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Dali District, Taiwan

Bionime Corporation | Date: 2014-01-24

A biological testing device includes a housing body having a meter storage compartment, and a testing meter that is disposed in the meter storage compartment and that operates with a biosensor strip which is disposed after being used. The housing body further has a waste storage compartment that is separated from the meter storage compartment and that has s a waste take-out opening, and an insertion hole for inserting the used biosensor strip into the waste storage compartment. The waste take-out opening is larger than the insertion hole. The waste take-out opening is normally closed and is openable for permitting taking out of the used biosensor strip from the waste storage compartment.

Bionime Corporation | Date: 2012-05-15

A measuring method for measuring a physiological parameter via a measuring system comprising a test strip, an auxiliary measuring device and an electronic device having an application program and an analog-to digital converting unit is provided. The measuring method includes steps of coupling the auxiliary measuring device between the test strip and the electronic device to form a loop; the electronic device executing the application program to provide a first analog signal, and transferring the first analog signal to the auxiliary measuring device via the loop; the auxiliary measuring device applying a voltage to the test strip according to the first analog signal, and causing the test strip to generate a second analog signal; the analog-to-digital converting unit converting the second analog signal into a digital signal via the application program; and the application program calculating the digital signal to estimate the physiological parameter.

Bionime Corporation | Date: 2014-11-12

A measuring device for an analyte in a specimen includes a device body, and a sensing unit and an installation unit that are disposed on the device body. The sensing unit includes a measuring module to measure a parameter of the analyte in the specimen. The installation unit removably installs the device body on a drug injection device.

Bionime Corporation | Date: 2012-09-14

A method for estimation of hematocrit of a sample having an analyte includes: bringing the sample into contact with a sensor strip including a reference electrode coated with a reference layer nonreactive to the analyte, and a working electrode coated with a working layer including a biorecognition element reactive to the analyte; applying a voltage between the reference and working electrodes, and recording information of a reaction current flowing through the sample within a time period of not greater than 5 seconds from beginning of application of the voltage; and estimating the hematocrit of the sample by analyzing the recorded information using a predetermined current-hematocrit function.

Bionime Corporation | Date: 2013-05-09

An electronic device includes a casing that is formed with a battery slot, positive and negative power output terminals that are disposed in a wall of the battery slot, first and second batteries that are disposed in the battery slot, and a conductive plate that is clamped removably by electrode ends of the first and second batteries. The conductive plate includes a conductive body that has at least one contact for contact with one of the first and second batteries.

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