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Biomet, Inc. is one of the world's leading medical device manufacturers located in the Warsaw, Indiana business cluster. The company specializes in reconstructive products for hips, knees and shoulders, fixation devices, orthopedic support devices, dental implants, spinal implants and operating room supplies.In April 2014, it was announced that Zimmer Holdings had succeeded in a bid to acquire Biomet for a fee of $13.4 billion. However in October 2014, EU antitrust regulators opened an investigation into Zimmer’s bid for Biomet on the grounds that the deal may lead to substantial decreases in competition in certain markets. The verdict of the investigation was announced to be decided on 16 February 2015. Wikipedia.

BioMet | Date: 2016-01-06

A bone fixation assembly can include a suture button, a bone plate, and a suture assembly. The suture button can include a body that has a first end surface, a second end surface, and a circumferential outer surface. A first pair of passages can be formed through the body from the first end surface to the second end surface. The circumferential outer surface can include at least one protrusion or retaining rib extending radially therefrom. The bone plate defines an aperture. The suture button is configured to be at least partially received into the aperture in an assembled position such that the retaining rib engages the bone plate and inhibits withdrawal of the suture button from the aperture in the assembled position. The suture assembly includes a suture engaging member and a suture configured to couple the suture engaging member in the suture button.

BioMet | Date: 2015-10-06

An instrument set and related method for preparing a proximal tibia during a bi-cruciate retaining procedure are disclosed. The instrument set can include a tibial resection block, a cut guide, and a locking arm. The tibial resection block can be configured to be fixed to an anterior portion of the proximal tibia. The tibial resection block can define a slot that extends in a medial-lateral direction when the tibial resection block is fixed to the proximal tibia. The cut guide can have a body, a medial arm, and a lateral arm. A medial cut slot can be defined between the body and the medial arm. A lateral cut slot can be defined between the body and the lateral arm. The cut guide can further comprise a tongue extending therefrom. The tongue can be configured to be received by and slidably translate along the slot of the tibial resection block.

A method of forming an implant to be implanted into living bone is disclosed. The method comprises the act of roughening at least a portion of the implant surface to produce a microscale roughened surface. The method further comprises forming a nanoscale roughened surface on the microscale roughened surface. The method further comprises the act of depositing discrete nanoparticles on the nanoscale roughened surface though a one-step process of exposing the roughened surface to a solution including the nanoparticles. The nanoparticles comprise a material having a property that promotes osseointegration.

Methods for treating blood. The methods comprise obtaining whole blood from a donor, mixing the whole blood with a red blood cell enhancement composition, and incubating the mixture of whole blood and red blood cell enhancement composition. The method can be performed at a time proximate to the time of obtaining blood from the donor, or after the blood has been stored for a period of time. The method rejuvenates red blood cells.

BioMet | Date: 2015-06-24

Methods and a system for transfusing blood to a mammalian subject. The method includes obtaining a volume of donated red blood cells (RBCs), adding an enhancement composition to the RBCs to form a treated blood composition, incubating the treated blood composition to form an incubated blood composition, and administering the incubated blood composition to a patient. The system includes a functionally-closed, sterile Y-type tube set.

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