cement, lasted less than ten minutes before radiation decimated their computers. Two years later, the US Navy called upon BIRNS to supply an advanced oil-filled connector adaptor that would not cut tubing, for use with underwater oil-filled cables for deep-submergence ROVs. Source

Brown A.,BIRNS Inc.
Sea Technology | Year: 2014

Subsea connector technology has advanced apace with the increase in the use of sophisticated new vehicles to explore the ocean. Connector systems for these innovative submersibles can now provide faster, more accurate communication, increased options in power and signal, and enhanced performance capabilities for sensors, cameras and sonar. BIRNS created custom connectors and cable assemblies with 48-inch leads for a wide range of systems on the free-flooded design, whose titanium main electronics housing measured approximately 20 inches in outside diameter and approximately 16 inches in inside diameter, resulting in tight tolerances for its cable assemblies. There were a total of six BIRNS Millennium 3M connector pairs throughout the pressure vessel. The BIRNS Millennium 3M connectors each had a 0.58-inch electrical insulation diameter and a flange dimension of 1.5 inches. The 3M connectors had five 16-AWG conductors and eight 20-AWG conductors. Source

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