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San Diego, CA, United States

Constricted nanochannel devices suitable for use in analysis of macromolecular structure, including DNA sequencing, are disclosed. Also disclosed are methods for fabricating such devices and for analyzing macromolecules using such devices.

BioNano Genomics | Date: 2014-02-03

Methods for single-molecule preparation and analysis are disclosed herein. The methods can, for example, be used for isolating and analyzing DNA from various biological samples.

BioNano Genomics | Date: 2014-02-19

Methods are provided for detecting and quantitating molecules using fluidics. In preferred embodiments, the methods comprise analyzing blood to detect the presence of circulating DNA or cells from a fetus or tumor.

Methods for generating physical maps for polynucleotides, such as genomic DNA, are disclosed herein. Also disclosed are methods for identifying the source of polynucleotides. The methods can, for example, be used in physical map construction of whole genome. In addition, methods and systems capable of performing high throughput characterization of macromolecules using nanofludic devices are enclosed.

BioNano Genomics | Date: 2014-03-03

Methods of analyzing features such as the physical size of macromolecules or biomarkers along large genomic DNA molecules were disclosed as wen as the devices for carrying out such high throughput analysis in a massively parallel fashion. Methods of fabricating such devices are also disclosed.

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