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Lausanne, Switzerland

Disclosed is a method for the manipulation for an identification purpose of a microcarrier comprising the steps of: (a) an identification purpose step of the microcarrier; and (b) a positioning and orientation step prior to or during the identification purpose step. Also disclosed is an apparatus for the manipulation for identification purposes of a microcarrier comprising means for identification purposes such as a microscope or labelling means such as a high spatial resolution light source, and means for the positioning and orientation of the microcarriers.

Biocartis | Date: 2014-02-18

Improved compositions for and methods of processing and analyzing samples are described. In particular, the compositions and methods liberate nucleic acids from a biological sample allowing direct downstream processing of the nucleic acids in microfluidic systems. These compositions, methods and kits are useful in diagnosing, staging or otherwise characterizing various biological conditions.

Biocartis | Date: 2014-03-25

Encoded microcarriers, and more specifically microcarriers having codes written on them. Methods for writing the codes on the microcarriers, methods of reading the codes, and methods of using the encoded microcarriers. A preferred method of encoding the microcarriers involves exposing microcarriers containing a bleachable substance to a high spatial resolution light source to bleach the codes on the microcarriers. The encoded microcarriers may be used, for example, as support materials in chemical and biological assays and syntheses.

Biocartis | Date: 2014-01-13

An apparatus for irradiating a liquid sample with acoustic energy to generate cavitation in the liquid sample. The apparatus includes a source for emitting high intensity ultrasound waves and is adapted to receive a cartridge having a chamber containing the liquid sample, wherein the high intensity ultrasound waves are focused on a focus position at or near a nucleation element extending at least partially into the chamber.

Biocartis | Date: 2014-04-11

A fluid control and processing system comprising a cartridge and an instrument for operating the cartridge. The cartridge comprises a cylinder body comprising a cylinder and a fluid port. It further comprises dispensing ports to drive a fluid flow, each dispensing port being positioned to be connectable, when the instrument is operating the cartridge, with at least a fluid port by rotation of the cylinder body. The instrument comprises a piston driver for driving the piston. The system further comprises: reversible fastening means for fastening the piston when the piston driver is rotated with respect to the piston, so that the movement of the piston is controlled by the piston driver; and rotating means comprising a cylinder driver constitutive of the instrument for rotating the cylinder body around the axis A.

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